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Lee Pike, Kenneth
Pike, K. L.
Pike, Kenneth
Pike, Kenneth L.
Pike, Kenneth Lee
パイク, ケネス・L
パイク, ケネス・リー
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Language material
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Brend, Ruth M.
Brend, Ruth Margaret
Harris, Marvin (1927-2001)
Headland, Thomas N.
Headland, Thomas Neil
Pike, Eunice V.
Pike, Evelyn G.
Summer Institute of Linguistics
Wise, Mary Ruth
Young, Richard Emerson (1932-)
谷口, 伊兵衛 (1936-)
Analyse grammaticale introduction à la tagmémique
Axioms and procedures for reconstructions in comparative linguistics : an experimental syllabus
Bibliography of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, February 1964
Bunka no bunpō : 40 no kōdō genri
Changes and additions for grammatical analysis
Eigogaku no kihon gainen : Tagumīmikkusu nyūmon
Emics and etics : the insider/outsider debate
From Baudi to Indonesian : studies in linguistics from the 1975 UNCEN-SIL workshop, Danau Bira, Irian Jaya
Grammatical analysis
How to make an index
intensive course in English for Latin-American students by the Research staff of the English language institute, An
intonation of America English ..., The
intonation of American English, The
Kenneth L. Pike : selected writings to commemorate the 60th birthday of Kenneth Lee Pike
Language and life, c2003:
Language and life : essays in memory of Kenneth L. Pike
Language in relation to a unified theory of the structure of human behavior, by Kenneth L. Pike,... 2nd revised edition
Language : in relation to a unified theory of the structure of human behaviour : preliminary edition.
Language in Relation to a Unified Theory on the Structure of Human Behavior
Linguistic concepts : an introd. to tagmemics
Linguistic concepts : an introduction to tagmemics
Linguistic concepts, c1982:
Live issues in descriptive linguistic analysis
Live issues in descriptive linguistics
Mark my words
Mixtec lime oven, A
mystery of culture contacts, historical reconstructin and text analysis, The
mystery of culture contacts, historical reconstruction, and text analysis, The : an emic approach
On describing languages
Onseigaku : Onseigaku riron no hihanteki kentō narabini jissaiteki onsei kijutsu no ichi shuhō
Phonemic work sheet
Phonemics, a technique for reducing languages to writing.
Phonetics, a critical analysis of phonetic theory and a technic for the practical description of sounds
Phonetics. A critical analysis of phonetic theory and a technic for the pratical description of sounds ...
Pike's perspectives. CIP.
Rhetoric: discovery and change
Selected writings. To commemorate the 60th birthday of Kenneth Lee Pike.
Selected writingsto commemorate the 60th birthday of Kenneth Lee Pike. Edited by Ruth M. Brend
Songs of fun and faith
Stir, change, create; [poems and essays in contemporary mood for concerned students]
Summer Institute of Linguistics, The : its works and contributions
Tagmemic and matrix linguistics applied to selected African languages
Tagmemics, discourse, and verbal art
Talk, thought, and thing : the emic road toward conscious knowledge
Text and tagmeme
Tone languages; a technique for determining the number and type of pitch contrasts in a language, with studies in tonemic substitution and fusion.
Tongue-root position in practical phonetics
Verb studies in five New Guinea languages.
With heart and mind; a personal synthesis of scholarship and devotion.
文化の文法 : 40の行動原理
英語学の基本概念 : タグミーミックス入門
音声学 : 音声学理論の批判的検討並びに実際的音声記述の一手法