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Šepli, Harlou
Shapley, Harlow
Шепли, Харлоу
شابلي، هارلو،
هارلو شابلي،
シャプレイ, H
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Harvard College Observatory
Hodge, Paul W. (1934- ))
Hodge, Paul W. (1934-)
Hodge, Paul William (1934-)
Mohr, Jenka
Payne, Cecilia H.
Pease, Francis G.
Princeton University
Rapport, Samuel Berder (1903- ))
Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society
Smak, Józef (1936- ))
Wright, Helen (1914-1997))
Неуймин, Г. Н
سليم، محمد صابر
草下, 英明 (1924-1991)
Ad astra per aspera : through rugged ways to the stars
Amateur telescope making.
Angular diameters of bright galaxies, by Harlow Shapley, The
Arizona expedition for the study of meteors, by Harlow Shapley, Ernst J. Oepik, and Samuel L. Boothroyd,..., The
Axes of symmetry in globular clusters, by Francis G. Pease and Harlow Shapley
Beyond the observatory
census of northern galaxies in an area of 3600 square degrees, A
Centennial symposia December 1946 : contributions on interstellar matter, electronic and computational devices : eclipsing binaries, the gaseous envelope of the earth
Circ. - Harv. Coll. Obs.
Circular (Harvard College Observatory)
Climatic change, evidence, causes and effects. Edited by Harlow Shapley. Contributors : Harlow Shapley, Carleton S. Coon, Paul B. Sears, Hurd C. Willett, H. Wexler... [etc.]
Descriptions and positions of 2.829 new nebulae, by Harlow Shapley, Donald H. Menzel, and Leon Campbell jr.
Distribution of the stars, by... Harlow Shapley,..., The
Eighty-ninth Annual report of the director of the astronomical observatory of Harvard college for the year ending... September 30, 1934, by Harlow Shapley
galactic system, The
Harlow Shapley Symposium on Globular Cluster Systems in Galaxies, The : proceedings of the 126th symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A., August 25-29, 1986
Harvard books on astronomy. Edited by Harlow Shapley and Bart J. Bok
inner metagalaxy, The
Intermediate degrees of darkening at the limb of stellar disks, with an application to the orbit of Algol
internal constitution of stars, The
Investigations of cepheid variables...
Izmenenie klimata
Light and color variations of "Nova Aquilae", 1918. 4, by Harlow Shapley,...
light curves of forty-nine selected Cepheids in the Small Magellanic Cloud, The
Luminosity distribution and average density of matter in twenty-five groups of galaxies, by Harlow Shapley,...
Metagalactic density gradient, by Harlow Shapley,..., A
Miscellaneous notes on variable stars, by Harlow Shapley
new treasury of science, The
Ninety-fourth Annual report of the director of the astronomical observatory of Harvard college for the year ending September 30, 1939, by Harlow Shapley
Note on the densities of second-type stars
Note on the problem of the expanding universe, by Harlow Shapley,...
Note on the velocities and magnitudes of external galaxies, by Harlow Shapley...
Notes on the color-curve and light-elements of W Ursae Majoris
Nuclear star cluster in 30 Doradus. Harlow Shapley and John S. Paraskevopoulos, The
Of stars and man : human response to an expanding universe
Of stars and men : the human response to an expanding universe
On stars and men : the human response to an expanding universe
On the apsidal motion of a faint eclipsing binary, by Harlow Shapley
On the changes in the spectrum, period, and light curve of the cepheid variable R. R. Lyrae, by Harlow Shapley
On the distribution of galaxies, by Harlow Shapley,...
On the distribution of intensity in stellar absorption lines, by Cecilia H. Payne and Harlow Shapley...
On the distribution of stars in twelve globular clusters
On the nature and cause of Cepheid variation
On the relative velocity of blue and yellow light, by Harlow Shapley,...
On the spectral lines of a pulsating star, by Harlow Shapley and Seth B. Nicholson...
Orbits of eighty-seven ... binaries ... 1913., The
Orbits of eighty-seven eclipsing binaries, a summary
Photographic investigation of twenty-five southern cepheid variable stars, by Harlow Shapley, A
Professor Solon J. Bailey. Harlow Shapley
Readings in the physical sciences
Scale of the Universe. Part I, by Harlow Shapley,... [Evolution of the idea of galactic size.] Part II, by Heber D. Curtis,... [Dimensions and structure of the galaxy.], The
Science in progress.
Science ponders religion.
Second note on a metagalactic density gradient, by Harlow Shapley,...
Second type stars of low mean density, by Harlow Shapley
Short period cepheid with variable spectrum, by Harlow Shapley... - The spectrum of 5 Cephei, by Walter S. Adams and Harlow Shapley, A
Sidereal explorations
Source book in astronomy, 1900-1950
source book in astronomy, A
Star clusters
stars, The
Studies based on the colors and magnitudes in stellar clusters... by Harlow Shapley
study of the orbits of eclipsing binaries, A
Summary of a variable star survey in an external galaxy, by Harlow Shapley and Jenka Mohr...
Super-galaxy hypothesis, by Harlow Shapley, The
Survey of 1346 variable stars in the large magellanic cloud, by Harlow Shapley and Jenka Mohr
Survey of 16,639 galaxies north of declination +70⁰
Survey of the external galaxies brighter than the thirteenth magnitude, by Harlow Shapley and Adelaide Ames, A
Tāre aura manushya.
Through rugged ways to the stars
treasury of science, A
Uchū to seimei : Bōchō uchū no naka no ningen no tachiba
universe of stars, based on Radio talks from the Harvard observatory., The
variation in light and color of RS Boötis, The
Variations in spectral type of twenty Cepheid variables, by Harlow Shapley, The
view from a distant star, The : man's future in the universe
Wir Kinder der Milchstrasse : die Evolution aus den Tiefen des Kosmos
Wisdom selections from the N.B.C. Television Network's distinguished series, Wisdom.
Звезды и люди
Изменение климата
العلم اسراره و خفاياه
宇宙と生命 : 膨脹宇宙のなかの人間の立場
Reprinted for private circulation from the Astrophysical Journal, XXXVIII, no. 2, September 1913
Shapley, H., grad. student, 1911-13
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Princeton University, 1913