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Krueger, A. O.
Krueger, Anne
Krueger, Anne O.
Krueger, Anne Osborn
Krueger Osborn, Anne
クルーガー, アン・O
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writer of accompanying material
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Aturupane, Chonira
Baldwin, Robert E.
Itō, Takatoshi
Krishna, Kala
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Council of Applied Economic Research
Schiff, Maurice
Schiff, Maurice W.
Tornell, Aaron
University of Wisconsin--Madison
Valdés, Alberto
貝塚, 啓明 (1934-)
Africa and the Mediterranean
Aid and development, c1989:
American trade policy : a tragedy in the making
Amerika tsūshō seisaku to jiyū bōeki taisei
Asymmetries in policy between exportables and import-competing goods
benefits and costs of import substitution in India, The : a microeconomic study
Benefits and costs of late development
Changes in exchange rates in rapidly developing countries : theory, practice, and policy issues
continuous adventure", "A : the pursuit of stability and growth in modern economies
dangerous drift to preferential trade agreements, The
Deregulation and interdependence in the Asia-Pacific region
Détermination des taux de change, La
Developing countries and the next round of multilateral trade negotiations
Development with trade LDCs and the international economy a sequoia seminar
developmental role of the foreign sector and aid, The
Economía política de las intervenciones de precios agrícolas en América Latina, 1990:
Economic and policy reforms
Economic growth and adjustment in the Upper Midwest, 1960-1975 : a supplement to the Upper Midwest Economic Study
Economic policies at cross-purposes the United States and developing countries
Economic policy reform in developing countries the Kuznets memorial lectures at the Economic growth center, Yale university
Economic policy reform in developing countries : the Kuzniets memorial lectures at the economic growth center, Yale University
Economic policy reforms and the Indian economy
Economists' changing perceptions of government
Estimating total factor productivity growth in a developing country
evaluation of some growth theories in light of United States economic experience, 1946-57, An
Exchange-rate determination
Export-oriented development strategies : the success of five newly industrializing countries
Financial deregulation and integration in East Asia
Free trade agreements as protectionist devices: rules of origin
Free trade agreements versus customs unions
Governance, regulation and privatization in the Asia-Pacific region
Government failures in development
Growth, distortions, and patterns of trade among many countries
Growth theories in light of the East Asian experience
Impact of government on growth and trade
Implementing free trade areas rules of origin and hidden protection
Import substitution in India.
importance of economic policy in development, the : contrasts between Korea and Turkey
International economics and international economic policy : a reader
Latin America
Liberalization attempts and consequences
Macroeconomic linkage : savings, exchange rates, and capital flows
missing middle, The
National growth and economic change in the Upper Midwest
new approach to sovereign debt restructuring, A
Nihon zaisei hatan kaihi eno senryaku
Nominal anchor exchange rate policies as a domestic distortion
Perspectives on trade and development
Political and economic interactions in economic policy reform evidence from eight countries
political economy of agricultural price intervention in Latin America, The
political economy of agricultural pricing policy a World bank comparative study, The
political economy of agricultural pricing policy. Vol. 2, Asia, The
political economy of American protection in theory and in practice, The
political economy of American trade policy, The
political economy of controls: complexity, The
political economy of international trade, The : essays in honor of Robert E. Baldwin
Political economy of policy reform in developing countries
political economy of tax reform, The
political economy of trade protection, The
Protectionism and growth : EFTA round table, Geneva, 25 Januari 1985
Reforming India's external, financial, and fiscal policies
Regional and global capital flows : macroeconomic causes and consequences
Regionalism and multilateralism in international trade
Regionalism versus multilateral trade arrangements
Regionalsim & multilateralism in international trade
role of bank restructuring in recovering from crises Mexico 1995-98, The
role of foreign direct investment in East Asian economic development, The
Sovereign Workouts : an IMF Perspective
Structure and evolution of recent U.S. trade policy, The
Struggling with success : challenges facing the international economy
Swimming against the tide Turkish trade reform in the 1980s
synthesis of the political economy in developing countries a World bank comparative study, A
Tackling Japan's fiscal challenges : strategies to cope with high public debt and population aging
Trade and development in Korea proceedings of a conference held by the Korea development institute
Trade and employment in developing countries
Trade and protectionism
Trade creation and trade diversion under NAFTA
Trade, development and political economy : essays in honour of Anne O. Krueger
Trade in services to the Asia-Pacific region
Trade policies and developing nations
Trade policy and economic development : how we learn
Turkey : trade reforms in the 1980s
Whither the World Bank and the IMF?
World Bank comparative study., A
WTO as an international organization, The
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1958