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Schank, R.
Schank, Roger
Schank, Roger C.,
Schank, Roger Carl
Šenk, R.
Шенк, Р
Шенк, Роджер
シャンク, R. C
シャンク, ロジャー
シャンク, ロジャー・C
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Language material
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Abelson, Robert P.
Carbonell, Jaime Guillermo
Childers, Peter G.
Langer, Ellen J. (1947-)
Lyras, Dimitris
Rieger, Charles J.
Riesbeck, Christopher K.
Schank, Roger C. (1946- ))
Soloway, Elliot
University of Texas
石崎, 俊 (1947-)
Beliefs, reasoning, and decision making : psycho-logic in honor of Bob Abelson
cognitive computer: on language, learning and artificial intelligence, the
cognitive computer, The : on language, learning, and artificial intelligence
Coloring outside the lines.
Comprehension by computer: expectation-based analysis of sentences in context
computer in classe, c1997:, Il
computer in classe, Il : le nuove tecnologie nella scuola
Computer models of thought and langauge
Computer models of thought and language. -
Conceptual dependency : a theory of natural language understanding
conceptual dependency representation for a computer-oriented semantics, A
Conceptual information processing
connoisseur's guide to the mind: how we think, how we learn, and what it means to be intelligent, the
connoisseur's guide to the mind, The : how we think, how we learn, and what it means to be intelligent
creative attitude, c1988:, The
creative attitude: learning to ask and answer the right questions, the
creative attitude, The : learning to ask and answer the right questions
Dainamikku memori
development of conceptual structures in children, The
Dynamic memory : a theory of reminding and learning in computers and people
Dynamic memory revisited
Engines for education
Enseñando a pensar : el método revolucionario de aprender con casos reales
Explanation patterns : understanding mechanically and creatively
fourteen primitive actions and their inferences, The
future of decision making: how revolutionary software can improve the ability to decide, the
future of decision making, The : how revolutionary software can improve the ability to decide
Guiones, planes, metas y entendimiento : un estudio de las estructuras del conocimiento humano
Hito wa naze hanasunoka
Inference and the computer understanding of natural language
Inference in the conceptual dependency paradigm: a personal history
Inside case-based explanation
Inside case-based reasoning. -
Inside computer understanding : five programs plus miniatures
Inside multi-media case based instruction
Interestingness: controlling inferences
Kangaeru konpyūta
Knowledge and memory: the real story
Kodomo o nobasu 6tsu no taisetsuna koto
Lessons in learning, e-learning, and training : perspectives and guidance for the enlightened trainer
Making minds less well educated than our own
Memory, meaning, and syntax [microvorm]
Obrabotka konceptual'noj informacii
ordenador inteligente, El
Primitive concepts underlying verbs of thought
RE: The Gettysburg address : representing social and political acts
Reading and understanding : teaching from the perspective of artificial intelligence
Representing attitudes: some primitive states
Research at Yale in natural language processing
Retrieving information from an episodic memory or Why computers' memories should be more like people's
Revolutionary approach to building a highly skilled workforce
Sam: a story understander
Scripts, plans, goals, and understanding : an inquiry into human knowledge structures
Scrooge meets Dick and Jane
Shizen gengo rikai nyūmon
Teaching minds : how cognitive science can save our schools
Tell me a story : a new look at real and artificial memory
Tell me a story : narrative and intelligence
Theoretical issues in natural language processing : an interdisciplinary workshop in computational linguistics, psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence [sponsored by the Mathematical Social Science Board and held] 10-13 June 1975, Cambridge, Mass.
use of stereotype information in the comprehension of noun phrases, The
Virtual learning : a revolutionary approach to building a highly skilled workforce
What's the point? : [microvorm]
Обработка концептуальной информации, 1980:
ダイナミック・メモリ : 認知科学的アプローチ
人はなぜ話すのか : 知能と記憶のメカニズム
考えるコンピュータ : 人間の脳に近づく機械
自然言語理解入門 : LISPで書いた5つの知的プログラム
Thesis--University of Texas