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Schiffman, L. H.
Schiffman, Lawrence
Schiffman, Lawrence H.
Schiffman, Lawrence Harvey
Schiffman, Yhwdah
Schifman, Yehudah
Shifman, Yehudah
Šīfman, Yěhūdah
Šiypman, Lwrens
Šiypman, Yhwdah
Шиффман, Иегуда
Шиффман, Лоуренс
שיפמן, יהודה
שיפמן, לורנס
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Brandise University
Chazan, Robert
García Martínez, F. (1942-)
García Martínez, Florentino (1942-)
Roitman, Adolfo Daniel
Swartz, Michael D.
The Dead Sea Scrolls at 60: The Scholarly Contributions of NYU Faculty and Alumni (2008 : New York)
Tov, Emanuel
Tzoref, Shani
VanderKam, James C.
Wolfson, Elliot R.
Yadin, Yigael (1917-1984)
Сиверцев, А.М
Archaeology and history in the Dead Sea scrolls : the New York University conference in memory of Yigael Yadin
courtyards of the house of the Lord, The : studies on the Temple scroll
Dead Sea scrolls and contemporary culture, The : proceedings of the international conference held at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (July 6-7, 2008)
Dead Sea scrolls and contemporary culture, The : proceedings of the international conference held at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (July 6-8, 2008)
Dead Sea Scrolls and the History of Judaism, The
Dead Sea scrolls at 60, The : scholarly contributions of New York University faculty and alumni
Dead Sea scrolls fifty years after their discovery, The : proceedings of the Jerusalem Congress, July 20-25, 1997
Dead Sea scrolls, The : Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts with English translations
Dead Sea scrolls the truth behind the mystique, The
Emanuel studies in Hebrew Bible Septuagint and Dead Sea Scrolls in honor of Emanuel Tov
Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea scrolls
Encyklopedia of the Dead Sea scrolls
eschatological community of the Dead Sea scrolls, The : a study of the Rule of the congregation
From tekst to tradition
From text to tradition : a history of Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism
"Go out and study the land" (Judges 18:2) : archaeological, historical, and textual studies in honor of Hanan Eshel
Halaḵah, hǎlīḵah ūmšīḥiyyūt běḵat midbar yěhudah
Halakah, haliykah wmšiyḥiywt bKat Midbar Yhwdah
Halakhah at Qumran, 1975., The
Halakhah, halikhah u-meshiḥiyut be-khat Midbar Yehudah, 1993:
Hebrew and Aramaic incantation texts from the Cairo Genizah : selected texts from Taylor-Schechter Box K1
Hebrew and Aramic incantation texts from the Cairo Genizah : selected texts from Taylor-Schechter Box K1
Hebrew Bible, The
Ki Baruch hu : ancient Near Eastern, biblical, and Judaic studies in honor of Baruch A. Levine
Ki Barukh hu
Law, custom and massianism in the Dead Sea sect
Law, Custom and Messianism in the Dead Sea Sect
Law of the Temple scroll and its provenance, The
manuscrits de la mer Morte et le judaïsme l'apport de l'ancienne bibliothèque de Qumrân à l'histoire du judaïsme, Les
Ot teksta k tradicii istoriâ iudaizma v épohu Vtorogo Hrama i period Mišny i Talmuda
Ot teksta k traditsii
Outside the Bible : ancient Jewish writings related to Scripture
Qumran and Jerusalem : studies in the Dead Sea scrolls and the history of Judaism
Reclaiming the Dead Sea scrolls : the history of Judaism, the background of Christianity, the lost library of Qumran
Sectarian law in the Dead sea scrolls court, testimony and the penal code
Sectarian law in the Dead Sea scrolls : courts, testimony, and the penal code
Semitic papyrology in context : a climate of creativity ; papers from a New York University conference marking the retirement of Baruch A. Levine
Studies in medieval Jewish intellectual and social history : festschrift in honor of Robert Chazan
Talmud de Jérusalem
Talmud of the land of Israel, The : a preliminary translation and explanation..
Talmud Yerushalmi.
Targum Neofiti 1 : an exegetical commentary to Genesis : including full rabbinic parallels
Texts and traditions : a source reader for the study of Second Temple and rabbinic Judaism
Time to prepare the way in the wilderness : papers on the Qumran scrolls by Fellows of the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1989-1990
Understanding Second Temple and rabbinic Judaism
War and peace in the Jewish tradition
Who was a Jew? : rabbinic and Halakhic perspectives on the Jewish Christian schism
Yerushalmi Pesaḥim
От текста к традиции : история иудаизма в эпоху Второго Храма и период Мишны и Талмуда
הלכה, הליכה ומשיחיות בכת מדבר יהודה
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Includes indexes
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Brandise University, 1974