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Pal Sethi, Suresh
Sethi, S.
Sethi, S. P.
Sethi, S. Prakash
Sethi, Suresh
Sethi, Suresh P.
Sethi, Suresh Pal
Sethi, Suresh Prakash
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Arrow, Kenneth J.
Bass, Frank M.
Bensoussan, Alain
Bourguignon, Francoise
Brotherton, T. W.
Caines, P. E.
Chand, Suresh
Chen, Frank
Chen, Haoya
Chen, Youhua
Cheng, Feng
Chiu, Chun-Hung
Choi, Tsan-Ming
Chu, Chengbin
Chutani, Anshuman
Dawande, Milind
Derzko, N. A.
Drobouchevitch, Inna G.
Erlenkotter, Donald
Feichtinger, Gustav
Feng, Qi
Gan, Xianghua
Gavirneni, Srinagesh
Hall, Nicholas G.
Hartl, Richard F.
Haruvy, Ernan E.
Hsu, Vernon Ning
Keng, C. W.
Keppo, Jussi
Krishnamoorthy, Anand
Kubiak, Wieslaw
Kumar, Subodha
Lehoczky, J. P.
Lehoczky, John P.
Lehoczky, L. P.
Li, Tao
Lou, S.
Mookerjee, Vijay S.
Mu, Yinping
Naik, Prasad A.
Naranpanawe, Sanjeewa
Okada, Norio
Prasad, Ashutosh
Presman, E.
Presman, Ernst L.
Proth, Jean-Marie
Sethi, P.
Sethi, S.
Sethi, S. P.
Sethi, Suresh
Sethi, Suresh P
Sethi, Suresh P.
Sethi, Suresh. P.
Sorger, Gerhard
Sriskandarajah, C.
Sriskandarajah, Chelliah
Swanson, Carl L.
Taksar, Michael
Taksar, Michael I.
Teng, Jinn-Tsair
Thompson, G. L.
Thompson, Gerald L.
Thompson, Gerald L. (1923-)
Thompson, Gerald Luther (1923-)
Udayabhanu, V.
University of Texas-Dallas / School of Management
Yan, H.
Yan, Houmin
Yang, Jun
Yin, George (1954-)
Zhang, H.
Zhang, Hanqin
Zhang, Q.
Zhang, Qing
Zhou, Jing
Achieving a Long-Term Service Target with Periodic Demand Signals: A Newsvendor Framework
Advanced cases in multinational business operations
Advocacy advertising and large corporations : social conflict, big business image, the news media, and public policy
Applications of Mathematical Control Theory to Finance: Modeling Simple Dynamic Cash Balance Problems
Average—Cost Control of Stochastic Manufacturing Systems
Building Brand Awareness in Dynamic Oligopoly Markets
Causality analysis and multivariate Autoregressive modelling with an application to supermarket sales analysis
Commitment-penalty contracts in drop-shipping supply chains with asymmetric demand information
comparison of the Ito and Stratonovich formulations of problems in finance, A
Complexity of a class of nonlinear combinatorial problems related to their linear counterparts
Cooperative Advertising in a Dynamic Retail Market Oligopoly
Coordination mechanism for the supply chain with leadtime consideration and price-dependent demand
Corporate Codes of Conduct and the Success of Globalization
Discrete forecast horizons for two-product variants of the dynamic lot-size problem
Distribution of bankruptcy time in a consumption/portfolio problem
Dynamic Optimal Control Models in Advertising: Recent Developments
Dynamic optimal pricing and (possibly) advertising in the face of various kinds of potential entrants
Dynamic pricing and advertising for web content providers
Economic imperatives and ethical values in global business : the South African experience and international codes today
ERRATUM: risk-Aversion Behavior In Consumption/Investment Problems
Erratum to "Optimal Pilfering Policies for Dynamic Continuous Thieves"
Erratum to "Planning Horizon Procedures for Machine Replacement Models"
Existence of decision and forecast horizons for one-dimensional control problems with application
Explicit solution of a general consumption/portfolio problem with subsistence consumption and bankruptcy
false promise of the Japanese miracle, The : illusions and realities of the Japanese management system
Feedback production planning in a stochastic two-machine flowshop: Asymptotic analysis and computational results
Forecast Horizons in the Discounted Dynamic Lot Size Model
Forecast, Solution, and Rolling Horizons in Operations Management Problems: A Classified Bibliography
Generic and Brand Advertising Strategies in a Dynamic Duopoly
Genuine Saving Criterion and the Value of Population in an Economy with Endogenous Population Changes, The
