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Author of The great exemplar
Jeremy (Lord Bishop of Down)
Taylor, J.
Taylor, Jer
Taylor, Jeremia
Taylor, Jeremias
Taylor, Jérémie
Taylor, Jeremy
Taylor, Jeremy (Bishop)
Taylor, Jeremy (Bp. of Down and Connor)
Taylor, Jeremy (Bp. of Down and Connors)
Taylor, Jeremy (Dr)
Taylor, Jeremy (vesc. di Down e Connor)
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Cave, William (1637-1713))
Eden, Charles Page
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Heber, Reginald
Mullineaux, Sir
Mullineaux, Vivian
Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio (1595-1658)
Royston, Richard (1599-1686)
Royston, Richard (Londen)
Sisson, Charles Hubert (1914- ))
Smith, Logan Pearsall (n. 1865)
Somers, Harry (1925-1999)
Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Jeremy (1613-1667))
Wheeldon, John (1734 or 5-1800))
Antiquitates Christianæ, or, The history of the life and death of the Holy Jesus as also the lives, acts & martyrdoms of His Apostles, in two parts : the first part, containing The life of Christ
Apparatus or discourse introductory to the whole work, concerning the three great dispensations of the church, patriarchal, Mosaical, and evangelical.
Bishop Taylor's judgment concerning the power of parents over their children in his Ductor Dubitantium, &c. Edit. IV. 1696
common-prayer-book the best companion in the house and closet, as well as in the temple: or, a collection of prayers out of the liturgy of the Church of England, ... with a particular office for the Sacrament. To which is added, The Bible, the best new-years-gift. By Jer. Taylor., The
Course of sermons for all the sundays of the year fitted to the great necessities, and for the supplying the want of preaching in many parts of this nation : with twelve sermons on various subjects
discourse concerning prayer ex tempore, or by pretence of the Spirit, in justification of authorized and set-forms of liturgie., A
Discourse of friendship
discourse of the liberty of prophesying, A : 1647
Discourses on various subjects
Dissuasive from popery. Part 2
Ductor Dubitantium, Oder Allgemeiner GewissensLehrer, Leiter und Führer, Jn Gründlicher Entscheidung allerhand Casus und Gewissens-Fälle, wie solche nur immerdar vorkommen oder auch erdacht werden können aus Dem Göttlichen, Canonischen, Weltlichen und Natur-Rechte ... abgehandelt ...
Ductor Dubitantium, or The rule of conscience in all her general measures; serving as a great instrument for the determination of cases of conscience
Ductor dubitantium; or, The rule of conscience in all her generall measures; serving as a great instrument for the determination of cases of conscience. In four books
Eniamtos. -
Eniautos. Supplement
Funeral sermon
God the master of this scene
golden grove. A choice manual: containing what is to be believed, practised, and desired or pray'd for; the prayers being fitted to the several days of the week. Also festival hymns, according to the manner of the ancient church. Composed for the use of the devout; especially of younger persons. By Jeremy Taylor, D.D, The
Great exemplar of sanctity and holy life according to the christian institution, described in the history of the life and death of the ever blessed jesus christ the saviour of the world with considerations and discourses upon the several parts of the story and prayers fitted to the several mysteries : in three parts
Holy living
J.V.C. (John Vincent Canes). Three letters declaring the strange odd proceedings ... 1671:
Jeremy Taylor, liturgist (1613-1667)
la diferencia entre lo temporal y eterno., De
life of Bishop Taylor, and the purest spirit of his writings, extracted and exhibited by John Wheeldon, A. M. Rector of Wheathamsted-Herts, and Prebendary of Lincoln, The
lives, travels & sufferings of the holy evangelists and apostles with their martyrdoms, for preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. By J. Taylor, B.D, The
marriage ring, or, the mysteriousness and duties of marriage, The
moral demonstration of the truth of the Christian religion with an introduction on the nature and force of probable arguments. First printed in the year 1660, and now accurately reprinted by the editor, A
Of the sacred order and offices of episcopacie by divine institution, apostolicall tradition and catholique practice together with their titles of honour, secular employment, manner of election, delegation of their power and other appendant questions asserted against the Aerians and Acephali new and old
remembrancer of excellent men ... 1670:, A
Rheol buchedd sanctaidd yn dangos y moddion a'r arfeu i ynnill pob grâs, ... Ynghŷd â gweddiau yn cynnwys hôll ddyledswydd Cristion. ... Gan Jer. Taylor, D.D
Rule and exercises of holy dying in which are described the means and instruments of preparing our selves and others respectively for a blessed death, and the remedies against the evils and temptations proper to the state of sickness : together with prayers and acts of vertue to be used by sick and dying persons or by others standing in their attendance : to which are added rules for the visitation of the sick and offices proper for that ministery
Rule & exercises of holy living
rule of conscience or, Bishop Taylor's Ductor dubitantium abridged. By Richard Barcroft, ... In two volumes, The
Sacred prolusions Or, Select pieces from Bishop Taylor and Mr. Herbert. By the Rev. John Wheeldon, A.M. teacher of private grammar School at St. Ives, Huntingdonshire. With a preface and discourse on Rev. xviii. 21. By the editor. Volo soldium perenne
scheme of plea, For and against the Baptizing of Infants. By the late learned and reverend Dr. Jer. Taylor, sometime Bishop of Down and Connor. To which is added, several quotations from other learned pædo-baptists, Relating to the Mode of Baptism, as practised in the first Ages of Christianity, with some few Remarks on each. By an admirer of the Doctor's great learning and ability, A
Selected passages.
Selected writings
Selections from the works of Jeremy Taylor with some accountof the author and his writings
sermon preached in Saint Maries Church of Oxford, A
Sermons. Selections
Theologia eklektikē.
Unum necessarium or, the doctrine and practice of repentance. Describing the necessities and measures of a strict, a holy, and a Christian life. ... To which are added two treatises of original sin. By Jer. Taylor
Whole works of the right rev. jeremy taylor, lord bishop of down, connor and dromore with a life of the author and a critical examination of his writings
Wisdom and wasteland Jeremy Taylor in his prose and preaching today
Works. Selections.