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Brāun, Idwārd
Brāwn, Edwārd Ği
Brāwn, Idvārd
Brāwn, Idwārd
Browne, E. G.
Browne, Edw. G.
Browne, Edward
Browne, Edward G.
Browne, Edward Granville
Browne, Eward Granville
Granville Browne, Edward
Granville, Edward Browne-
إدوارد براون،
ادوارد براون
ادوارد, برون گرانويل
براون، إدوارد،
براون، ادوارد
براون، ادوارد گرانويل
براون, ادورد
برون، ادوارد گرانويل
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Cambridge University Library
De Bruijn, Johannes Thomas Pieter (1931-....))
Gibb, Elias John Wilkinson (1857-1901)
Hamadānī, Ḥusayn (d. 1881 or 2.)
ʻAbduʼl-Bahá, 1844 (1921)
Nicholson, Reynold Alleyne (1868-1945)
Qazwīnī, Muḥammad b. ʿAbd al-Wahhāb al- Mīrzā, 1877-1949
Ross, E. Denison
Ross, Edward Denison
Ross, Edward Denison (1871-1940))
Subh al-Izal
University Affiliation (see also from)
ʿAbd al-Bahāʾ b. Bahāʾ Allāh, 1844 (1920)
علي، داود سلمان
abridged translation of the History of Ṭabaristán., An
adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan, The
Arabian medicine
assassination of Násiru'd-diu Shah, The
Bābān al-awwal wa-al-thānī min Tārīkh ... 1984:, al-
Brief narrative of recent events in persia
Brieven van Edward Granville Browne (1862-1926) aan Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje (1857-1936)
catalogue of the Persian manuscripts in the library of the University of Cambridge, A
Chahár maqála, The
Dar-ul-Islam; a record of a journey through ten of the Asiatic provinces of Turkey
descriptive catalogue of the Oriental mss. belonging to the late E. G. Browne, A
Englishwoman in a Turkish harem, An
four discourses
hand-list, arranged alphabetically under the titles, of the Turkish and other printed an lithographed books presented by Mrs. E.J.W. Gibb to the Cambridge university library, comp. by Edward G. Browne ..., A
history of Ottoman poetry, A
Kitáb-i Nuqṭatuʹ l-káf, being the earliest history of the Bábís
Lectures delivered to the Society, 1913-1914.
Letters from Tabriz : the Russian suppression of the Iranian constitutional movement
List of Persian newspapers
Literary History of Persia
Lubāb al-albāb
Maqālah-ʼi shakhṣī-i sayyāḥ kih dar qaz̤īyah-ʼi Bāb nivishtah ast.
Materials for the study of the Bab́i ́religion
mouvement constitutionnel persan conférence faite à la British Academy le 6 février 1918, Le
Muʻjam fí maʻáyíri ashʻári ʼlʻAjam, al-
On the contents of the Ta'rikh-i-jahan-gusha or history of the world-conqueror, Changiz Khan, by 'Ata Malik Juwayni
pearl-strings, a history of the Resúliyy dynasty of Yemen, The
Persian anthology, A
Persian historical texts
Persian literature : in modern times (A.D. 1500-1924)
Persian manuscripts of the late Sir Albert Houtum-Schindler, The
Persian revolution of 1905-1909
Press and poetry of modern persia partly based on the manuscript work of mírzá muhammad ʻalí khán "tarbivat" of tabríz
reign of terror at Tabriz. England's responsibility. (With photographs and a brief narrative of the events of December, 1911, and January, 1912.), The
responsibility of the Russian government for the " chaos" now existing in Persia, The
Selections from the writings of E.G. Browne on the Bábí and Bahá'í religions
Some notes on the literature and doctrines of the Hurūfī̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄ sect
Some Remarks on the Bābī Texts edited by Baron Victor Rosen in vols. I. and VI. of the Collections Scientifiques des Langues Orientales de Saint-Pétersbourg
succinct account of the Bábí movement
Ta'rikh-i-Guzida or "Select History" of Ḥamdu'llāh Mustawfi-i-Qazwini compiled in A. H. 730 (A. D. 1330) and now reproduced in fac-simile from a manuscript dated A. H. 857 (A. D. 1453), The : Vol. I, containing the text
Tadhkiratu ʾsh-shuʿará ("Memoirs of the poets") of Dawlatsháh bin ʿAláʾu ʾd-Dawla Bakhtísháh al-Ghází of Samarqand, The
taḏkirat al-šuʿarāʾ
Tārīḵ-i adabī-yi Īrān
Tārīḵ-i Ṭabaristān
Tárīkh-i-jadīd;, The
To 1000 A.D.
traveller's narrative written to illustrate the episode of the Báb, A
volume of Oriental studies, A : presented to Edward G. Browne, M.A., M.B. F.B.A., F.R.C.P., Sir Thomas Adam's professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge, on his 60th birthday (7 Febr. 1922)
Works. Selections.
Year amongst the persians impressions as to the life, character, & thought of the people of persia, received during twelve months' residence in that country in the years 1887-1888
از سعدى تا جامى : تاريخ ادبى ايران از نيمه قرن هفتم تا آخر قرن نهم هجرى، عصر استيلاى مغول و تاتار.
الطب العربى
تاريخ ادبیات ايران : از فردوسی تا سعدی
تاريخ الادب في إيران من الفردوس إلى السعدي
كتاب نقطة الكاف : در تاريخ ظهور باب و وقايع هشت سال اول از تاريخ بابيه