Globalization and self-regulation : the crucial role that corporate codes of conduct play in global business
Globalization and the good corporation
Heuristic procedures for minimizing makespan and the number of required pallets
Hierarchical decision making in stochastic ... 1994:
Hierarchical decision making in stochastic manufacturing systems
Hierarchichal decision making in stochastic manufacturing systems
Impulse Response Identification and Causality Detection for the Lydia-Pinkham Data
Innovative quick response programs: A review
Inventory and supply chain management with forecast updates, 2005:
Japanese business and social conflict : a comparative analysis of response patterns with American business
Machine Maintenance and Sale Age Model of Kamien and Schwartz Revisited, The
Management of the multinationals : policies, operations, and research : [selected, modified papers of a symposium held at Berkeley, Calif., 1972]
Management science
Multinational corporations and the impact of public advocacy on corporate strategy : Nestle and the infant formula controversy
Note on a Planning Horizon Model of Cash Management, A
Note on "Level Schedules for Mixed-Model Assembly Lines in Just-in-Time Production Systems", A
note on Merton's "Optimum Consumption and Portfolio Rules in a continuous-Time Model", A
Note on Modeling Simple Dynamic Cash Balance Problem: Errata, A
Note on Modeling Simple Dynamic Cash Balance Problems, A
Note---Optimal Long-Run Equilibrium Advertising Level for the Blattberg-Jeuland Model
On the complexity of generalized due date scheduling problems
On the Interaction Between Demand Substitution and Production Changeovers
On Throughput Maximization in Constant Travel-Time Robotic Cells
Optimal and Hierarchical Controls in Dynamic Stochastic Manufacturing Systems: A Survey
Optimal Cash Management Under Uncertainty
Optimal consumption and investment with bankruptcy
Optimal control theory : applications to management science and economics
Optimal Equity and Financing Model of Krouse and Lee: Corrections and Extensions
Optimal feedback production planning in a stochastic two-machine flowshop
Optimal Pilfering Policies for Dynamic Continuous Thieves
Optimal policies for the sizing and timing of software maintenance projects
Optimal pricing and advertising in a durable-good duopoly
Optimal production planning in pull flow lines with multiple products
Periodic Review Inventory Model with Demand Influenced by Promotion Decisions, A
Planning for Surprise: Water Resources Development Under Demand and Supply Uncertainty I. The General Model
Planning horizon procedures for machine replacement models
Private enterprise and public purpose : an understanding of the role of business in a changing social system
Profit maximization models for exponential decay processes
Promises of the good life : social consequences of private marketing decisions
Scheduling algorithms for flexible flowshops: Worst and average case performance
Scheduling dual gripper robotic cell: One-unit cycles
Solutions manual for optimal control theory : applications to management science
Stochastic Extension of the Miller-Modigliani Framework, A
Stochastic processes, optimization, and control theory applications in financial engineering, queueing networks, and manufacturing systems : a volume in honor of Suresh Sethi
Strong planning and forecast horizons for a model with simultaneous price and production decisions
Throughput Optimization in Robotic Cells
Turnpike Horizons for Production Planning
Two-stage pricing for custom-made products
Unstable ground: corporate social policy in a dynamic society, The
Up against the corporate wall : modern corporations and social issues of the eighties
Up against the corporate wall : modern corporations and social issues of the seventies
When does the share price equal the present value of future dividend approach? A modified dividend approach (*)
When Does the Share Price Equal the Present Value of Future Dividends? A Modified Dividend Approach.
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