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Adi Da
Adi Da (Da Avatar)
Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj (Ruchira Avatar)
Adi Da Samraj
Adi Da Samraj, Avatar
Adi Da Samraj, Ruchira Avatar
Avadhoota Da Love-Ananda
Avadhoota Da Love-Ananda Hridayam (Swami)
Avatar Adi Da
Avatár Adi Da Samraj
Bubba Free John
Da, Adi
Da Avabhasa
Da Free John
Da Kalki
Da Love-Ananda
Da Love-Ananda Paramahansa Avadhoota
Da Samraj, Adi
Free John, Bubba
Heart-Master Da
Heart-Master Da Free John
Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda
Hridaya-Samartha Sat-Guru Da Love-Ananda Hridayam
John, Bubba Free
John, Da F.
John, Da Free
Master Da
Naitauba Avadhoota
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Ruchira Buddha
Samraj, Adi Da
Sri Sri Bhagavan Adi Da (Da Avatar)
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Language material
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Jones, Franklin Albert (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
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Feuerstein, Georg
Free Daist Communion
Free Daist Writers Guild
Johannine Daist Communion
Koontz, Ty
Kuspit, Donald B. (1935-)
Kuspit, Donald Burton (1935-)
Laughing Man Institute
Mate Moce
Renunciate Hermitage Order
Ruchira Sannyasin Order of Adidam Ruchiradam
Adidam-Offenbarung, Die
Conscious exercise and the transcendental sun : principles and routines of daily exercise practiced by members of the Dawn Horse Communion, the spiritual community of Bubba Free John
Dawn Horse testament of Heart-Master Da Free John., The
Dawn Horse testament of the Ruchira Avatar, The : the "Testament of Divine Secrets" of the divine world-teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj.
divine domain is not elsewhere, The
dreaded gom-boo, or, The imaginary disease that religion seeks to cure, The : a collection of essays and talks on the "direct" process of enlightenment
Easy death : spiritual discourses and essays on the inherent and ultimate transcendence of death and everything else
Easy death : spiritual wisdom on the ultimate transcending of death and everything else
eating gorilla comes in peace, the
ego-"I" is the illusion of relatedness, The : the principal essay of the Da Avabhasa Upanishad
Eine, das ist die nicht-duale Lehre von Advaita und Buddhismus und der Wirklichkeits-Weg von Adidam, Das ; [mit essenziellen Texten von Gautama Shakyamuni, Nagarjuna, Shankara und Ribhu ; neu übertragen und ausführlich kommentiert]
enlightenment of the whole body, The : a rational and new prophetic revelation of the truth of religion, esoteric spirituality, and the divine destiny of man
essence of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga, The : two readings from the source-texts of the Divine World Teacher
eternal one, The : the divine mahasamadhi of the divinely translated master, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj
fire gospel, The : essays and talks on spiritual baptism
five books of the heart of the Adidam revelation, The
four fundamental questions, The : talks and essays about human experience and the actual practice of an enlightened way of life
fünf grundlegenden Bücher der Adidam-Offenbarung, Die
heart of the adidam revelation, the
heart's shout, The : perfect and urgent wisdom from the living heart of reality, the incarnate divine person
holy jumping-off place, The : an introduction to the way of the heart, revealed by Heart-Master Da Love-Anand
hymn of the master, The : a confessional recitation on the mystery of the spiritual master : based on the principal verses of the Guru Gita (freely selected, rendered, and adapted)
hymn of the true heart-master, The : the new revelation-book of the ancient and eternal religion of devotion to the God-realized adept
illusion of relatedness, The : essays on true and free renunciation and the radical transcendence of conditional existence
incarnation of love, The : "radical" spiritual wisdom and practical instruction on self-transcending love and service in all relationships
killers, The ; The human pool table and the emotional-sexual theatre of life ; The mummery-cult of pairs set free
knee of listening, The : the divine ordeal of the avataric incarnation of conscious light : the spiritual autobiography of the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj
knee of listening, The : the early-life ordeal and the radical spiritual realization of the Divine World-Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (the "Bright")
Liberator (Eleutherios), The : the "radical" reality-teachings of the Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj.
