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Smith, J. L. B.
Smith, James
Smith, James L. B.
Smith, James Leonard Brierley
Smits, Dž. L. B.
Смит, Дж. Л. Б
スミス, J. L. B
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Heemstra, Phillip C.
J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology
Kajitani, Yoshihisa (1911-1990)
Lamerdin, Kurt
Schonland, Basil (1896-1972))
Smidt, Marg. M.
Smith, Margaret M. (19..-.... biologiste)
Smith, Margaret Mary (1916-1987))
Speed, Frederick Matthew (1921- ))
梶谷, 善久 (1911-1990)
Certain rare fishes from South Africa, with other notes
Cesta za štvornožcom
clingfishes of the western Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, The
Conducting system of Pallavicinia and Symphyogyna
fishes of Seychelles, The
Fishes of the families Draconettidae and Callionymidae from the Red Sea and the western Indian Ocean
Fishes of the family Atherinidae of the Red Sea and the western Indian Ocean, with a new freshwater genus and species from Madagascar
Fishes of the family Gaterinidae of the western Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, with a resume of all known Indo Pacific species
Fishes of the family Pentacerotidae
Fishes of the family Syngnathidae from the Red Sea and the western Indian Ocean
Fishes of the sub-family Nasinae with a synopsis of the Prionurinae
Fishes of the Tsitsikama Coastal National Park
High tide
Hitherto unknown early developmental larval stadia of the West African albulid fish, Pterothrissus belloci Cadenat, 1937
Ichthyological papers 1931-1943
identity of Scarus gibbus Ruppell, 1828 and of other parrotfishes of the family Callyodontidae from the Red Sea and the Western Indian Ocean, The
Ikita kaseki
Interesting fishes from South Africa
Investigations in behaviour and elementary neurobiology
Kaupichthys diodontus Schultz, in the Western Indian Ocean; a problem in systematics
la poursuite du coelacanthe, A
liverworts Pallavicinia and Symphyogyna and their conducting system, The
Lizard shark, Chlamydoselachus anguineus Garman, in South Africa, The
New and interesting fishes from deepish water off Durban, Natal and Southern Mozambique
New records and new species of fishes from South Africa, chiefly from Natal
new Squalid shark from South Africa, with notes on the rare Atractophorus armatus Gilchrist, A
Numerical and constitutional exercises in organic chemistry, 1941.
Old fourlegs, the story of the coelacanth.
Our fishes
rare Big-eye, Pristigenys niphonia (C & V), in South Africa, The
rare "furred-tongue" Uraspis uraspis (Gunther) from South Africa, and other new records from there, The
Sand-dwelling eels of the western Indian Ocean and the Red Sea
sea fishes of southern Africa, The
search beneath the sea; the story of the coelacanth., The
Sencis četrkājis, 1977:
Sencis četrkājis : Kā tika atklāts celakants
simplified system of organic identification, A
Smith's sea fishes
Studies in Carangid fishes
Vergangenheit steigt aus dem Meer Die Geschichte vom Coelacanthus
Vis op de loop
Visse van die Tsitsikama-seekus Nasionale Park
生きた化石 : シーラカンス発見物語