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Edward Windsor Kemble
Kemble, E. W.
Kemble, Edward W.
Kemble, Edward Windsor
Kemble, Edward Windsor (American illustrator and author, 1861-1933)
Kemble, Edward Winsor
ケンブル, E. W
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Language material
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Crnković, Zlatko prevoditelj
Dunbar, Paul Laurence (1872-1906)
Ferres, Antonio (1924-)
Harley, John (19..-.... illustrateur)
Harris, Joel Chandler
Ōtsuka, Yūzō (1921-)
Rolfe, Doris
Roy J. Friedman Mark Twain Collection (Library of Congress)
Twain, Mark (1835-1910)
大塚, 勇三 (1921-)
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : Tom Sawyer's comrade : scene: the Mississippi Valley, time: forty to fifty years ago
Astronomer (to prospective customer): Laze an Gemlen, nows de time to see de planet o' Wenus luminated in all her glory ...
aventuras de Huckleberry Finn, As
aventuras de Huckleberry Finn, Las
aventures de Huckleberry Finn, Les
avonturen van Huckleberry Finn, De
Bashiby Larkin & Squire Cash
[Boy with hands on pole]
busy businessman, The
Captain, mate, & clerk
Comical coons
Congress - 14th Amendment 2nd section
Coontown's 400
Corn is king, cotton is king
Customer: Sakes alive, Carline! yo' orter see how brilliant it am : if I didn't know dat war Wenus ...
Danny's own story
daughter of the tenements, A
duel, The
E.K. Means ...
Electioneering in Georgia -- a candidate pleading for a mountaineer's vote
[Elephant blowing smoke rings for two dogs wearing large bows]
Gee whiz! don't I wish every day wuz de fourth
[Georgia cracker types]
group in front of the grocery, The
Hakkuruberī fin no bōken.
heart of Happy Hollow, The
hired assassin, The : the Philippine Tariff bill was killed in the Senate February 26, 1906
hold-up, The
Hooking up
Huckleberry Finn
Huckleberry Finns Abenteuer
I'd be willin' to pay Caleb's fare in
I'm a-lookin' for Hugh Gadsbury
If you strike that negro one blow --
In the name of prosperity
James, look at me
John L. Sullivan, champion pugilist of the world. Born in Boston, October 15th, 1858.
judge raised us a courtly adieu, The
Kemble's coons; a collection of southern sketches
Kemble's pickaninnies; a collection of southern sketches
Library of humor
Mark Twain's library of humor
mellow call leaped forth across the brooding field, The
Mexican silver (5640 lbs. weight, Main Bldg.)
Mosquito gloves
Mr. Bilkins and the beautiful snow
Mr. Peter Gatchell
Mrs. Doggett
[Mule or donkey-drawn street car with initial T]
Ole Mammy in Beauty Land
Ole Marse Adam
On Dixie's line
On the plantation a story of a Georgia boy's adventures during the war
Plantation songs, and other verse
Poems here at home
Pustolovine Hucklberryja Finna ; [ilustracije Edward W. Kemble]. Zagreb, 2012.
Pustolovine Huckleberryja Finna (druga Toma Sawyera)
Putter Perkins
[Republican on elephant and Democrat on Tammany tiger jousting]
[Sam barely got through in time to escape the fall of another burning log]
Samantha among the colored folks. "My ideas on the race problem,"
serenade, The
sheriff, two deputies, and Miller, The
Some notes on the Boer War
strength of Gideon, and other stories, The
Strenuous animals : veracious tales
Thompson Street Poker Club, The : from "Life".
trial's next Wednesday, The
Two little Confederates
U.S. prosperity band, The
Uncle Remus, his songs and his sayings, 1983, c1920 (a.e.)
"Wangtown Bugle" sends its compliments and presents its clubbing list for 1895, The
Want us to resign, eh? can't the people take a joke?
wax policeman, The
When Anne Mary reached the house, she found the old woman making a cup of tea
Zeke, less see how yer look
Zeke, take me along ter Alabam' won't yuh?