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Miller, Dayton
Miller, Dayton C.
Miller, Dayton Clarence,
ミラー, デートン
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Language material
Notated music
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Boehm, Theobald (1794-1881)
Böhm, Theobald (1794-1881)
Chopin, Frédéric (1810-1849)
Princeton University
Quantz, Johann Joachim (1697-1773)
Rubinstein, Anton (1829-1894)
Strauss, Johann (1825-1899)
United States. Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area (N.J.)
Wagner, Richard (1813-1883)
Weber, Carl Maria von (1786-1826)
加藤, 正 (1906-1949)
Anecdotal history of the science of sound to the beginning of the 20th century
Angel's serenade; alto.
Banks of the beautiful blue Danube waltzes
Bohemian girl: The heart bowed down, arr. for flute &piano [from old catalog]
Bohemian girl. The heart bowed down; arr., The
Catalogue of books and literary material relating to the flute and other musical instruments, with annotations by Dayton C. Miller
Catalogue of books and literary material relating to the flute and other musical instruments : with anotations
Cavalleria rusticana. Intermesso; arr. [from old catalog]
Cavalleria rusticana: Intermezzo, transcribed for flute and piano
Collections relating to the flute..., The Dayton C. Miller.
Dayton C. Miller flute collection, The
Dayton C. Miller, his life, work, and contributions as a scientist and organologist, 1971:
Don Juan
Fishermädchen, Das
Flöte und das Flötenspiel.
flute and flute-playing in acoustical, technical and artistic aspects... Originally published in German in 1871, The
flute and flute playing, The : with musical examples, tables of fingerings, drawings of flute mechanism and a schema
flute and fluteplaying in acoustical, technical and artistic aspects, The
friend to Case, to science, to mankind, A
Hibana inazuma uchūsen : Denkigaku no konjaku
Johann Joachim Quantzens, königl. preussischen Kammermusikus, Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversiere zu spielen : mit verschiedenen, zur Beförderung des guten Geschmackes in der praktischen Musik dienlichen Anmerkungen begleitet, und mit Exempeln erläutert : nebst XXIV. Kupfertafeln.
Laboratory physics, 1903.
Laboratory physics : a students manual for colleges and scientific schools
Last hope; arr. [from old catalog]
last hope, transcribed for flute and piano by D. C. Miller, Op. 15., The
Liebestraum nach dem Balle; arr. [from old catalog]
Lindenbaum̀, Der
List of instrument makers represented by specimens in the Dayton C. Millar collection of flutes, January, 1, 1927.
List of works relating to the flute in the library of Dayton C. Miller, with annotations.
Lohengrin: Elsa's dream (act 1, scene 2) arr. for flute & piano
Lohengrin; opera. Vorspiel transribed for flute, violin, and piano
Love's dream after the ball; intermezzo (waltz).
Melodie, piano, op. 3, no. 1, F major; arr. [from old catalog]
Night has a thousand eyes; arr. [from old catalog]
night has a thousand eyes, for vocal quartette with violin obligato., The
Nocturn [sic] E♭.
Nocturn [sic] in G minor.
Nocturne, piano, op. 15, no. 3, G minor; arr. [from old catalog]
Nocturne, piano, op. 37, no. 1, G minor; arr.
Nocturne, piano, op. 37, no. 2, G major; arr. [from old catalog]
Nocturne, piano, op. 9, no. 2, E♭ major; arr. [from old catalog]
Nocturne [sic] in G major.
Observations of comet 1889 V and an investigation of its orbit ; withan ephemeris
Parsifal; grand selection of religious themes for flute & piano
Preciosa; arr. [from old catalog]
Precioso [sic] opera:
schönen blauen Donau; arr. [from old catalog], Der
science of musical sounds, The
Serenata; arr. [from old catalog]
Sound waves, their shape and speed : a description of the phonodeik and its applications and a report on a series of investigations made at Sandy Hook Proving Ground
Sparks, lightning, cosmic rays; an anecdotal history of electricity
Symphonie no. 3, Eroica: Marcia funèbre.
Tannhäuser. Allmächt'ge Jungfrau, hör mein Flehen; arr. [from old catalog]
Tannhäuser. Beglückt darf nun dich; arr. [from old catalog]
Tannhäuser: Elizabeth's prayer (Act 3, scene 1) arr. for flute and piano by D. C. Miller, Op. 7, no. 1. 1891.
Tannhäuser: Oh thou sublime sweet evening star (Act 3, scene 1) arr. for flute and piano by D. C. Miller, Op.7, no. 2. 1891.
Tannhäuser: The pilgrim's chorus (Act 3, scene 1)
Trockene Blumen
Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversiere zu spielen
Witchery of the flower-girls; Act II, Scene II.
火花・稲妻・宇宙線 : 電気学の今昔
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Princeton University, 1890