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Keene, R.
Keene, R. D.
Keene, Ray
Keene, Raymond
Keene, Raymond D.
Keene, Raymond Dennis
Kin, R.
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Buzan, Tony (1942- ))
Goodman, David (1958-)
Goodman, David Simon Charles (1958-)
Jacobs, Byron (1963-)
Jacobs, Byron A. (1963-)
Kasparov, Garri (1963-)
Kasparov, Garri Kimovič (1963-)
Kuczmowski, Lech
Levy, David
Levy, David (1945-)
Levy, David N.L.
Levy, David Neil Laurence (1945-)
Schiller, Eric (1955-)
Schiller, Eric Andrew (1955-)
Taulbut, Shaun
Taulbut, Shaun (1958-)
Taulbut, Shaun Mark (1958-)
Tisdall, Jon (1958-)
Tisdall, Jonathan David (1958-)
Zinser, Sylvain
Aktive Eröffnungs-Strategie
aperturas, Las : elección y desarrollo
Aron Nimzowitsch, 1886-1935 : a reappraisal
Batsford chess openings 2
Battle of the titans : Kasparov-Karpov, New York-Lyons
Beginner's guide to chess
Book of genius and how to unleash your own
Buzan's book of genius and how to unleash your own
centenary match Kasparov-Karpov 3, The
centenary match Kasparov-Karpov III, 1986:, The
Chess, an illustrated history
chess combination from Philidor to Karpov, The
Chess for absolute beginners
Chess Olympiad, Skopje 1972
Chess player's bedside book, The
contemporary approach to the middle game, A
Duels of the mind : the twelve best games of chess
English chess explosion, The : from Miles to Short
Fischer-Spassky II : the return of a legend
Flank openings, 1967.
Flank openings: a study of Reti's Opening, the Catalan, English and King's Indian attack complex
French defence, Tarrasch variation
Good move guide
Grossmeïster Nimtsovich
Haifa Chess Olympiad 1976
Histoire du jeu d'échecs
Hoe leer ik schaken
How to beat Gary Kasparov
How to play the King's Indian, Saemisch variation
How to play the Nimzo-Indian defence
How to play the opening in chess
Karpov-Korchnoi 1974
Karpov-Korchnoi 1978 : the inside story of the match
Karpov-Korchnoi : massacre in Merano
Kasparov-Korchnoi : the London contest
Kasparov on the King's Indian
Kasparov v. Short 1993 : the official book of the match
Kasparov v Short : the first challenge
Kasparov versus Deep Blue
Kasparov versus Short 1993
Killer chess tactics
King's Indian Defence, The
Kingfisher pocket book of chess
Korchnoi vs. Spassky : chess crisis
Księga geniuszu : jak wyzwolić geniusza w sobie
Learn from the grandmasters
Leonid Stein : master of attack
Lernen von Großmeistern ein lehrreiches Übungsbuch
Man v machine : the ACM Chess Challenge: Garry Kasparov v IBM's Deep Blue
Man versus machine : Kasparov versus Deep Blue
modern defence: 1 ... P-KN3: a universal reply to IP-K4, 1 P-Q4 or IP-QB4, The
Nigel Short's best games
Nigel Short : world chess challenger
Nimzo-Indian defence.
Nimzowitsch/Larsen attack : 1 b3
official laws of chess and other FIDE regulations, The
Opening repertoire for the attacking club player
Opening repertoire for the attacking player, An
opening repertoire for white, An
Phillips & Drew kings chess tournament : sponsored in conjunction with the GLC
Pirc defence, The
Ray Keene's Good move guide, 1982:
Répertoire des ouvertures pour le joueur d'attaque
Samurai chess : mastering strategic thinking through the martial art of the mind
Schack på högsta nivå
Schack på liv och död
Schaken met grootmeesters
Schaken voor beginners : spelregels, strategie en geschiedenis van het schaakspel
Sicilian 3
Speed chess challenge
Times winning moves, The
Tony Miles : England's chess gladiator
USSR v Rest of the World challenge match
Vishy's victory : the undisputed 2007 World Chess Championship in Mexico City
Warriors of the mind : a quest for the supreme genius of the chess board
Wie spielt man Caro-Kann?
Wie spielt man Nimzo-Indisch?
Winning moves 2
Winning with the Hypermodern
Winning with the Nimzo-Indian
World champion combinations
world chess championship, 1986:, The
World Chess Championship : Kasparov v Anand
world chess championship, The : Botvinnik to Kasparov
world chess championship, The : Korchnoi vs. Karpov : the inside story of the match
young pretenders, The : who will be the next world chess champion?
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