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Atkinson, A. B.
Atkinson, Anthony
Atkinson, Anthony B.
Atkinson, Anthony Barnes
Atkinson, Tony
Аткинсон, Энтони Б
アトキンソン, A. B
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Atkinson, A B
Atkinson, A-B
Atkinson, A. B.
Atkinson, A.B.
Atkinson, Anthony
Atkinson, Anthony B
Atkinson, Anthony B et al
ATKINSON, Anthony B.
Atkinson, Anthony Barnes
Atkinson, Anthony C.
Atkinson, Tony
Atkinson, Tony et al
Bourguignon, F.
Bourguignon, François
Bradford, David F.
Brandolini, A.
Brandolini, Andrea
ebrary, Inc
Gomulka, J
Gordon, James P F
Harrison, A J
Harrison, Alan
Harrison, Alan J
Marlier, Eric
Micklewright, John
Mogensen, Gunnar Viby
Newbery, David M G
Newbery, David M.C.
Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques. Groupe international de politique économique
Oxford University / Department of Economics / Economics Group, Nuffield College
Piketty, Thomas
Piketty, Thomas (1971-)
Queen's University
Queen's University Belfast
Rainwater, L.
Rainwater, Lee
Saez, Emmanuel
Salverda, Wiemer
Sandmo, A
Skegg, J L
Smeeding, T.
Smeeding, Timothy M.
Søgꜳrd, J. E.
Stern, N H
Stern, N. H.
Stern, Nick
Stiglitz, Joseph E
Stiglitz, Joseph E.
Stiglitz, Joseph E. (1943-)
Stiglitz, Joseph Eugene (1943-....))
Stiglitz, Joseph Eugene (1943-)
Sutherland, H.
Trinder, C.G
World Institute for Development Economics Research
高川, 清明 (1935-)
adequate income for one-parent families, An
Alternatives to capitalism : the economics of partnership : proceedings of a conference held in honour of James Meade
Analysing and measuring social inclusion in a global context
Anti-Smoking Publicity and the Demand for Tobacco in the U.K.
Atokinson kyōju no fukushi kokka ron.
Bringing Income Distribution in from the Cold.
Bruno S. Frey on the occasion of his 60th birthday
cambiamenti di lungo periodo nelle diseguaglianze di reddito nei paesi industrializzati, I
Can Welfare States Compete in a Global Economy?
Capital-Growth-Sharing Schemes and the Behaviour of the Firm.
Capital Taxes, the Redistribution of Wealth and Individual Savings.
Changing distribution of earnings in oecd countries
Charitable giving for overseas development: UK trends over a quarter century
Comparing Poverty Rates Internationally: Lessons from Recent Studies in Developed Countries.
Comparison of Multi-Dimensioned Distributions of Economic Status., The
Contributions of Amartya Sen to Welfare Economics., The
design of direct taxation and family benefits, The
Dilemmi della democrazia e strategie del riformismo
Distribuição do rendimento, desigualdade e pobreza Portugal nos anos 90
distribution des revenus dans les pays de l'OCDE, La : documentation tirée de la Luxembourg Income Study
Distribution of Income in the UK and OECD Countries in the Twentieth Century., The
Distribution of Wealth and the Individual Life-cycle., The
Econometric Studies in Public Finance
economía de la desigualdad, La
economic consequences of rolling back the welfare state, The
Economic transformation in Eastern Europe ...
Economics in a changing world proceedings of the Tenth World Congress of the International Economic Association, Moscow
Economics of inequality
Editorial announcement
Empirical studies of earnings mobility, c1992:
EMU, macroeconomics and children
EUROMOD and the Development of EU Social Policy
Evidence on intergenerational income mobility in Britain
Factor shares : the principal problem of political economy?
Fubyōdō no keizaigaku
Global public finance and funding the millennium development goals
Handbook of income distribution
Horizontal equity and the distribution of the tax burden
Import Strategy and Growth under Conditions of Stagnant Export Earnings.
Income and living conditions in Europe
Income Distribution in Europe and the United States.
Income Distribution in European Countries.
Income Inequality in OECD Countries: Data and Explanations
Incomes and the welfare state : essays on Britain and Europe
Increased income inequality in OECD countries and the redistributive impact of the government budget
Inégalités économiques
Inequality : what can be done?
Intégration international et responsabilité sociale : conférence ABCDE-Europe 2003
Investment, Savings and Employment in the Long-Run.
Is rising income inequality inevitable? : a critique of the transatlantic consensus
Is the Welfare State necessarily an obstacle to economic growth?
James M. Buchanan's Contributions to Economics.
Lecciones sobre economía pública
Lectures on public economics
Living as equals
Measurement of Trends in Poverty and the Income Distribution
Measuring Poverty and Differences in Family Composition.
Microsimulation and Policy Debate: A Case Study of the Minimum Pension Guarantee in Britain
Microsimulation of Social Policy in the European Union: Case Study of a European Minimum Pension.
Model of the Distribution of Wealth, A
Modelos de imposición óptima
Modern public finance
Mortality Multipliers and the Estate Duty Method.
National Superannuation: Redistribution and Value for Money.
New sources of development finance
New View of Technological Change., A
On Embodiment and Savings.
On the contribution of economic analysis to social policy
On the Measurement of Poverty.
On the switch from direct to indirect taxation
Optimal taxation and the direct versus indirect tax controversy
Panel data on incomes : a selection of the papers presented at a conference on the analysis of panel data on incomes, 24/25 June 1982 at the International Centre for Economics and Related Disciplines
Parents and children : incomes in two generations.
Per un nuovo Welfare state : la proposta reddito minimo/imposta unica ; introduzione di Nicola Rossi
Pigou, Taxation and Public Goods.
Política pública y sistema impositivo.
Pour l'emploi et la cohésion sociale
Poverty in Britain and the reform of social security, 1969.
Poverty in Europe
Poverty in York : a re-analysis of Rowntree's 1950 survey
Premier rapport : la désinflation compétitive, le mark, et les politiques budgétaires en Europe
Promise and Pitfalls in the Use of "Secondary" Data-Sets: Income Inequality in OECD Countries As a Case Study
Public economics and the economic public
Public economics in action the basic income/flat tax proposal
Public policy and economic organization
reform of direct taxation, The
Report from the President to the members of the European economic Association
Social indicators the EU and social inclusion
Social justice and public policy
Socialism in a cold climate, 1983 (a.e.)
Spending on Alcohol: Evidence from the Family Expenditure Survey 1970-1983.
steady-state assumption and the estimation of distributional and related models, The
Strange Disappearance of Welfare Economics., The
Studies on the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system
Taux d'intérêt et chômage
Timescale of Economic Models: How Long Is the Long Run?, The
Top incomes A global perspective
Top Incomes in the Long Run of History
Top Incomes In The Netherlands And The United Kingdom Over The 20th Century
Top incomes over the twentieth century : a contrast between continental European and English-speaking countries
Towards a European social safety net?
Trends in the Shares of Top Wealth-Holders in Britain, 1923-1981.
Unemployment Compensation and Labor Market Transitions: A Critical Review.
Unemployment compensation and labour market transitions : a critical review
Unemployment, Wages and Government Policy.
Wea£th income & inequality
Wealth Distribution and Investment Income in Britain.
Welfare and work incentives : a North European perspective
Welfare Economics and Giving for Development
Welfare Implications of the Taxation of Savings.
Welfare State, Budgetary Pressure and Labour Market Shifts., The
Worker Management and the Modern Industrial Enterprise: A Reply.
Zukunft des Sozialstaats, Die
Лекции по экономической теории государственного сектора : учебник
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Thesis (M.D.)