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Guk, Robert
Hooke, R.
Hooke, Robert
Hooke, Robert (English scientist, architect, and inventor, 1635-1703)
Hooke, Robertus
Robert Hooke
フック, ロバート
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Adams, Walter (1906-1975?))
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)
Derham, W. (1657-1735)
Derham, William (1657-1735)
Diss.phil 8° 44
Gunther, R.T. (1869-1940)
Gunther, Robert William Theodore (1869-1940)
Martin (1680?))
Robinson, Henry W. (1888-)
Robinson, Henry W. (1888-1960))
Robinson, Henry William (1888-)
Roycroft (1677))
Solís Santos, Carlos (1945-)
Waller, Richard
永田, 英治 (1949-)
Animadversions on the first part of the Machina coelestis of the honourable, learned, and deservedly famous astronomer Johannes Hevelius, consul of Dantzick together with an explication of some instruments made
Attempt to prove the motion of the earth from observations
Brieven van Robert Hooke (1635-1703) aan Robert Moray (ca1608-1673)
Carta a Sir Robert Southwell, president de la Royal Society
Collected works.
Conamen ad motum Telluris probandum ex observationibus Astronomi Celeberrimi Roberti Hooke Regiae Societatis, apud Londinenses, Socii
Conatus ad explicanda phaenomena notibilia in experimento publicato ad honorabile viro Roberto Boyle Armigero in XXXV Experimento epistolici discursus sui de aere ad confirmationem prioris conjecturae per R. H..
Description of helioscopes and some other instruments
diaries of Robert Hooke, the Leonardo of London, 1635-1703, The
diary of Robert Hooke, M.A., M.D., F.R.S., 1672-1680, The : transcribed from the original in the possession of the Corporation of the city of London (Guildhall Library)
Early science in Oxford
Extracts from Micrographia or, Some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses with observations and inquiries thereupon
first description of the cell, The
Geologists and the history of geology
Grundtriss der Statt London wie solche vor und nach dem Brand anzusehen : sampt dem Newen Model wie selbige widrum Auffgebauwet werden solle.
How to tell the liars from the statisticians
Introduction to scientific inference
Lampas, or, Descriptions of some mechanical improvements of lamps & waterpoises together with some other physical and mechanical discoveries
Lectiones Cutlerianae, or a Collection of lectures : physical, mechanical, geographical & astronomical. Made before the Royal Society on several occasions at Gresham Colledge... By Robert Hooke,...
Lectures and collections: Cometa, Microscopium.
Lectures and discourses of earthquakes and subterraneous eruptions
Lectures de potentia restitutiva, or, Of spring explaining the power of springing bodies : to which are added some collections
Lettre de M. Auzout à M. l'Abbé Charles
London 1667
man who knew too much, 2002:, The
Micrografía o Algunas descripciones fisiológicas de los cuerpos diminutos realizadas mediante cristales de aumento con observaciones y disquisiciones sobre ellas
Micrographia restaurata: or, the copper-plates of Dr. Hooke's wonderful discoveries by the microscope, rerpinted and fully explained: whereby the most valuable particulars in that celebrated author's Micrographia are brought together in a narrow compass; and intermixed, occasionally, with many entertaining and instructive discoveries and observations in natural history.
Microscopic observations;
[Microscopic view of blue fly and fly wing at right]
Mikurogurafia : Bisho sekai zusetsu : Zuhanshu.
Observation concerning natural fountains
Observations envoyées des Indes [et] de la Chine à l'Academie Royale des Sciences
Philosophical experiments and observations of the late eminent Dr. Robert Hooke, S.R.S. and Geom. Prof. Gresh. and other eminent virtuoso's in his time
posthumous works, The
Réponse aux Remarques de M. Auzout, contenue dans une lettre écr. a l'auteur des "Philosoph. transactions"
Réponse de M. Hook aux considérations de M. Auzout et quelques lettres ecrites de part et d'autre sur le sujet des grandes lunettes
[Springs and devices for measuring their tension and strength]
Tract on capillary attraction
Voyage de MM. Cassini en France, en Italie, en Frandre, en Hollande [et] en Angleterre
Erscheinungsort laut Brit. Verbundkat
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