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Simpson, W.
Simpson, William
Simpson, William ((artist))
Simpson, William (Scottish painter, draftsman, and lithographer, 1823-1899)
William Simpson
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Archer, Mildred (1911-2005)
Brackenbury, George (fl. 1855)
Day & Son
Garrison, Omar V.
Lake, Atwell (1808-1881)
Pankhurst, Richard
Picken, Thomas -1870
Stothert, Samuel Kelson
Theroux, Paul (1941-)
Theroux, Paul Edward (1941-)
attack on the Malakoff, The
Balaklava, looking towards the sea
Bastion du Mat, from the central bastion
Buddhist praying-wheel; a collection of material bearing upon the symbolism of the wheel and circular movements in custom and religious ritual., The
camp of the 1st Division, looking north towards the camp of the 2nd Division - the heights of Inkermann in the distance, The
Camp of the naval brigade, before Sebastopol
camp of the second division, looking east January 1855, The
campaign in the Crimea, The
cavalry affair of the heights of Bulganak - the first gun, 19th Sepr. 1854, The
Charge of the heavy cavalry brigade, 25th Octr. 1854
Charge of the light cavalry brigade, 25th Oct. 1854, under Major General the Earl of Cardigan
Christmas dinner on the heights before Sebastopol, A
Church of St. Peter & St. Paul
Commissariat difficulties - the road from Balaklava to Sevastopol, at Kadikoi, during the wet weather
Diary of a journey to Abyssinia, 1868, with the expedition under Sir Robert Napier, K.C.S.I. : the diary and observations of William Simpson of the Illustrated London News
Distant view of Lord Raglan's head quarters before Sebastopol
Ditch of the Bastion du Mât
Ditch of the Malakoff, battery gervais and rear of the redan
Docks at Sebastopol with ruins of Fort St. Paul
Embarkation of the sick at Balaklava
english illustrated magazine
Excavated church in the caverns at Inkermann - looking west
field of Inkermann, The
From the fleet in the fifties; a history of the Crimean war
gale off the port of Balaklava, 14th Nov. 1854, The
glasgow in the forties
Graves at the head of the harbour of Balaklava
graves in the fort on Cathcart's Hill - of the officers 4th Division who fell at Inkermann, The
Head of the harbour, Sebastopol
Highland Brigade camp, looking south
Hospital and cemetery at Scutari
hot day in the batteries, A
hot night in the batteries, A
[https://archive.org/details/autobiographyofw00simprich the autobiography of william simpson]
[https://archive.org/details/buddhistprayingw00simp the buddhist praying wheel]
[https://archive.org/details/campaignincrimea00braciala the campaign in the crimea: an historical sketch]
[https://archive.org/details/jonahlegendsugge00simp the jonah legend]
[https://archive.org/details/meetingsunajour00unkngoog meeting the sun: a journey all round the world through egypt, china, japan and california, including an account of the marriage ceremonies of the emperor of china]
[https://archive.org/details/seatofwarineastf00bracrich the seat of war in the east, from eighty-one drawings made during the war in the crimea]
Huts and warm clothing for the army
India, ancient and modern. - 1867.
india ancient and modern: a series of illustrations of the country and the people of india and adjacent territories; executed in chromo-lithography from drawings by william simpson; with descriptive literature by john william kaye
Interior of Fort Nicholas
Interior of the Malakoff with the remains of the round tower
interior of the Redan taken from its left face, looking towards the salient angle, looking south, The
Jonah legend; a suggestion of interpretation., The
light-house at Cape Chersonese - looking south, The
Lord Raglan's head quarters at Khutor-Karagatch
Malakoff or round tower
Meeting the sun. - 1874.
Monastery of St. George and Cape Fiolente, looking west, The
Mycenæ, Troy, and Ephesus. - 1878.
Narrative of the defence of Kars, historical and military.
new works at the siege of Sebastopol on the right attack - from the mortar battery on the right of Gordon's battery, The
north side of the harbour of Sebastopol - from the top of the harbour, 22nd June 1855, The
One of the wards of the hospital at Scutari
Picturesque people : being groups from all quarters of the globe
Prince Woronzoff's palace - near Yalta on the south coast of the Crimea
Public library and temple of the winds
Quarantine cemetery and church, with French battery no. 50
quiet day in the diamond battery - portrait of a Lancaster 68 pounder, 15th Decr. 1854, A
quiet night in the batteries - a sketch in the Greenhill battery (Major Chapman's), 29th Jany. 1855, A
railway at Balaklava, looking south, The
ruins of Inkermann and the city of caverns, The
Russian rifle pit - now part of the British advanced trenches, on the left of the right attack, or Gordon's battery
seat of war in the East, from eighty-one drawings made during the war in the Crimea., The
Sebastobol from the 26 gun battery on the extreme right of French attack
Sebastopol from the east or extreme right of English attack
Sebastopol from the rear of Fort Nicholas, looking south
Sebastopol from the rear of the English batteries
Sebastopol from the sea - sketched from the deck of H.M.S. Sidon
Second charge of the guards - when they retook the two gun battery at the battle of Inkermann
Sentinel of the Zouaves, before Sevastopol
valley of the shadow of death - caves in the Woronzoff Road behind the 21 gun battery, The
View from the heights above Balaklava, looking towards Sebastopol, shewing the ground of the battles of the 25th Octr. and of the 5th Novr. 1854 and the line of our defences since the 25th Octr.
Visions of India, 1986:
Visions of India : the sketchbooks of William Simpson, 1859-62