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Lockyer, J. N.
Lockyer, J. N. (Sir)
Lockyer, J. Norman
Lockyer, J. Norman (Sir)
Lockyer, Joseph N.
Lockyer, Joseph Norman
Lockyer, Joseph Norman (Sir)
Lockyer, N.
Lockyer, Norman
Lockyer, Norman I.
Lockyer, Norman Joseph
Lockyer, Norman (Sir)
ロッキャー, ノーマン
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Auštěcký, Josef (1827-1871)
Baxandall, Frank E.
Great Britain. Solar physics committee. [from old catalog]
Guillemin, Amédée (1826-1893)
Hildebrandsson, Hugo Hildebrand (1838-1925)
Lockyer, Winifred James Mrs., d. 1879
Norman Lockyer Observatory Affiliation (see also from)
Roscoe, Henry E. (1833-1915)
Roscoe, Henry Enfield (1833-1915)
Royal College of Science Affiliation (see also from)
Šenoa, Milan
Solar Eclipse Expedition. [1911. Vavau, Iles Tonga.]
Solar Physics Committee
Solar Physics Committee (Great Britain)
Solar Physics Committee (Great Britiain)
Solar Physics Observatory Affiliation (see also from)
Winnecke, Friedrich August Theodor (1835-1897))
Areas of calcium flocculi on spectroheliograms, 1906-1908 : measured and reduced at the Solar Physics Observatory, South Kensington
Astronomia... 48lla puupürroksella
Astronomia tradotta e in parte rifatta da E. Sergent, e riveduta da G. V. Schiaparelli
Astronomia ; versione libera di G. Celoria
Astronomiens första grunder
Beobachtung der Sterne sonst und jetzt, Die
Catalogue of four hundred and seventy of the brighter stars classified according to their chemistry at the Solar Physics Observatory, South Kensington
Chemistry of the Sun, by J. Norman Lockyer,..., The
Comparison of the spectra of rigelian, crucian and alnitamian stars ; A discussion of the line spectrum of alpha orionis and its relation to that of arcturus and the Fraunhoferic spectrum ; The spectrum of gamma cassiopelae
Contributions to solar physics. I. A popular account of inquiries into the physical constitution of the Sun, with special reference to recent spectroscopic researches ; II. Communications to the Royal Society of London and the French Academy of sciences, with notes. By J. Norman Lockyer,...
Dawn od astronomy, a study of the temple-worship and mythology of the ancient Egyptians, by J. Norman Lockyer,..., The
dawn of astronomy, 1964:, The
dawn of astronomy a study of the temple-workship and mythology of the Ancient Egyptians, The
dawn of astronomy; a study of the temple worship and mythology of the ancient Egyptians., The
discussion of the lines spectrum of alpha orionis ...
Education and national progress;
Elementary lessons in astronomy, by J. Norman Lockyer,...
Elements of astronomy: accompanied with numerous illustrations, a colored representation of the solar, stellar, and nebular spectra, and celestial charts of the northern and the southern hemisphere.
évolution inorganique étudiée par l'analyse spectrale, L'
First principles of production;
forces of nature: a popular introduction to the study of physical phenomena., The
heavens; an illustrated handbook of popular astronomy, The
I. Comparison of the spectra of Rigelian, Crucian and Alnitamian stars. II.
Individual observations of the lines widened in sun-spot spectra made at the Solar Physics Observatory, South Kensington, during the period November 12th, 1879, to December 31st, 1897
Inorganic evolution as studied by spectrum analysis.
International weekly journal of science
Memorandum on the solar researches carried on by Norman Lockyer, 1863-1906 together with a catalogue of (1) papers presented to the Royal Society and other learned bodies, and (2) books discussing the researchers.
Meteoritic hypothesis, a statement of the results of a spectroscopic inquiry into the origin of cosmical systems, by J. Norman Lockyer,..., The
Monthly mean values of barometric pressure for 73 selected stations over the earth's surface : being a comparison of barometric variations of short duration at places widely distributed
Monthly mean volumes of barometric pressure for 73 selected stations over the earth's surface.
