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Burkitt, F. C.
Burkitt, F. Crawford
Burkitt, Francis Crawford
Crawford Burkitt, Francis
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Hunkin, J. W. (1887-1950)
Hunkin, Joseph Wellington (1887-1950)
Montgomery, William
Robinson, Theodore H. (1881-1964)
Robinson, Theodore Henry (1881-1964)
Schechter, S. (1847-1915)
Schechter, Solomon (1847-1915)
Schweitzer, Albert (1875-1965)
Stenning, John Frederick (1868-)
Taylor, Charles (1840-1908)
Ticonius (0330?-0390?)
Tychonius, sec. IV-V
Tyconius, 4e E.
atlas of textual criticism;, An
Augustine-fragments from the Cairo Genizah.
Bible. Evangelion da-mepharreshe. The Curetonian version of the four Gospels...
Bible. N.T. Gospels. Syriac. Evangelion da-mepharreshe [MI] 1904
Bible of Gildas., The
Biblical and patristic relics of the Palestinian Syriac literature from mss. in the Bodleian library and in the library of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai;
Biblical text of Clement of Alexandria in the four Gospels and the Acts of the apostles, The
book of rules of Tyconius, The : newly edited from the mss. with an introduction and an examination into the text of the Biblical quotations
Book of rules, The ; [text established by F. C. Burkitt] ; translated, with an introd. & notes by William S. Babcock, 1989
Brief van Francis Crawford Burkitt (1864-1935) aan Emmanuel Johannes van der Brugh (1877-1947)
Christian beginnings;
Christian Palestinian literature ...
Christian worship
Church and gnosis a study of Christian thought and speculation in the second century the Morse lectures for 1931
Criticism of the New Testament;
Dr Sandays New Testament of Irenaeus, with a note on Valentinian terms in Irenaeus and Tertullian.
earliest sources for the life of Jesus, The
Early and later Jewish influence on Christianity Essays on Hebrew influence on religion, language and literature
Early Christianity outside the Roman Empire, two lectures delivered at Trinity College, Dublin, by F. Crawford Burkitt,...
Early eastern Christianity : St. Margaret's lectures, 1904 on the Syriac-speaking Church
early Syriac lectionary system, The
Euphemia and the Goth; a legendary tale from Edessa, with the Acts of martyrdom of the confessors of Edessa (Shoma, Guria, and Habbib) and an appendix containing the Merchant of Harran. Syriac texts, edited and examined, with an historical introduction, notes, variant readings, and an English translation.
Evangelion da-Mepharreshe : the Curetonian version of the four Gospels, with the readings of the Sinai Palimpsest and the early Syriac Patristic evidence
four Gospels in Syriac, The
Fragments of the Act of Judas Thomas from the Sinaitic Palimpsest ...
Fragments of the Book of Kings according to the translation of Aquila, ...
Fragments of the books of Kings according to the translation of Aquila, from a ms. formerly in the Geniza at Cairo, now in the possession of C. Taylor,... and S. Schechter,... Edited... by F. Crawford Burkitt,... With a preface by C. Taylor,...
gospel history and its transmission, The
Hebrew papyrus of the Ten Commandments ..., The
historical life of Christ, The
Jesus Christ, an historical outline.
Jewish and Christian apocalypses
Jewish Christian Apocalypses, by F. Crawford Burkitt,...
journal of theological studies|jts
legacy of Israel. Sélection, The
Liber regularum
livre des règles, Le
Lucianic text of I Kings VIII 53b., The
merchant of Harran
Modern Egyptian dialect of Arabic. A grammar with exercises, reading lessons and glossaries, from the German of Dr. K. Vollers, with numerous additions by the author. Translated by F. C. Burkitt,..., The
modern Egyptian dialect of Arabic, The : a grammar with exercises, reading lessons and glossaries
Mysticism of Paul the apostle, by Albert Schweitzer,... Translated into English by William Montgomery,... With a prefatory note by F. C. Burkitt,..., The
new Old-latin fragment., A
new testament in greek, the
Note on the Evangeliarium hierosolymitanum vaticanum and the origin of the Palestinian Syriac literature
Notes on Genesis in the Latin Vulgate.
Old Latin and the Itala, The : with an appendix containing the text of S. Gallen palimpsest of Jeremiah
Old Latin and the Itala, The : with an appendix containing the text of S. Gallen palimpsest of Jerimiah
Old Latin and The Itala. With an appendix containing the text of the S. Gallen Palimpsest of Jeremiah., The
old latin and the Itala with an appendix containing the text of the S. Gallen Palimsest of Jeremiah, The
Old-Latin biblical texts ... by E. S. Buchanan ... Oxford, 1907. [Recensione]
On Celtis "A Chisel": a study in textual tradition.
On codex Claromontanus (h).
On Isaiah XIX 18.
On S. Ephraim's quotation of Matt. xxi 3.
On some christian gravestones from old Dongola.
Oriental founts available for book composition at the University press, Cambridge, England.
Oriental. [from old catalog]
Palestine in general history, by the Rev.... Theodore H. Robinson,... the Rev. J. W. Humkin,... and... F. C. Burkitt,...
Palestinian literature
Palestinian version of the Holy scriptures, The
quest of the historical Jesus, The : a critical study of its progress from Reimarus to Wrede
Religion of the Manichees... by F. C. Burkitt,..., The
S. Ephraim's prose refutations of Mani, Marcion, and Bardaisan, of which the greater part has been transcribed from the palimpsest B.M. add. 14623 and is now first published
S. Ephraim's quotations from the Gospel
S. Ephraim`s quotations from the Gospel
Saint Ephraim's quotations from the Gospel
Scripture teaching in secondary schools... Edited by N. P. Wood,...
Shmona and Guria
Sinai Palimpsest and the Greek text of the Gospels ..., The
Speculum religionis, being essays and studies in religion and litterature from Plato to von Hügel, with an introduction by F. C. Burkitt,... presented by the members of the staff of University College, Southampton, to their President Claude G. Montefiore,...
Syriac forms of New Testament Proper names ..., The
Syriac interpretation of S. John i 3, 4., The
Thehymn of Bardaisan
"Throne of Nimrod" ..., The
Urchristentum im Orient
Vangelo e la sua storia., Il