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A proprietor of India stock
An old traveller
Buckingham, ..
Buckingham, J. S.
Buckingham, James S.
Buckingham, James Silk
Buckingham, James Silk (British politician, 1786-1855)
Buckingham, James Silk (Mr)
Buckingham, S. I.
James Silk Buckingham
Silk, James Buckingham-
בקינגהם, ג'מס סילק
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British and Foreign Institute (London, England)
Hall, Sidney
Hildreth, James
Laroche, Benjamin (1797-1852))
Martineau, Harriet (1802-1876)
Posey, Walter Brownlow (1900-)
Power, Tyrone (1797-1841)
Stuart, James (1775-1849)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
לוי, בצלאל בן שמעון
Address to the british public on the slanderous articles of certain writers in "punch," against the british and foreign institute, and its resident director
Alabama in the 1830's as recorded by British travellers
America, historical statistic and descriptive
An earnest plea for the reign of temperance.
Autobiography of James Silk Buckingham including his voyages, travels, adventures, speculations, successes and failures, faithfully and frankly narrated : interspersed with characteristic sketches of public men with whom he has had intercourse, during a period of more than fifty years
Belgium, the Rhine, Switzerland, and Holland an autumnal tour
buried city of the East, Nineveh: a narrative of the discoveries of Mr. Layard and M. Botta at Nimroud and Khorsabad;, The
Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the other British provinces in North America with a plan of national colonization
Colonisation of Costa Rica, for the development of its rich mines of gold, silver, lead, copper, iron and coal, and for opening a new route between the Atlantic and Pacific ... With a map of the territory and route.
Considerations on certain great social evils which still require to be amended or removed, in the most civilised nations discourse
Considérations sur quelques réformes sociales, qui restent encore à accomplir avant que la civilisation ait atteint son dernier perfectionnement : discours prononcé a l'Athénée Royal de Paris, le 7 décembre 1846
Copyright laws, 1836:
Eastern and western states of America
Evidence on drunkenness presented to the House of Commons
Evils and Remedies of the Present System of Popular Elections, with a sketch of the qualifications and duties of representatives and constituents. To which is added, an Address on the proposed reforms in the commerce and finance of the country
Explanatory report on the plan & object of Mr. Buckingham's lectures on the oriental world, preceded by a sketch of his life, travels & writings & of the proceedings on the East India monopoly, during the past year
France, Piedmont, Italy, Lombardy, the Tyrol and Bavaria, an autumnal tour
History and progress of the temperance reformation, in Great Britain and other countries of the globe; with statistical and documentary evidence of its beneficial results; and a plea for a Maine law, to enforce the suppression of all traffic in intoxicating drinks
justice, policy, and safety of a Maine law for England, The
Map of Palestine with the route pursued by Mr. Buckingham : through the different parts of this country on the West & on the East of Jordan with the insertion of the modern names of places passed through and the ancient positions of others from D'Anville 1818
Mr. Buckingham's alleged retainer from the East India Company
Mr. Buckingham's defence : reply to the letters of Palestinensis in the New York observer.
National evils and practical remedies, with the plan of a model town. Accompanied by an examination of some important moral and political problems
Notes of the Buckingham lectures ... 1838.
Outlines of a new budget, for raising eighty millions by means of a justly graduated property tax, with suggestions on the representative system, the national debt, &c. &c. &c. : prepared for the consideration of the Reformed Parliament of England
Plan of an Improved Income Tax and Real Free Trade, with an equitable mode of redeeming the national debt, and some observations on the education and employment of the people-on systematic colonization-and on the welfare of the labouring classes
Plan of the Ancient Jerusalem and its divisions from the earliest authorities
Plan of the modern Jerusalem : shewing the positions of the principal mountains in and near this Holy City
Reisen durch Syrien und Palestina. -
Reisen in Mesopotamien. -
Report compiled for the Oriental Herald, February 1829 proceedings at Liverpool connected with opening the trade to India and China
Slave states of America
Tableau pittoresque de l'Inde. -
Travels Among the Arab Tribes Inhabiting the Countries East of Syria and Palestine : including a Journey from Nazareth to the Mountains Beyond the Dead Sea
Travels in Assyria, Media and Persia. -
Travels in Mesopotamia. Including a journey from Aleppo, across the Euphrates to Orfah, (the Ur of the Chaldees) through the plains of the Turcomans, to Diarbekr, in Asia Minor; from thence to Mardin, on the borders of the Great Desert, and by the Tigris to Mousul and Bagdad: with researches on the ruins of Babylon, Nineveh, Arbela, Ctesiphon, and Seleucia
Travels in Palestine through the countries of Bashan and Gilead, east of the River Jordan including a visit to the cities of Geraza and Gamala in the Decapolis
מסעות בפלסטינה : במחוזות הבשן והגלעד שממזרח לנהר הירדן כולל בקור בערי ג'רש וגמלה שבדקפוליס