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Frederick Coffay Yohn
Yohn, F. C.
Yohn, Frederick C.
Yohn, Frederick Coffay
Yohn, Frederick Coffay (American painter, 1875-1933)
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Armstrong, Margaret (1867-1944)
Cable, George Washington (1844-1925))
Charles Scribner's Sons
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Bylow Hill
daughter of the snows, A
freight cars were opened, we took off our coats and went to work], [The
[Girl looking out of barn door]
[Great, though friendly was the rivalry between them]
hain't nothin' but a boy, but I got to ack like a man now], [I
[He grasped the bit of silver and signaled, danger and come up]
Head winds
[Her face was dark with heat and streaked with perspiration]
[His wife was trying to head off the pigs without telling Hilton anything about it]
[Hooray fo' Abe Lincoln and the Union]
Hoosier chronicle, A
Hulda clasped her hands. Oh, she cried, in wild excitement, it's his control - his Injun control! He's - he's goin' to have spirit messages
Imagine him on a slushy, snowy night-- tearing out those packages
[In the promised land : man on horse]
It's yore'n and her'n, Grant, and I stole it fo' you, exclaimed Solomon Guy Farr
It seems much to me, M'sieur. I can now live my dream
[It was a great battle. I remember plunging down the mountain, loading and firing, dodging behind rocks, falling headlong and scrambling up again]
It was drive, drive, drive, from midnight to daylight
It was then that Mrs. Jett sat forward in her chair, the shaded rose saved from the floor merely because its floss caught the nap of her woolen skirt, and put her question
Jane, you spread out her hair on it and cover it up with brown paper
[Janney half carried and half dragged the wounded man up that slope under a fire that it would seem impossible a man could live through]
Knight of the Cumberland reined in before the blight, The
Leave him? work? marriage? I would die first ...
Let 'em loose! he yelled. Git at it, boys! Go for him, Ham - whoop-ee-ee!
Lewis Rand
Lotus salad
[Madame will not regret the purchase]
[Man and woman riding horses]
man in the shadow, The
[Man on deck of ship]
[Man sitting outside shed reading paper]
[Man slumped over desk]
[Man, with child on shoulders, standing in front of dog, with older man looking on]
march was painfully slow, the roads being in shocking condition, [The
Marcus reined in and took a last despairing look at the bungalow which sheltered his unsuspecting wife
mass of heavily breathing men blocked the stairway, [A : your name, barked the officer]
McAllister and his double
[Men and women in evening dress around a gambling table]
[Men in woods watching plane]
messenger is the son of a king], [The
Moving supplies to the front
Mrs. Klingenstein laughed heartily : you getting old! he said, why, I bet you ain't sixty yet!
muzzle of that shotgun is about fourteen inches from the center of your body and pointed right at you, The
My name is Fairchild. I mean what I say. You're going to run the Liberta ashore on Sand Island. Mr. White will communicate with the engine room
My recently acquired knowledge-- now became of use
next few days were ones of comparative quiet, The
Now, a fallen angel, he travelled this path again
O Lawd-- hyeh's another who meddles with thy servant and profanes thy day
Old Boston Town House Square about 1657
Old bronze, muzzle-loading siege gun used by Filipinos against Americans in their advance toward Caloocan
Old Jacob, with a quick wave of his iron hook, ordered Faith to her little chamber
Old man Curry was kneeling in the straw, dipping bandages in a bucket of hot water
Rebecca never took the flag, I found it in the road, I say
Richard Penlennon had just time to lift his wife and lash her to a spar
sat on a rock on the beach to think it over, I
Sent General Vega and myself to select positions for the artillery
[Shake han's wid me, nigger]
Shorty & Patrick : U.S.S. Oklahoma
[Skyscrapers and planes]
Snatching up a bit of a candle, Cale rushed into the hall and to the head of the stairs
Sons of Eli
Sophy and the baby in the tenement
Speak out, or git out, one or t'other
[St. Francis of the Bunk-House]
Sunday dinner], [The
sword of the old frontier, A : a tale of Fort Chartres and Detroit : being a plain account of sundry adventures befalling Chevalier Raoul de Coubert, one time captain in the Hussars of Languedoc, during the year 1763
[Take me, she cried, I'll go back and face it! Anything but being followed like this]
[Taking the horse by the bridle, she moved away down the slope to the road]
[Taking the trail-rope, we made a quick turn]
Thank you, the woman whispered, adding with a blind person's intuition: it is the big sailor who doesn't speak, isn't it
That silver dollar's my last bullet in the battle for Ann Bartlett's defence, Patt
There - is - no - death
There is one here with a message for John. Is there a John present
[They arrived in time to find Bill holding up at the point of his rifle the living men in a welter of gray-green figures about the gun]
think he looks like a Jack-O'-Lantern, I
Think if there should be an accident
This is my work, Hawkins would say to himself. To-day I'll be officially proclaimed
[This is no joke, Arthur]
This man had faced some tragedy, he could see
To the dynamite gun was given the honor of leading the ball
tramp of heavy feet below interrupted further speech. With a low moan she sank back in her chair, The
U.S. Marines - first to fight in France for freedom Enlist with the "soldiers of the sea"
Uncle Noah's Christmas inspiration
undercurrent, The
We must think of it as a kind of sign
well-directed volley at this time might have rid Spain of the fiery old guerilla], [A
Well, it sounded up there, answered the man, pointing to the black abyss opening out into the night
[When the smoke of a tramp southward bound smeared the sky, Bruden and the collie pushed off]
Where's Yohnalossee? he muttered. He ain't here, honey. He ain't never been here, Rosanna answered
[Will you come in? he said]
[With superb nerve the operators stuck to their post]
world's warrant, The
[Ye pap's hurt purty much, but he's down there]
You can have it for a hundred guineas. That's the price; it's an antique and I should charge more, but the treatment is a little free
[You have heard the charge against you, intoned the judge, in the holy and righteous key of justice-about-to-be-administered. Do you plead guilty or not guilty?]
[You'll have to bury her and take care of Jacky]