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Bolton, H. E.
Bolton, Herbert E.
Bolton, Herbert Eugene
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writer of accompanying material
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Bannon, John Francis
Gerstenfeld, Melanie
Hart, Albert Bushnell (1854-1943)
Kerrigan, Anthony
Kino, Eusebio Francisco (1644-1711)
Magnaghi, Russell M
Marshall, Thomas Maitland
Matteson, David Maydole (1871-1949)
Mézières, Athanase de -1779
Palóu, Francisco (1723-1789)
Richman, Irving Berdine
University of California Press
Vélez de Escalante, Silvestre (fl.1776.)
Adventurers of New-Spain. Part I : The Spanish conquerors, by Irving Berdine Richman. Part 2 : The Spanish borderlands, by Herbert E. Bolton
Ahanase de Mézières and the Louisiana-Texas frontier, 1768-1780 : Documents published... for the original Spanish and French manuscripts, chiefly in the archives of Mexico and Spain
American history atlas, reductions from large wall maps
American neighbors
Anza's California expeditions. Vol. 1. An Outpost of Empire, by Herbert Eugene Bolton,...
Anza's California expeditions. Vol. 4. Font's Complete diary of the second Anza expedition
Anza's California expeditions. Vol. 5. Correspondence. Translated from the original Spanish manuscripts and edited by Herbert Eugene Bolton,...
Athanase de Mézières and the Louisiana. Texas frontier, 1768-1780 : documents published for the first time, from the original Spanish and French manuscripts... by Herbert Eugene Bolton...
Athanase de Mézièrs and the Lousiana-Texas frontier. 1768-1780
Barcia's Chronological history of the continent of Florida : containing the discoveries and principal events which came to pass in this vast kingdom, touching the Spanish, French, Swedish, Danish, English, and other nations, as between themselves and with the Indians whose customs, characteristics, idolatry, government, warfare, and stratagems are described ; and the voyages of some captains and pilots through the Northern Sea in search of a passage to the Orient, or the union of that land with Asia, from the year 1512, in which Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida, until the year 1722
Beginnings Of Mission Nuestra Senora Del Refugio, The
Black Robes of New Spain, The
Bolton and the Spanish borderlands
California missions and their romances, by Mrs. Fremont Older. Foreword by Herbert E. Bolton. Preface by R. L. Duffus...
California's story
Chronological history of the continent of Florida
colonization of North America, 1492-1783, The
Coronado, knight of pueblos and plains, by Herbert E. Bolton
Coronado on the Turquoise Trail; knight of pueblos and plains;
Cross, sword & gold pan, a group of notable full-cover paintings depicting outstanding episodes in the exploration and settlement of the West
debatable land; a sketch of the Anglo-Spanish contest for the Georgia country, The
Defensive Spanish expansion and the significance of the borderlands
Drake's plate of brass, evidence of his visit to California in 1579.
Educational foundations of the Jesuits in sixteenth-century New Spain
Ensayo cronologico para la historia general de la Florida
epopeya de la máxima América, La : Discurso pronunciado en la cuadragesima séptima reunión anual de la American Historical Association...
Expedition to San Francisco bay in 1770 : diary of Pedro Fages edited by Herbert Eugene Bolton,...
Father Kino's lost history
founding of Mission Rosario:, The
founding of the missions on the San Gabriel River, 1745-1749, The
Francis Drake’s Plate of Brass
Fray Juan Crespi: Missionary Explorer of the Pacific Coast, 1769-1774
Fray Juan Crespi, missionary explorer on the Pacific coast, 1769-1774
French Intrusions Into New Mexico 1749-1752
Greater America : essays in honor of Herbert Eugene Bolton.
Guide to materials for the history of the United States in the principal archives of Mexico, by Herbert E. Bolton,...
[Hart-Bolton American history maps]
Hasinais, southern Caddoans as seen by the earliest Europeans, The
Henry de Tonty, fur trader of the Mississipi, by Edmund Robert Murphy. [Foreword by Herbert E. Bolton.]
Herbert E. Bolton and the historiography of the Americas
Herbert Eugene Bolton collection
Historical bibliographies, a systematic and annotated guide. Edith M. Coulter,... Melanie Gerstenfeld,... With a foreword by Herbert Eugene Bolton,...
Historical memoirs of New California
History and social science wall maps
History of the Americas : a syllabus with maps
history of the Americas; History 8A-8B, The
Jumano Indians in Texas, 1650-1771, The
Kino's Historical memoir of Pimería Alta, a contemporary account of the beginnings of California, Sonora and Arizona, by Father Eusebio Francisco Kino,... 1683-1711... translated into English, edited and annotated by Herbert Eugene Bolton,...
mission as a frontier institution in the Spanish-American colonies, The
native tribes abour the east Texas missions, The
Native Tribes about the East Texas Missions, The
New light on Manuel Lisa and the Spanish fur trade
Notes on Clark's "The beginnings of Texas,"
outpost of empire., An
Outpost Of Empire: The Story of the Founding of San Francisco
Outpost of empire; the story of the founding of San Fransicso
Pacific coast pioneer, A
Pacific ocean in history, papers and addresses presented at the Panama-Pacific historical congress... edited by H. Morse Stephens,... Herbert E. Bolton,..., The
Pacific Ocean in History, The : papers and addresses presented at the Panama-Pacific Historical Congress
Padre on horseback., The
Pageant in the wilderness : the story of the Escalante expedition to the Interior Basin, 1776 : including the diary and itinerary of Father Escalante
Palou and his writings
Pioneer black robes on the west coast
Pioneer Jesuits in northern Mexico
Rim of Christendom : A biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino, Pacific Coast pioneer
Social science wall maps : American series A 1-24
Southwest. hist. q.
Southwestern historical quarterly (Online)
Spanish abandonment and re-occupation of east Texas, 1905., The
Spanish abandonment and reoccupation of east Texas, 1773-1779, The
Spanish activities on the lower Trinity River, 1746-1771
Spanish Borderlands: A Chronicle of Old Florida and the Southwest, The
Spanish borderlands, The : a chronicle of old Florida and the Southwest
Spanish conquerors: a chronicle of the dawn of empire overseas, The
Spanish exploration in the Southwest, 1542-1706
Spanish explorations in the Southwest, 1542-1706
Spanish resistance to the Carolina Traders in Western Georgia
teacher's manual accompanying the Hart-Bolton American history maps, A
Texas in the middle eighteenth century : studies in Spanish colonial history and administration
Wider horizons of American history
With the makers of Texas; a source reader in Texas history