Nature (Lond.)
Nociones de astronomia, por J. Norman Lockyer, miembro de la Sociedad real, correspondiente del Instituto de Francia, autor de las "Lecciones elementales sobre astronomia", etc. Con Laminas. Nueva edición puesta al corriente de los más recientes descubrimientos por el Dr Felipe Centeno
Nociones de astronomía, por J. Norman Lockyer,... [Prólogo por G. Rawson.]
"Observations of sun-spot spectra, 1879-1894."
On some of the phenomena of new stars.
On the appearance of the cleveite and other new gas lines in the hottest stars. By J. Norman Lockyer ...
On the general spectra of certain type-stars and the spectra of several of the brighter stars in the green region.
On the Influence of Brain Power on History
On the photographic spectrum of þCassiopeiæ.
"On the spectra of meteor-swarms (Group III)."
Outlines of physiography : the movements of the Earth, by J. Norman Lockyer,...
Pierwsze początki astronomii
Progress in astronomy during the nineteenth century, by sir Norman Lockyer...
Recent and coming eclipses, being notes on the total solar ecipses of*. -
Recent and coming eclipses, being notes on the total solar eclipses of 1893, 1896, and 1898. By Sir Norman Lockyer,...
Recherches sur les spectres des météorites, par M. J. Norman Lockyer,...
Remarks on a new map of the solar spectrum.
Remarks on the recent eclipse of the sun as observed in the United States.
Report of the solar eclipse expedition to Palma, Majorca, August 30, 1905, being on account of the observations made by the Solar Physics Observatory eclipse exdpedition and the officers and men of H.M.S. "Venus" at Palma, Majorca
Report on the total solar eclipse of April 6, 1875
Researches on the chemical origin of various lines in solar and stellar spectra : being the results of investigations made at the Solar Physics Observatory, South Kensington, after discussion
Researches on the chemical origins of various lines in solar and stellar spectra. Being the results of investigations made at the Solar physics observatory, South Kensington, after discussion
Royal college of science, London, with which is incoroporated the Royal school of mines., The
rules of golf; being the St. Andrews rules for the game, The
Southern hemisphere surface-air circulation: being a study of the mean monthly pressure amplitudes, the tracks of the anticyclones and cyclones, and the meteorological records of several Antarctic expeditions.
Spectra of sun-spots, 1879-1897
spectroscope and its applications., The
Spectroscopic comparison of metals present in certain terrestrial and celestial light-sources (with special reference to vanadium and titanium).
Spectroscopic observation of the sun N2, 3, 4, 5
Spectroskop und seine Anwendungen, eine übersichtliche Darstellung des gesammten Gebietes der Spectralanalyse, von J. N. Lockyer,... Eingeführt und bevorwortet durch Dr. H. Schellen..., Das
Spectrum analysis: three lectures.
Stargazing: past and present.
Statement made by the Solar physics committee in June 1909, with special reference to the present and future position of the observatory;
Stonehenge and other British stone monuments astronomically considered
Studien zur Spectralanalyse
Studies in spectrum analysis, by J. Norman Lockyer,...
sun's place in nature, The
sun's spotted area, 1832-1900. A statement of the mean daily area in each synodic rotation of the sun, The
Surveying for archæologists
Tables of wave-lengths of enhanced lines. Compiled from investigations made at the Solar physics observatory, South Kensington.
Technical education : portion of speech delivered by sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., LL.D. at the Borough Polytechnic.
Tennyson, as a student and poet of nature
total eclipse of the sun, April 16th, 1893, The : report and discussion of the observation relating to solar physics
Total eclipse of the sun, January 22, 1898, observations at Viziadrug by Sir Norman Lockyer,... Capt. Chisholm-Batten,... and Prof. A. Pedler,...