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Blutig, Eduard
Bluting, Edward
Dogyear, Drew
Edgy, Wardore
Edward St. John Gorey
Gorey, Eduard
Gorey, Edward
Gorey, Edward Saint John
Gorey, Edward St. John
Gorey, Edward St. John (American illustrator and author, 1925-2000)
Gorey, Saint John
Gorey, St. John
Grewdead, Roy
Grode, Redway
Pig, Edward
Ward, E. D.
Weary, Ogdred
Weedy, Garrod
Wodge, Dreary
Wryde, Dogear
Creation class: 
Language material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related identities: 
Bloody, Edward (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Dowdy, Mrs Regera (other identity, same person)
Dowdy, Regera (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Gewe, Raddory (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Müde, O. (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Bellairs, John
Ciardi, John (1916-1986)
Fantod Press
Heide, Florence Parry
Ješátková, Tereza (1979-)
Lamport, Felicia (1916-)
Lear, Edward (1812-1888)
Mauriès, Patrick (1952-))
Neumeyer, Peter F. (1929-)
Press Collection (Library of Congress)
Rees, Ennis
Vale de Gato, Margarida
Zabel, Morton Dauwen (1901-))
Alvin Steadfast on Vernacular Island.
Amphigorey also
Amphigorey too
Awdrey-Gore legacy, The
Balaclava 60 Limericks, 49 in English, 5 en français, 6 verdeutscht von Hans Manz
blue aspic, The
Brer Rabbit and his tricks
broken spoke, The
Category : fifty drawings
chauve-souris dorée, La
Christmas bower, The
Cultural slag.
curious sofa, The
Donald and the--
Donald has a difficulty
dong with a luminous nose, The
doubtful guest, The
Draisine von Untermattenwaag, Die
dwindling party, The
eclectic abecedarium, The
eleventh episode., The
epiplectic bicycle, The
Fables from Aesop.
fantod works, The
floating elephant, the
gashlycrumb tinies, or, After the outing, The
Geheimnis der Ottomane Ein pornograph. Werk, Das
ghost in the mirror, The
gilded bat, The
glorious nosebleed, The : fifth alphabet
hapless child., The
Harfe ohne Saiten oder wie man Romane schreibt, Eine
haunted looking glass; ghost stories chosen and illustrated by Edward Gorey., The
He was there from the day we moved in.
house with a clock in its walls, The
insect god., The
iron tonic, or, A winter afternoon in Lonely Valley, The
Jumblies, The
Kuriózní lenoška a jiné příběhy
Light metres
listing attic [and] The unstrung harp, The
lost lions, The
lugubrious library, The
man who sang the sillies; [poems], The
mansion in the mist, The
monster den; or, Look what happened at my house --and to it; [poems], The
More of Brer Rabbit's tricks
new poster book, The
object-lesson, The
Octárna a jiné příběhy
other statue, The
pointless book, the
prune people, The
Quatro estórias
recently deflowered girl, The : the right thing to say on every dubious occasion
remembered visit;, The
Rumpelstilzchen e. Märchen d. Brüder Grimm
Sam y Emma
Schorschis Schatz
Shrinking of threehorn
shrinking of Treehorn, The
sinking spell, The
sopping Thursday, The
spell of the sorcerer's skull, The
Three classic children's stories : Little Red Riding Hood, Jack the giant killer, Rumpelstiltskin
Three ladies beside the sea
Treehorn's treasure
Treehorn's wish
Tristán encoge
trolley to yesterday, The
unglückselige Kind, Das
unknown vegetable, The
unstrung harp, The : or, Mr Earbrass writes a novel
utter zoo, The
vengeance of the witch-finder, The
Vermächtnis der Miss D. Awdrey-Gore, Das
very fine clock., The
vinegar Works, The
wahnsinnigen Werke des Edward Gorey, Die
war of the worlds, The
water flowers, The
weiche Speiche, Die
west wing, The
Why we have day and night
Willowdale handcar, or, The return of the black doll, The
Winter afternoon in Lonely Valley
Wuggly Ump, The
You know who
zweifelhafte Gast, Der