Lion Sutra, The
love-ananda gita, The : the wisdom-song of non-separateness : the "simple" revelation-book of Da Kalki, the divine world-teacher and true heart-master, Da Love-Ananda Hridayam.
love-ananda gita, The : the wisdom-song of nonseparateness : the "simple" revelation-book of Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda.
master dancer, The
method of the Siddhas, The : talks on the spiritual technique of the saviors of mankind
mummery book, The : a parable of the divine true love, told by means of a self-illuminated illustration of the totality of mind
mummery, The : a revelation-book in the form of a liturgical prose-opera, the subject of which is truth, or reality itself, sometimes, by some, named "God"
Nicht-Zwei ist Frieden wie alle Menschen gemeinsam eine neue globale Ordnung auf kooperativer Grundlage schaffen können
Not-2 is peace.
Not-two is peace : the ordinary people's way of global cooperative order
only complete way to realize the unbroken light of real God, The : an introductory overview of the "radical" divine way of the true world-religion of Adidam
orders of my true and free renunciate devotees, The
paradox of instruction, The : an introduction to the esoteric spiritual teaching of Bubba Free John
perfect tradition, The : the wisdom-way of the ancient sages and its fulfillment in the way of "perfect knowledge"
practice of ecstacy with children, The
practice of solitary Shaktichalana Mudra in the way of the heart, The
Reality-humanity : self-liberated from the stave in the wheels : a new essay written for the book Not-two is peace : the ordinary people's way of global cooperative order
reality-way of Adidam, The : the divine process that outshines all seeking in the perfect freedom of reality itself
Ribhu Gita, The : renderings and discourse
scale of the very small, The : establishing yogic responsibility for your reproductive potential : (including regenerative sexuality and orgasm, birth control, conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, and infant care)
seven gifts of Sri Da Avabhasa's grace, The : an introductory course of study on the way of the heart.
seven stages of life, The : transcending the six stages of egoic life, and realizing the ego-transcending seventh stage of life, in the divine way of Adidam
seventeen companions of the true dawn horse, The
seventh way, The : reading from The aletheon : the practice and the realization of the divine acausal reality-principle
spectra suites, The
spiritual instructions of Saint Seraphim of Sarov., The
teaching manual of perfect summaries, The : the revelation of the preliminary "perfect knowledge" teachings of His Divine Presence the Divine Avataric World-teacher Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj.
testamental hymn of the Master, The : a confessional recitation on the mystery of the spiritual master and his revelation of secrets
There is no one else a talk
tip of the iceberg a talk, The
Transcendental realism : the art of Adi Da Samraj
Transcendental realism : the image-art of egoless coincidence with reality itself
Transforming sex and everything The addiction affliction
transmission of doubt, The : talks and essays on the transcendence of scientific materialism through radical understanding
treasure consideration, The : a five-week course on basic emotional-sexual self-understanding in the way of Adidam : based on the wisdom-teaching of the divine world-teacher and true heart-master, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj.
truly human new world-culture of unbroken real-God-man, The : the Eastern versus the Western traditional cultures of mankind, and the unique new non-dual culture of the true world-religion of Adidam
Truth for real.
Turn the total body-mind to me : selected passages from The dawn horse testament of the Ruchira Avatar
ultimate outshining of death talks, The
Up? : beyond the beginner's spiritual way of Saint Jesus and the traditions of mystical cosmic ascent via spirit-breath
Vegetable surrender, or, Happiness is not blue
way beyond ego, The
way of Adidam, The : five steps to an ecstatic life of communion with real God : a guide to the unique devotional and spiritual relationship offered by the Ruchira Avatar, Adi da Samraj
way of divine communion, The : the foundation practices of the Free Communion Church
way of divine grace an introductory course on the teaching of Master Da Free John., The
way of fun a talk, The
way of perfect knowledge, The : the "radical" practice of transcendental spirituality in the way of Adidam
way that I teach, The : talks on the intuition of eternal life
What is the conscious process?
What, where, when, how, why, and who to remember to be happy : a simple explanation of the divine way of Adidam (for children, and everyone else)
world as light, The : an introduction to the art of Adi Da Samraj
yoga of consideration and the way that I teach, The
yoga of right diet, The : an intelligent approach to dietary practice that supports communion with the living divine reality