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Bhargava, Alok
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Bhargava, A
Bhargava, Alok
Chowdhury, Sadia
Docquier, Frédéric
Fox-Kean, Melanie
Franzini, L
Jamison, Dean T.
Lau, Lawrence J.
Moullan, Yasser
Narendranathan, W
Ravallion, Martin
Sargan, J D
Sargan, John Denis
Singh, K.K.
University of Maryland / School of Public Policy
Yu, Jiang
Analysis of data on health: 2
Does Household Consumption Behave as a Martingale? A Test for Rural South India.
econometric analysis of dividends and share repurchases by US firms, An
Econometric Analysis of the U.S. Postwar G.N.P., An
Econometrics, statistics, and computational approaches in food and health sciences
Editor's introduction: Analysis of data on health
effects of maternal education versus cognitive test scores on child nutrition in Kenya, The
Estimating Dynamic Random Effects Models from Panel Data Covering Short Time Periods.
Family planning, gender differences and infant mortality: evidence from Uttar Pradesh, India
Food, Economics, and Health
Globalization, Literacy Levels, and Economic Development
Healthcare infrastructure, contraceptive use and infant mortality in Uttar Pradesh, India
HIV Pandemic, Medical Brain Drain, and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Identification and Panel Data Models with Endogenous Regressors.
Iron status, malaria parasite loads and food policies: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
Longitudinal Analysis of Infant and Child Mortality Rates in Developing Countries, A
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Regression Models with First Order Moving Average Errors When the Root Lies on the Unit Circle.
Modeling the effects of health on economic growth
Modeling the effects of physician emigration on human development
Nutritional status and the allocation of time in Rwandese households
On the Theory of Testing for Unit Roots in Observed Time Series.
Randomized controlled experiments in health and social sciences: Some conceptual issues
Serial Correlation and the Fixed Effects Model.
Stochastic specification and the international GDP series
Testing Covariance Restrictions in Systems of Simultaneous Equations with Vector Autoregressive Errors.
Testing Residuals from Least Squares Regression for Being Generated by the Gaussian Random Walk.
Wald Tests and Systems of Stochastic Equations.