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Paul, Eden
Paul, Eden and Cedar
Paul, M. Eden
Paul, Maurice Eden
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Baudouin, Charles (1893-1963))
Fülöp-Miller, René (1891-1963)
Ludwig, Emil (1881-1948)
Marx, Karl (1818-1883)
Neumann, Alfred (1895-1952)
Paul, Cedar( (1972))
Stefan, Paul (1879-1943)
Stekel, Wilhelm (1868-1940)
Thesing, Curt
Wassermann, Jakob (1873-1934)
Wegener, Kurt (b. 1878))
Zweig, Stefan (1881-1942)
ABC of communism, The
Anatomischer Atlas für Studierende und Ärzte
Another Caesar a novel
Anti-Soviet forgeries : a record of some of the forged documents used at various times against the Soviet Government
Arturo Toscanini
Atlas of human anatomy for students and physicians., An
Bismarck the story of a fighter
Bula Matari Stanley, conqueror of a continent
buried candelabrum, The
byzanz, von kaisern, engeln und eunuchen
Caesar's mantle; the end of the Roman republic
Casanova's homecoming
Coffee the epic of a commodity
combine of aggression: masses, elite, and dictatorship in Germany, A
Conqueror of the seas the story of Magellan
Dark angel
Davos murder, The
Death from the skies a study of gas and microbial warfare
Economic trends in Soviet Russia
Erasmus of Rotterdam
Études de psychanalyse.
Force en nous.
Forerunners, The
gaudy empire a novel, The
Genealogy of love
Germany tomorrow
Great doctors, a biographical history of medicine [Grosse Ärtze, eine Geschichte der Heilkund in Lebensbildern.], The
Hindenburg and the saga of the German revolution
History of the first International. -
Insulted and exiled the truth about the German Jews
Interpretation of dreams New developments and technique, The
Jeremiah a drama in nine scenes
Joseph Fouché the portrait of a politician
Joseph Kerkhoven's third existence a novel
Kaleidoscope 13 stories and novelettes
Kampf gegen schmerz und tod.
Kampf um Caesars erbe.
Karl Marx his life and work
Karl Marx, man, thinker, and revolutionist : a symposium
Kerkhoven's third existence
Leaders, dreamers, and rebels an account of the great mass-movements of history and of the wish-dreams that inspired them
Leopold the unloved king of the Belgians and of money
Leopold the unloved king of the Belgians and of wealth
Letter from an unknown woman
Life of Mendel
mad queen of Spain, The
Magellan pioneer of the Pacific
Man in the modern age
Man of December a story of Napoleon III and the fall of the second empire ; a novel
Maria Stuart.
Marie Antoinette the portrait of an average woman
Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles
Mental healers Franz Anton Mesmer, Mary Baker-Eddy, Sigmund Freud
Mongol empire, The : its rise and legacy
new Caesar. -, The
On Mediterranean shores;
Poison in the air
Political parties a sociological study of the oligarchical tendicies of modern democracy
power within us, The
Problem of genius, The
Proletcult (proletarian culture)
Queen of Scots, The
Radium; a novel
restoration of agriculture in the famine area of Russia being the interim report of the State Economic Planning Commission of the Council for Labour and Defence of the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic, The
right to heresy Castellio against Calvin, The
royal game. Amok. Letter from an unknown woman., The
s:sexual life of the child|sexual life of the child
saga of coffee the biography of an economic product, The
Sex habits, a vital factor in well-being
sexual life of our time, in its relations to modern civilization, The
sexual life of the child, The
son of man the story of Jesus, The
spirit of Russia, The : studies in history, literature and philosophy
Studies in psychoanalysis; an account of twenty-seven concrete cases preceded by a theoretical exposition.
Suggestion and autosuggestion : a psychological and pedagogical study based upon the investigations made by the New Nancy School
Suggestion et autosuggestion
Tagebuch eines halbwüchsigen Mädchens.
Talks with Mussolini
Technique of analytical psychotherapy
Tecknik der analytischen Psychotherapie
Thrice against England
Tide of fortune 12 historical miniatures, The
Treitschke's origins of Prussianism : (the Teutonic Knights)
Triumph over pain
Tschingis-Chan und sein Erbe
Twenty-four hours in the life of a woman ; The fowler snared
Types of economic theory
Vosstanovlenie khozi︠a︡ĭstva i razvitie proizvoditelʹnykh sil i︠u︡go-vostoka R. S. F. S. R. [from old catalog]
Woman and love
young girl's diary, A