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Pei, Mario
Pei, Mario A.
Pei, Mario Andrew
باى، ماريو،
ماريو باى،
ペイ, マリオ
ペイ, マリオ・A
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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American society of geolinguistics (see also from)
Finocchiaro, Mary
Fisher, John (1915-)
Gaynor, Frank
Gubler, Françoise
Lambert, Eloise
Marquardt, William F.
Méras, Edmond Albert (1896-)
Nikanov, Fedor I.
Peruzzi, Emilio (1924-)
Politzer, Robert Louis (1921-)
Prista, Alexander R.
Ramondino, Salvatore
Webster, Noah (1758-1843)
ʿUmar, Aḥmad Muẖtār
عمر، احمد مختار
武田, 正実 (1940-)
All about language
All about languages
America we lost; the concerns of a conservative, The
American dictionary of the English language, An
American road to peace; a constitution for the world, The
Australia New Zealand living Webster encyclopedic dictionary of the English language, The : twelve supplementary references sections.
comparative practical grammar of French, Spanish and Italian, A
consumers̕ manifesto, The
Dictionary of foreign terms
dictionary of linguistics, A
Double-speak in America, by Mario Pei
English: a world-wide tongue.
families of words, The
First-year French, a conversational grammar and reader
French by sight, sound & story. [Sound recording]
French Living Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language, The
French precursors of the Chanson de Roland.
Funk & Wagnalls new language phone method. [Italian.]
geography of language., The
Getting along in English
Getting along in French
Getting along in German A holiday magazine language book [for beginners] ; With the editorial collaboration of Gustave Mathieu
Getting along in Italian; a Holiday magazine language book
Getting along in portuguese a holiday magazine language book [recensão]
Getting along in Russian
Getting along in Spanish
Gevraagd: een wereldtaal
Glossary of linguistic terminology
Glossary of linguistics terminilogy
Histoire du langage
How to build a better vocabulary
How to learn languages and what languages to learn
Invitation to linguistics : a basic introduction to the science of language.
Italian language, The
Kotoba no sekai
Language for everybody : what it is and how to master it
language of the eight-century texts in Northern France, The : a study of the original documents in the collection of Tardif and other sources
Language of the specialists : a communications guide to twenty different fields
Language today; a survey of current linguistic thought.
Languages for war and peace
Letters on art and literature
Liberal arts dictionary in English, French, German, Spanish
many hues of English., The
maravillosa historia del lenguaje, La
Medieval romance poetry, a survey of romance medieval literatures.
meravigliosa storia del linguaggio, La
Mussolini : the man of destiny
New Italian self taught; the quick, practical way to reading, writing, speaking, understanding.
New World Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary., The
New World Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionary; with special home and school reference section., The
One language for the world : and how to achieve it
Our language : the story of the words we use
Our names, where they came from and what they mean
Our national heritage
Readings in Church Latin
Romanian language, The
Shōhisha sengen
sparrows of Paris., The
storia del linguaggio, La
story of latin and the romance languages, The : With app. partially written, compiled and arranged by Paul A. Gaeng.
story of the English language, The
story of the english languge, The
Studies in honor of Mario A. Pei
Studies in Romance philology and literature...
Swords of Anjou : a novel
Tabi to seikatsu no itariago
Tabito seikatsu no doitsugo
Tales of the natural and supernatural
talisman Italian cook book, The
Talking your way around the world
Teaching English as a second language : in elementary and secondary schools
Voices of man; the meaning and function of language.
Wanted : a world language
Weasel words : the art of saying what you don't mean.
Wereldtaal gevraagd
What languages are our soldiers up against?
What's in a word? Language: yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Words in sheep's clothing.
world's chief languages formerly languages for war and peace, The
اسس علم اللغة تأليف ماريو باي
لغات البشر : اصولها و طبيعتها و تطورها