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Mac Kenzie Wilson, David
Mackenzie Wilson, David
Mc Kenzie Wilson, David
Mckenzie Wilson, David
Wilson, D. M.
Wilson, David
Wilson, David M.
Wilson, David Mackenzie
Wilson, David Mackenzie (seras)
Wilson, David Mckenzie
Вильсон, Дэвид М
ウィルソン, デービッド
ウィルソン, デヴィッド
f. 1931
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Fell, Christine E.
Fell, Christine Elizabeth
Foote, Peter (1924-2009)
Foote, Peter Godfrey (1924-2009)
Foote, Peter Godfrey (1924-2009))
Graham-Campbell, James
Klindt-Jensen, Ole
Page, Raymond I.
Page, Raymond Ian (1924-...)
Roesdahl, Else (1942-)
Small, Alan
Thomas, Charles (1928- ))
Wittlichová, Jana
中田, 康行 (1949-)
¤vikings in the Isle of Man, The
Angelsächsische Kunst frühchristl. Kultur vom 7. - 11. Jh.
Anglická grafika ze sbírek Národní galerie v Praze : 1775-1970 : soubor graf. listů získaných výměnou s Britským muzeem v Londýně : katalog výstavy, Praha 1986
Anglo-Saxon art from the 7. century to the Norman conquest
anglo-saxon: art from the seventh century to the norman conquest
Anglo-Saxon ornamental metalwork 700-1100 in the British museum : [a catalogue.]
Anglo-Saxon ornamental metalwork 700-1100 in the British museum, by David M. Wilson,... Appendices by R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford,... and R. I. Page,...
Anglo-Saxon paganism
Anglo-saxon rural economy : a survey of the archaeological evidence and a suggestion
Anglo-Saxons, 1960:, The
Anguro sakusonjin
archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England, The
Awful ends : the British Museum book of epitaphs
Bayeux tapestry, 1985:, The
Bayeux tapestry the complete tapestry in colour, The
Bayeux tapestry, The : the complete tapestry in color
Bayeux tapestry, The : the complete tapestry in colour with introduction, description and commentary by ...
British museum a history, The
British Museum and its collections, The
British Museum and its public, The
British Museum, The : a history
British Museum, The : purpose and politics
Catalogue of antiquities of the later Saxon period...
collections of the British Museum, The
Daiei hakubutsukan no butaiura
Denmark before the Vikings. Ole Klindt-Jensen... [Translated by Eva and David Wilson.]
Economic aspects of the Viking Age
Economic aspects of the Vikings in the west ... 1980:
Economic aspects of the Vikings in the West - the archaeological basis : the second Félix Neubergh lecture
Forgotten collector Augustus Wollaston Frankes of the British museum, The
forgotten collector, The : Augustus Wollaston Franks of the British Museum
From Viking to Crusader : the Scandinavians and Europe, 800-1200
Geschichte der Nordischen Völker die Welt der Germanen, Kelten, Wikinger und Slawen 400 - 1100 n. Chr., Die
Hoen hoard, 2006:, The
Hoen hoard, The : a Viking gold treasure of the ninth century
Insular, anglo-saxon, and early anglo-norman manuscript art at Corpus Christi college, Cambridge an illustrated catalogue
Kulturen im Norden d. Welt d. Germanen, Kelten u. Slawen 400 - 1100 n. Chr.
Kulturen im Norden : die Welt der Germanen, Kelten und Slawen, 400-1100 n. Chr.
Leben der Wikinger, Das : Krieger, Händler und Entdecker
Manx crosses
Meols the archaeology of the North Wirral coast discoveries and observations in the 19th and 20th centuries, with a catalogue of collections
monde nordique histoire et héritage des peuples d'Europe du Nord, Le
Mondes nordiques histoire et héritage de l'Europe barbare , VK-XIIP siècle, Les
northern world [dt.]., The
northern world the history and heritage of Northern Europe, AD - 1100, The
northern world, The : the history and heritage of northern Europe, A.D. 400-1100
Northern world, The : the history and heritage of Northern Europe, AD 400-1100
Ornamentorum et numorum maximam partern aureorum, in parochia Eger nuper repertorum, descriptionem, proludendi causa
Reflections on the St. Ninian's Isle treasure
Rosc'71 the poetry of vision an international exhibition of modern art from outside Ireland and Viking age art, [Royal Dublin society, October 24-December 29, 1971]
Signums svenska konsthistoria.
St. Ninian's Isle and its treasure.
tapijt van Bayeux, Het
Tapisserie de Bayeux, La
Teppich von Bayeux, Der
Three Viking graves in the Isle of Man, by... Gerhard Bersu,... and David M. Wilson,...
vikin age in the isle of Man, The : the archeological evidence
Viking achievement, The : a survey of the society and culture of early medieval Scandinavia
Viking age in the Isle of Man, The : the archaeological evidence
Viking art, by David M. Wilson and Ole Klindt-Jensen
Viking world
Vikingarna och folken i norr : historia och kulturell utveckling 400-1100
Vikingatidens konst
Vikingen, De : Scandinavië in het eerste millennium
Vikingetidens kunst
vikings activity book, The
Vikings and gods in European art
Vikings and their origins, 1989:, The
Vikings and their origins: Scandinavia in the first millenium, The
Vikings and their origins, The : Scandinavia in the first millennium
Vikings in the Isle of Man, The
Walter Neurath memorial lecture
Англосаксы, 2004:
Англосаксы : покорители кельтской Британии
Покорители кельтской Британии