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Airy, G. B.
Airy, G. Biddell
Airy, George B.
Airy, George Biddell
Airy, George Biddell (Sir)
Airy, George Bidell
Airy, Giorgio Biddell
Biddell Airy, George
Biddell, George Airy
Bidell Airy, George
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Great Britain. Admiralty
Macmillan Company
Neate, Charles Burnaby
Perry, Stephen Joseph (1833-1889)
Porro, Franceso
Royal Greenwich Observatory
Royal Observatory Affiliation (see also from)
Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Smith, Archibald
Tietjen, Friedrich (1834-1895)
Tupman, George Lyon
University of Cambridge. Observatory
Western, Thomas Burch
Abriss einer Geschichte der Astronomie im Anfange des XIXen Jahrhunderts (1800-1832)
Account of observations of the transit of Venus, 1874, December 8 : made under the authority of the British government and of the reduction of the observations
Account of Pendulum Experiments Undertaken in the Harton Colliery to Determine the mean Density of the Earth
Account of the construction of the new national standard of length
Account of the Northumberland equatoreal and dome attached to the Cambridge observatory
Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy, The
catalogue of circumpolar stars, A
Comparison of Magnetic Disturbances Recorded by the Self-registering Magnetometers at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich...
Computation of the Lengths of the Waves of Light Corresponding to the Lines in the Dispersion Spectrum Measured by Kirchhoff
Continuation of researches into the value of Jupiter's mass
Diagrams representing diurnal change in magnitude and direction of the magnetic forces in the horizontal plane
Discussion of the Observed Deviations of the Compass in the several Ships, Wood-built and Iron-built : with a General Table for facilitating the examination of Compass-Deviations
encyclopædia of astronomy: comprising Plane astronomy, The
Extracts of papers printed and manuscript, laid before the Commission appointed to consider the steps to be taken for restoration of the standards of weight and measure, and the subjects connected therewith
G. B. Airy's Populäre physische Astronomie
Gravitazione : spiegazione elementare delle principali perturbazioni nel sistema solare ; traduzione italiana con note ed aggiuntedi Francesco Porro
Greenwich catalogue for 1872
Instructions and chart for observation of Mars in right ascension at the opposition of 1860, for obtaining the measure of the sun's distance.
Lecture on the pendulum-experiments at Harton Pit delivered in the central hall, South Shields, October 24, 1854 : together with a letter containing the results of the experiments
magnetism of ships, and the deviations of the compass, The : a series of papers from the Transactions of foreign Societies
Mathematical tracts on physical astronomy, the figure of the earth, precession and nutation, and the calculus of variations. Designed for the use of students in the university
new method of clearing the lunar distance., A
Notes for the Committee on Weights and Measures, 1862
Notice sur les résultats des expériences relatives aux perturbations du compas à bord des navires en fer, faites par George Biddell Airy,... Traduite de l'anglais en 1842 par M.B. Darondeau,... 2e édition. Extraite des "Annales hydrographiques"
On a new analyzer and its use in experiments of polarization
On a proposed Alteration of Bessel's Method for the Computation of the Corrections by which the Apparent Places of Stars are derived from the Mean Places
On an inequality of long period in the motions of the earth and Venus
On certain conditions under which a perpetual motion is possible
On Laplace's investigation of the attraction of spheroids differing little from a sphere
On sound and atmospheric vibrations with the mathematical elements of music. Designed for the use of students of the university
On the algebraical and numerical theory of errors of observations and the combination of observations
On the Computation of the Effect of the Attraction of Mountain-masses, as Disturbing the Apparent Astronomical Latitude of Stations in Geodetic Surveys
On the Discordance Between the Results for Zenith-distances, Obtained by Direct Observation, and Those Obtained by Observation by Reflexion from the Surface of Quicksilver
On the flexure of a uniform bar supported by a number of equal pressures applied at equidistant points, and on the positions proper foe the applications of these pressures in order to prevent any sensible alteration of the length of the bar by small flexure
On the nature of light in the two rays produced by the double refractor of quartz
On the phaenomena of Newton's rings when formed between two transparent substances of different refractiva powers
On the place of Caesar's departure from Gaul for the invasion of Britain and the place of his landing in Britain, with an appendix on the battle of Hastings ...
On the Position of the Ecliptic, as Inferred from Observations with the Cambridge Transit and Mural Circle, Made in the year 1835
On the theoretical explanation of an apparent new polarity of light
On time of rotation of Jupiter
Plan of the buildings and grounds of the Royal observatory Greenwich, 1863, August with explanation and history
Reduction of the observations of the moon : made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from 1750 to 1830
Reduction of twenty years' photographic records of the barometer and dry*. -
Reprint of Halley's Magnetic chart
Results of the Observations of the Sun, Moon, and Planets made at Cambridge Observatory in the years 1833, 1834 and 1835
Six lectures on astronomy
Supplement to a Paper on the Intensity of Light in the Neighbourhood of a Caustic
Sur les moyens à employer pendant les vingt-cinq années prochaines pour déterminer avec plus de précisions la distance du Soleil à la Terre
Tides and Waves
Treatise on magnetism designed for the use of students in the university
Über den Magnetismus ...
Undulatory theory of optics
Verification and extension of La Caille's arc of meridian at the Cape of Good Hope