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Rush, Benjamin,
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Butterfield, L. H. (1909-1982)
Butterfield, Lyman Henry (1909-1982)
Carlson, Eric T. (1922-)
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Marian S. Carson Collection (Library of Congress)
Meranze, Michael
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Noel, Patricia S.
Rudolph, Frederick
Runes, Dagobert D. (1902-1982)
Runes, Dagobert David (1902-1982)
University of Edinburgh
Wollock, Jeffrey L.
account of the bilious remitting yellow fever, as it appeared in the city of Philadelphia in the year 1793, An
account of the causes and indications of longevity, An
account of the manners of the German inhabitants of Pennsylvania, written 1789, An
address on the slavery of the Negroes in America., An
address to the inhabitants of the British settlements in America, upon slave-keeping ..., An : to which are added observations on a pamphlet, entitled, "Slavery not forbidden by Scripture, or, A defence of the West-India planters"
Appendix, containing, The new method of inoculating for the small-pox : delivered in a lecture in the University of Pennsylvania, on the 20th of February 1781
autobiography of Benjamin Rush, The : his 'Travels through life' together with his 'Commonplace book' for 1789-1813
Benjamin Rush : a discourse delivered before the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Feb. 6th, 1787 on the objects of their institution : a facsimile of the 1787 address with an introduction by Thomas A. Horrocks.
Benjamin Rush papers
Benjamin Rush, physician and citizen, 1746-1813, 1934:
Benjamin Rush's lectures on the mind
Benjamin Rush's ... Neue medicinische Untersuchungen und Beobachtungen. Aus dem Englischen übersetz
Benjamin Rush's Reminiscences of Boswell & Johnson : originally published in the Port folio and from thence newly and faithfully corrected for the first time by L.H. Butterfield, Esqr. on the occasion of a dinner given at the Four Oaks Farm for a company of ladies & gentlemen who assembled on Dr. Johnson's natal day to do him honour Sept. 18, 1946, over against the Traffick Circle near Somerville, in New Jersey.
Beschreibung des Gebeln Fiebers : Welches im Jahre 1793 in Philadelphia Herschte
Considerations upon the present test-law of Pennsylvania : addressed to the Legislature and freemen of the state.
Directions As soon as you are affected, (whether by night or day) with a pain in the head, or back, sickness at stomach, chills or fever; more especially if those symptoms be accompanied by a redness, or faint yellowness in the eyes, take one of the powders in a little sugar and water, every six hours.
Directions for preserving the health of soldiers
Directions for recovering persons, who are supposed to be dead, from drowning also, for preventing and curing the disorders produced by drinking cold water, or other cold liquors, and by the action of noxious vapours, lightning, and excessive heat and cold, upon the human body. Published by order of the Humane Society of Philadelphia.
Dissertatio physica inauguralis, De coctione ciborum in ventriculo ; quam, annuente summo numine, ex auctoritate reverendi admodum viri, Gulielmi Robertson, S.S.T.P. academiae Edinburgenae praefecti ; nec non amplissimi senatus academici consensu, et nobilissimae facultatis medicae decreto ; pro gradu doctoris, summisque in medicina honoribus et privilegiis rite et legitime consequendis
Doctor Benjamin Rush's Inquiry into the health and medical practices of Indians
Education in the early Republic
Essays, literary, moral and philosophical
Essays on education in the early Republic
eulogium in honor of the late Dr. William Cullen, professor of the practice of physic in the University of Edinburgh, An : delivered before the College of Physicians of Philadelphia on the 9th of July, agreeably to their vote of the 4th of May 1790
eulogium, intended to perpetuate the memory of David Rittenhouse, late president of the American Philosophical Society, An : delivered before the society in the First Presbyterian Church, in High-Street, Philadelphia, on the 17th Dec. 1796 : agreeably to appointment
Experiments and observations on the mineral waters of Philadelphia, Abington, and Bristol, in the province of Pennsylvania.
First lines of the practice of physic, for the use of students, in the University of Edinburgh.
Historical notes of Dr. Benjamin Rush, 1777
Information to Europeans who are disposed to migrate to the United States : in a letter from a citizen of Pennsylvania, to his friend in Great Britain.
inquiry into the effects of ardent spirits upon the human body and mind, An : with an account of the means of preventing, and of the remedies for curing them
inquiry into the effects of spirituous liquors on the human body, An : to which is added, a moral and physical thermometer
Inquiry into the effects of spirituous liquors upon the human body
Introductory lectures
Lectures on animal life
Lectures on the mind.
Lectures upon animal life
Letter on the rebellion, to a citizen of Washington
Letters of Benjamin Rush
love letters of Dr. Benjamin Rush to Julia Stockton., The
Medical inquiries and observations on the diseases of the mind
Medical inquiries and observations upon the diseases of the mind
Medicinische Untersuchungen und Beobachtungen
memorial containing travels through life or sundry incidents in the life of Dr. Benjamin Rush, born Dec. 24, 1745 (old style) died April 19, 1813;, A
new method of inoculating for the small-pox, The : delivered in a lecture in the University of Pennsylvania, on the 20th of February 1781
New method of inoculating for the smallpox
Observations on the changes of the air, and the concomitant epidemical diseases in the island of Barbadoes. To which is added, A treatise on the putrid bilious fever, commonly called the yellow fever; and such other diseases as are indigenous or endemial, in the West India islands, or in the torrid zone.
Observations on the epidemical diseases of Minorca. From the year 1744 to 1749. To which is prefixed a short account of the climate, productions, inhabitants, and endemial distempers of Minorca.
Observations on the means of preserving the health of soldiers and sailors; and on the duties of the Medical department of the army and navy: with remarks on hospitals and their internal arrangement.
Observations upon the origin of the malignant bilious, or yellow fever in Philadelphia, and upon the means of preventing it: addressed to the citizens of Philadelphia.
Old family letters: copied from the originals for Alexander Biddle ...
oration, delivered before the American Philosophical Society, held in Philadelphia on the 27th of February, 1786, An : containing an enquiry into the influence of physical causes upon the moral faculty
oration, delivered February 4, 1774, before the American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, An : containing an enquiry into the natural history of medicine among the Indians in North-America, and a comparative view of their diseases and remedies, with those of civilized nations : together with an appendix, containing proofs and illustrations
Reform of criminal law in Pennsylvania; selected enquiries, 1787-1819.
Revolutionary doctor, Benjamin Rush, 1746-1813, 1966:
second address to the citizens of Philadelphia, containing additional proofs of the domestic origin of the malignant bilious, or yellow fever, A : to which are added, observations, intended to shew that a belief in that opinion, is calculated to lessen the mortality of the disease, and to prevent its recurrence
selected writings of Bejnamin Rush, The
selected writings of Benjamin Rush, The
Six introductory lectures to courses of lectures upon the institutes and practice of medicine, delivered in the University of Pennsylvania
Sixteen introductory lectures to courses of lectures upon the institutes and practice of medicine, with a syllabus of the latter : to which are added, two lectures upon the pleasures of the senses and of the mind, with an inquiry into their proximate cause : delivered in the University of Pennsylvania
spur of fame, The : dialogues of John Adams and Benjamin Rush, 1805-1813
Two essays on the mind: An enquiry into the influence of physical causes upon the moral faculty, and On the influence of physical causes in promoting an increase of the strength and activity of the intellectual faculties of man.
works of Thomas Sydenham, M.D., on acute and chronic diseases; with their histories and modes of cure., The
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Thesis (M.D.)--University of Edinburgh, 1768