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Ěōllēs, A. Ṛ.
Uoles, Alfred
Uollès, A. R.
Uolles, Al'fred R.
Uolles, Alʹfred Resselʹ
Wallace, ..
Wallace, A.
Wallace, A. R.
Wallace, Alfred R.
Wallace, Alfred Russel
Wallace, Alfred Russell
Wallace, Alfredo de Russell
Wallace, Alfredo Rusell
Валлас, Альфред Россель
Воллес, Альфред Рассел
Воллэс, Альфред Руссель
Уоллес, Альфред Р
Уоллес, Альфред Рассел
Уоллэсъ, Альфредъ Руссель
Уэллас, Альфред Руссель
ウォーレス, アルフレッド・R
ウォレス, アルフレッド・R
ウォレス, アルフレッド・ラッセル
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writer of accompanying material
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Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)
Darwin, Charles Robert (1809-1882)
ebrary, Inc
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
Macmillan Company
Marchant, James (1867-)
Meyer, A.B. (1840-1911)
Meyer, Adolf Bernhard (1840-1911)
Potocki, Józef Karol (1854-ca 1898))
Spruce, Richard
Tylor, Edward B[urnett]
Varigny, Henry de (1855-?)
Veth, P.J. (1814-1895)
Veth, Pieter Johannes (1814-1895)
Westermarck, Edward Alexander (1862-)
Wittig, Gregor Constantin (1834-1908))
Вагнер, Николай Петрович (1829-1907)
Пузанов, И
新妻, 昭夫 (1949-)
Alfred Russel Wallace reader, The : a selection of writings from the field
Amazon to andesu ni okeru ichi shokubutsugakusha no shuki.
Beiträge zur Theorie der natürlichen Zuchtwahl eine Reihe von Essais
Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection A Series of Essays
Darwin, Wallace, and the theory of natural selection : including the Linnean Society papers
Darwinism an exposition of the theory of natural selection with some of its applications
Den vetenskapliga åsigten om det öfvernaturliga.
Edgar Allan Poe a series of seventeen letters concerning Poe's scientific erudition in Eureka and his authorship of Leonainie
Forecasts of the coming century by a decade of writers
Geographical distribution of animals : with a study of the relations of living and extinct faunas as elucidating the past changes of the earth's surface
geographische Verbreitung der Thiere, Die : nebst einer Studie über die Verwandtschaften der lebenden und ausgestorbenen Faunen in ihrer Beziehung zu den früheren Veränderungen der Erdoberfläche.
Geschichte der menschlichen Ehe
Images of race
Infinite tropics : an Alfred Russel Wallace anthology
Insulinde: het land van den orang-oetan en den paradijsvogel
Is Mars habitable? a critical examination of Professor Percival Lowell's book "Mars and its canals," with an alternative explanation
Island life or the phenomena and causes of insular faunas and floras including a revision and attempted solution of the problem of geological climates
Land nationalisation, its necessity and its aims : being a comparison of the system of landlord and tenant with that of occupying ownership in their influence on the well-being of the people
Lluita per la vida, La
Malaisie, récits de voyages et études de l'homme et de la nature, La
Malay archipelago : the land of the orang-utan and the Bird of Paradise, a narrative of travel with studies of man & nature
Malayische Archipel: die Heimath des Orang-Utan und des Paradiesvogels, Der : Reiseerlebnisse und Studien ueber Land und Leute
Maleise eilandenrijk, Het
Man's place in the universe a study of the results of scientific research in relation to the unity or plurality of worlds
Marē shotō.
My life a record of events and opinions
Narrative of travels on the amazon and rio negro with an account of the native tribes, and observations on the climate, geology and natural history of the amazon valley
Natural curiosities
Natural selection and tropical nature essays on descriptive and theoretical biology
natuur der tropen en andere schetsen, De
Nettai no shizen
nieuw veld voor de wetenschap, Een
Notes of a botanist on the Amazon & Andes.
O cudach i nowoczesnym spirytyzmie
Obra selecta
On miracles and modern spiritualism Three essays
On the organic law of change : a facsimile edition and annotated transcription of Alfred Russel Wallace's Species notebook of 1855-1859
Palm trees of the Amazon and their uses
Peixes do Rio Negro
Place de l'homme dans l'univers, La : études sur les résultats des recherches scientifiques sur l'unité et la pluralité des mondes
Reisen am Amazonenstrom und Rio Negro : Naturwissenschaftliche Berïchte
Revolt of democracy
Scientific aspect of the supernatural
Scientific travellers, 1790-1877.
Seibutsu no sekai
Selección natural : tres fragmentos para la historia
Social environment and moral progress
Studies scientific & social : by Alfred Russel Wallace ....
Teoria ewolucji w wypisach : Lamarck, Wallace, Darwin
Tropenwelt nebst Abhandlungen verwandten Inhaltes, Die
Tropical Nature and Other Essays
Tropičeskaâ priroda
Una narración de viajes por el Amazonas y el Río Negro
W cieniu Darwina
Wallace's laatste reizen door den Oost-Indischen archipel : voor jonge lezers
wissenschaftliche Ansicht des Übernatürlichen .... -, Die
wondereeuw, De : het tijdperk van nieuwe denkbeelden op het gebied der wetenschap en der uitvindingen
wonderen en het hedendaagsch spiritisme, De
Wonderful century, its successes and its failures
Works. Selections.
World of life : a manifestation of creative power, directive mind, & ultimate purpose
Теорія естественнаго подбора
Тропическая природа