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Uinsor, Dzhustin
Uinsor, Džustin
Winsor, Justin
Винсор, Джустин
Уинсор, Джустин
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Creighton, M. (1843-1901)
Creighton, Mandell (1843-1901)
Cutler, Wayne
Edwards, John Goronwy Sir, 1891-1976
Gardiner, Samuel Rawson (1829-1902)
Hills, John
Jewett, Clarence F.
Kohl, J. G. (1808-1878)
Kohl, Johann Georg (1808-1878)
Library of Congress. Map Division
New-York Historical Society
Paolucci, Anne (1926-...)
Paolucci, Henry (1921-1999)
Poole, Reginald Lane (1857-1939)
United States. Bureau of Rolls and Library
250th anniversary Duxbury
American Revolution; a narrative, critical and bibliographical history., The
anticipations of Cartier's voyages, 1492-1534., The
Baptista Agnese and America cartography in the sixteenth century
Bibliographical contributions of the Library of Harvard University
bibliography of Ptolemy's Geography., A
bibliography of the original quartos and folios of Shakespeare with particular reference to copies in America, A
book of possessions., The
Cabot and the transmission of English power in North America : An address delivered before the New York Historical Society on its ninety-second anniversary, Wednesday, November 18, 1896
Calendar of the Sparks manuscripts in Harvard college library, with an appendix showing other manuscripts.
Capture of Quebec, 1629
Cartier to Frontenac... Geographical discovery in the interior of North America in its historical relations, 1534-1700;
Christopher Columbus and how he received and imparted the spirit of discovery;
City of Louisbourg with its fortifications. Pepperroll's plan. Copied from an original now owned
College libraries as aids to instruction.
Cultures of the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas
Defences of Philadelphia, 1777-1778
Discoveries on the Pacific coast of North America.
earliest printed sources of New England history, 1602-1629., The
Early Savannah
Early Spanish, French, and English encounters with American Indians
Engl. hist. rev.
English historical review., The
Facsimile of a plan of St Augustine, 1763
Fort Frederick at Crown Point built by the French 1731
Fort Frontenac
Fort Halifax, 1755. (Restoration.)
Fort Meigs (1888)
Fort Mifflin, on Nord Island
Fort Montgomery, may 31, 1776
Fort St Jean
Fort William Henry
French exploration and settlements in North America, and those of the Portuguese, Dutch, and Swedes 1500-1700
French-war papers of the Maréchal de Lévis, The
Gates's defeat at Camden
Harvard college portrait of Washington, painted by Edward Savage., The
Harvard University bulletin.
Hobkirk's Hill (Sometimes called the Second Battle of Camden.)
Justin Winsor : native American antiquities and linguistics
Justin Winsor, scholar-librarian
Justin Winsor signature
Kohl collection (now in the Library of Congress) of maps relating to America., The
list of portraits in the various buildings of Harvard University, A
literature of witchcraft in New England, The
Louisbourg, 1745. From a survey made
Louisbourg, 1758
Massachusetts ...
Mississippi basin; the struggle in America between England and France, 1697-1763, with full cartographical illustrations from contemporary sources., The
Narrative and critical history of America
Native American antiquities and linguistics
New-England Indians a bibliographical survey, 1630-1700, The
new international encyclopædia, the
Nouvelle Orleans Capitale de la Louisiane
pageant of Saint Lusson, Sault Ste. Marie, 1671. An address delivered at the annual commencement of the University of Michigan, Thursday, June 30, 1892., The
Pietas et gratulatio. An inquiry into the authorship of the several pieces.
Plan and Profile of Retrenched Work round Harkemeis house at y.e German Flats 1756
Plan illustrating the battles of the Maumee
Plan of Attack on Quebec 1690. - Attack on Quebec, 1690
Plan of Cascaskies (Kaskaskia), A
Plan of Castle William
Plan of fort-Defiance
Plan of Fort Fredrick, at Albany
Plan of Fort Niagara, with its environs
Plan of Fort Stanwix, built at Oneida Station, by provincial troops, in 1758
Plan of Quebec, Reduced from an actual Survey 1763
Plan of the attack of the forts Clinton and Montgomery upon Hudson's River on the 6 th. of Oct. 1777
Plan of the Battle of Long Island and of the Brooklyn defences, Aug. 27, 1776
plan of the city of New York from an actual survey, anno Domini, MDCCLV, A
Plan of the city of Quebec [1761]
Plan of the English Lines near Philadelphia 1777
Plan of the fort at Tienderoga at the Head of Lake Champlain 1759
Plan of the position taken by Gen.l Burgoyne on the 10th of Oct.r 1777 in which the British army was invested by the Americans under the command of gen.l Gates and surrendered thim on the 16th of october the same year
Plan of the Town & fortifications of Montreal or Ville Marie du Canada, 1759
Plan of West Point. 1779, A
Plan of West-Point. Copied from the Original Map of Major Villefranche (Engineer)
prospect of the City of Lewisbourg... 17 june 1713, A
Quebec as it surrendered, 1759
reader's handbook of the American Revolution, 1761-1783, The
results in Europe of Cartier's explorations, 1542-1603, The
rival claimants for North America. 1497-1755., The
Savage's portrait of Washington.
Scholar librarian
Settlement of Duxbury, 1637-1887
Shakespeare's poems : a bibliography of the earlier editions
Siege of Boston, 1776
Siege of Charleston
Siege of Penobscot, 1779
Siege of Quebec, 1775-76
Siege of Savannah, sept. - oct. 1779
Sketch of the Siege of Fort Schuyler presented to col. Gansevoort, A
Towne of New-York. (Sketch plan of New-York city, 1664-1668.), The
Two brief papers
two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Duxbury, June 17, 1887., The
was shakespeare shapleigh? a correspondence in two entanglements
Yorktown, 1781. (Marshall's Washington.)
Христофоръ Колумбъ и открытіе Америки : иллюстр. историко-критическое изслѣдованіе