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Pearson, Kar
Pearson, Karl
Pi'erxun, Ka'er
Пирсон, К
Пирсон, Карл
ピアスン, カール
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Barrington, Amy ([from old catalog])
Cambridge University Press
Clifford, William Kingdon (1845-1879))
Elderton, Ethel M.
Elderton, Ethel Mary ([from old catalog])
Galton, Francis (1822-1911)
Hirabayashi, Hatsunosuke (1892-1931)
Jäderholm, Gustav A[ksel]
Pyle, Andrew
Rowe, Richard Charles (1853-1884)
Todhunter, I. (1820-1944)
Todhunter, Isaac (1820-1884))
Todhunter, Isaac (1820-1944)
University College, London
University College, London. Biometric Laboratory
平林, 初之輔 (1892-1931)
Annals of eugenics, a journal for the scientific study of social problems, Vol. I
attempt to correct some of the misstatements made by sir victor horsley and mary d. sturge, m.d. in the criticisms of the galton laboratory memoir: a first study of the influence of parental alcoholism, &c, an
Chances of death and other studies in evolution, by Karl Pearson,..., The
Characterisation, especially by letters index
charles darwin, 1809–1882: an appreciation. being a lecture delivered to the teachers of the london county council
common sense of the exact sciences, the
Contributions to the mathematical theory of evolution, Abstracts.
Correlation, personal identification and eugenics
darwinism, medical progress and eugenics. the cavendish lecture: an address to the medical profession
Data for the problem of evolution in man
Early statistical papers
elastical researches of barré de saint-venant, the
English convict a statistical study including the schedule of measurements and general anthropological data, The
ethic of freethought; a selection of essays and lectures, The
ethic of freethought and other addresses and essays., The
ethic of treethought; a selection of essays and lectures, The
Eugenics Laboratory lecture series
experimental study of the stresses in masonry dams. By Karl Pearson, F.R.S., and A. F. Campbell Pollard, assisted by C. W. Wheen and L. F. Richardson., An
first study of the influence of parental alcoholism on the physique and ability of the offspring, A
Francis Galton, 1822-1922 a centenary appreciation
Fronica, ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Christusbildes im Mittelalter, Die
function of science in the modern state, The
Generalizations of the normal curve of error ...
Grammaire de la science la physique, La
grammar of science, 1937:, The
history of statistics in the 17th and 18th centuries against the changing background of intellectual, scientific, and religious thought, The : lectures by Karl Pearson given at University College, London, during the academic sessions, 1921-1933
history of the theory of elasticity and of the strength of materials, A : from Galilei to Lord Kelvin
history of the theory of elasticity and of the strength of materials from Galilei to the present time., A
Kagaku gairon.
Life, letters and labours of Francis Galton, by Karl Pearson,..., The
Mendelism and the problem of mental defect.
monograph on albinism in man, a
moral basis of socialism, the
National life from the standpoint of science
Nature and nurture, the problem of the future
new university for london: a guide to its history and a criticism of its defects, the
new werther, the
On a novel method of regarding the association of two varieties classes solely in alternate categories
On a theory of the stresses in crane and coupling hooks with experimental comparison with existing theory.
On certain properties of the hypergeometrical series, and on the fitting of such series to observation polygons in the theory of chance.
on the correlation of fertility with social value: a cooperative study
"On the distribution of frequency (variation and correlation) of the barometric height at diverse stations."
On the general theory of skew correlation and non-linear regression.
on the handicapping of the first-born: being a lecture delivered at the galton laboratory
On the relationship of health to the psychical and physical characters in school children
On the sesaomids of the knee-joint ...
On the skull and portraits of George Buchanan
On the theory of contingency and its relation to association and normal correlation.
On the torsion resulting from flexure in prisms with cross-sections of uni-axial symmetry only
philosophical magazine
philosophical transactions of the royal society of london
Pi'ersun, 1998:
positive creed of freethought: with some remarks on the relation of freethought to socialism. being a lecture delivered at south place institute, the
preliminary study of extreme alcoholism in adults, A
problem of practical eugenics, The
proceedings of the royal society of london
right of the unborn child: being a lecture delivered... to teachers from the london county council schools, the
science of man: its needs and its prospects, the
scope and importance to the state of the science of national eugenics, The
second study of the statistics of pulmonary tuberculosis: marital infection., A
Sekai daishisō zenshū.
social problems, their treatment, past, present, and future: a lecture
some recent misinterpretations of the problem of nurture and nature
statistical study of oral temperatures in school children, a
Study of the data provided by a baby-clinic in a large manufacturing town
study of the long bones of the English skeleton. -, A
Tables for statisticians and biometricians.
Tables of F (r,v) and H (r,v) functions.
Tables of the incomplete Beta-function;
Tables of the incomplete [gamma]-function, computed by the staff of the Department of applied statistics, University of London, University college
Tables of the incomplete γ-function
transactions of the cambridge philosophical society
Treasury of human inheritance
Tuberculosis, heredity and environment
Ueber Zweck und Bedeutung einer nationalen Rassenhygiene (National-Eugenik) für den Staat
Грамматика науки .
Таблицы неполной бета-функции, 1974: