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Michalas, D.
Mihalas, D.
Mihalas, Dimitri,
Mihalas, Dimitri M.
Mihalas, Dimitri Manuel
Mihalas, Dmitri
Михалас, Д
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Auer, L.H.
California Institute of Technology Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy
Gračev, S. I.
Hubený, I.
Hubený, Ivan
Ivanov, Viktor Vladimirovič
Nagirner, Dmitrij Isiborovič
National Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder, CO)
National Center for Atmospheric Research (U.S.)
Routly, Paul McRae
Weibel-Mihalas, Barbara
Winkler, Karl-Heinz A.
Analysis of light-ion spectra in stellar atmospheres
Balmer-line-blanketed model atmospheres for A-type stars
cantata for six lives and continuo
coming back from the dead
computational methods for astrophysical fluid flow
depression and spiritual growth
distant summons, a
dream shadows
effects of departures from LTE in stellar spectra, The
first advanced course of the swiss society for astronomy and astrophysics.
Foundations of radiation hydrodynamics
Galactic astronomy 1968.
galactic astronomy: structure and kinematics of galaxies.
if i should die before i wake if i should die before i wake
Limb darkening and rotation broadening of neutral helium and ionized magnesium line profiles in early-type stars
Model atmosphere studies of early type stars
Model atmospheres and line profiles for early-type stars
Non-LTE model atmospheres for B and O stars
Non-LTE model atmospheres : the hydrogen and helium spectra of the O stars
'non-science books
Radiation Hydrodynamics in Stars and Comapact Object : Proceedings of Colloquium No. 89 of the International Astronomical Union Held at Copenhagen University June 11-20, 1985
Radiation hydrodynamics in stars and compact objects : proceedings of Colloquium no. 89 of the International Astronomical Union, held at Copenhagen University, June 11-20, 1985
Recent directions in astrophysical quantitative spectroscopy and radiation hydrodynamics : proceedings of the International Conference in Honor of Dimitri Mihalas for his Lifetime Scientific Contributions on the Occasion of his 70th birthday, Boulder, Colorado, 30 March-3 April 2009
'scientific books
stellar atmosphere modeling: proceedings of an international workshop held in tubingen, germany, 8–12 april 2002 stellar atmosphere modeling: proceedings of an international workshop held in tubingen, germany, 8–12 april 2002
stellar atmospheres. 2nd ed.
Théorie des atmospères stellaires : 1er Cours avancé de la Societé suisse d'astronomie et d'astrophysique, Saas Fee, [28 mars - 3 avril,] 1971
Théorie des atmosphères stellaires.
Theory of extended stellar atmospheres.
Theory of stellar atmospheres : an introduction to astrophysical non-equilibrium quantitative spectroscopic analysis
Theory of the stellar atmospheres
Trilogy in a minor key : poems on depression and manic-depression
world is my witness, the
Zvezdnye atmosfery : v 2-h častâh.
Zvezdnyje atmosfery : v 2-ch častjach
Звездные атмосферы
Thesis (Ph. D.)