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Landor, Savagius
Landor, Walter Savage,
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Crump, Charles G. (1862-1935)
Crump, Charles George (1862-1935)
Ellis, Havelock (1859-1939)
Ellis, Henry Havelock (1859-1939)
Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882)
Larbaud, Valery (1881-1957)
Railton, Herbert
Rakowska, Maria (1864-1940))
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Sutton, Dana Ferrin
University of Texas at Austin
Welby, T. Earle (1881-1933)
Welby, Thomas Earle (1881-1933)
Wheeler, Stephen (1854-1937)
Aeschylus and Sophocles, S. 206
Aftermath : medium voice, violin, violoncello [and piano]
Andrea of Hungary, and Giovanna of Naples.
Another sleep : nineteen songs for medium voice and piano
Antony and Octavius : scenes for the study
Baylor university Browning interests.
Cameos : selected from the works of Walter Savage Landor
Charles James Fox : a commentary on his life and character
Citation and examination of William Shakspeare, Euseby Treen, Joseph Carnaby and Silas Gough
Classical dialogues
Classical (imaginary) conversations;
complete Latin poetry of Walter Savage Landor, The
complete works of Walter Savage Landor., The
Conversation imaginaire entre Diogène et Platon
Count Julian
day-book of Walter Savage Landor, A
Dialogi fikcyjne
Dialogues of sovereigns and statesmen
Dry sticks, fagoted by -
Dyalogi fikcyjne
edition of Walter Savage Landor's Imaginary conversations, volume 1, based upon Landor's corrections in the Wrenn Library at the University of Texas, An
Fragments from Sappho ...
Gebir, 1993:
Gebir; a poem: Italian [from old catalog]
Gebir ; and, Count Julian
Gebir, Count Julian, and other poems.
Hellenics of Walter Savage Landor;, The
Heroic idyls, with additional poems
Imaginäre Gespräche
Imaginäre Unterhaltungen.
Imaginary conversation of King Carlo-Alberto and the Duchess Belgioioso, on the affairs and prospects of Italy
Imaginary conversations and poems
Imaginary conversations of Greeks and Romans.
Imaginary conversations of literary men and statesmen
Imaginery conversations, Diogenes and Plato
Landor; a biographical anthology.
Landor as critic
Landor's Latin poems : fifty pieces
Landor's letter to Emerson : with an appendix containing Emerson's paper on Landor from the Dial
Landor's longer prose works
Landor's poetical works
Last days, letters and conversations. -
last fruit off an old tree., The
last fruit off and old tree ..., The
Letter from W. S. Landor to R. W. Emerson
Letters addressed to Lord Liverpool and the Parliament, on the preliminaries of peace.
Letters and other unpublished writings of Walter Savage Landor
letters of a Conservative: in which are shown the only means of saving what is left of the English church. Addrest to Lord Melbourne., The
Letters of an American, mainly on Russia and revolution.
Letters of Walter Savage Landor, private and public (1838-'63)
longer prose works of Walter Savage Landor;, The
Love poems of Landor.
Mother, I can not mind my wheel
O that it were so! : song
Pentameron, and other imaginary conversations, The
Pentameron. Citation and examination of William Shakespeare., The
Pericles & aspasia
Poemata et inscriptiones novis auxit Savagius Landor.
Poems, dialogues in verse, and epigrams
poems of Walter Savage Landor, The
Poems to Ianthe
poetical works of Walter Savage Landor, The
Poetry and prose
Poetry & prose : with Swinburne's poem and essays by Ernest De Selincourt, Walter Raleigh & Oliver Elton
Prose, sayings and verse;
publication of Landor's work, The
Russian aggression : letter
sculptured garland, The : a selection from the lyrical poems of Walter Savage Landor
Selected Imaginary conversations of literary men and statesmen.
Selected poetry and prose
Selections. English. [from old catalog]
Selections from English prose:
Selections from the Imaginary conversations of Walter Savage Landor.
Selections from the writings of Walter Savage Landor;
Serena Bruchi
shorter poems of Walter Savage Landor, The
Sponsalia Polyxense ...
To the burgesses of Warwick.
Walter Savage Landor : last days, letters and conversations
Walter Savage Landor : selected poetry and prose
Walter Savage Landors imaginare Unterhaltungen
works and life of Walter Savage Landor., The
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin, 1968