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Arthur Burdett Frost I
Arthur Burdett I Frost
Frost, A. B.
Frost, Arthur B.
Frost, Arthur Burdett
Frost, Arthur Burdett I
Frost, Arthur Burdett I (American illustrator and author, 1851-1928)
Creation class: 
Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey (1836-1907)
Carroll, Lewis (1832-1898)
Clark, Charles Heber (1841-1915))
Condé, J. M.
frost family
Harris, Joel Chandler (1848-1908)
Henriques, Júlio
Holiday, Henry
Oliver Wendell Holmes Collection (Library of Congress)
Pick, Luboš (1961-)
Thanet, Octave (1850-1934)
Ver Beck, Frank (1858-1933)
八波, 直則 (1909-1991)
A. B. Frost
American notes, and, Pictures from Italy
anthologie A. B. Frost, L'
bull calf and other tales, The
collected verse, The
complete tales of Uncle Remus, The
Elbow-room : a novel without a plot
Fatras et billevesées
favorite Uncle Remus, The
Geschichten vom Bruder Rabbit : Volksmärchen nordamerikanischer Neger
história de um rapaz mau, A
[Man in raincoat, fishing with reflection in water]
[Man in rowboat with "contents" written on water]
[Man jumping up from chair after sitting on dog]
[Man painting under umbrella and sailboat]
[Man pointing to growling dog on rope]
[Man repairing fence]
[Man riding mule with another mule behind, possibly plowing ]
[Man rolling out "List of Illustrations" carpet; woman beating "List of Illustrations" rug]
[Man singing]
[Man standing on fence calling to sailboat]
[Man unloading stones from sledge]
[Man with broken bike quarreling with another who has dropped a stone]
[Man with cigar ice skating]
[Man with cigarette]
[Man with fallen bicycle looking up road]
[Man with pipe and rifle leaning up against a tree]
[Man with top hat in tree]
[Man with trunk walking on plank]
[Man with wheelbarrow]
[Men holding sheet; cat with balloon tied to tail; man with sheet falling into wagon "contents;" man with wheelbarrow over word "contents"]
[Men on bicycles]
[Old bearded man in cap and old woman in hat]
old fogey and other stories, An
Oude menschen
Out of the hurly-burly, or Life in an odd corner
[Painters and fishermen in outdoor scenes]
Pastime stories
[People in rowboat with furniture]
petit veau et autres contes, Le
phantasmagoria (poem)|rhyme? and reason?
[Photostats from drawings for Rudder Grange]
[Photostats of drawings by A.B. Frost to illustrate Rudder Grange]
Pictures from Italy
Random shots
Rhyme ? and Reason ?/ by Lewis Carroll ; with sixty-five illustrations by Arthur B. Frost and nine by Henry Holiday.
[Sailboat passing sunken ship, letter E]
[Seated railroad guard by sentry post]
[Several men sitting around stove]
[Skating picnic]
Sketches by Boz
[Steamboat with trail of smoke ; man on rock calling to sailboat]
Stories from uncle Remus
story of a bad boy, The
story of a New York house, The
Stuff & nonsense [microform]
Tangled tale/ by Lewis Carroll, A ; with six illustrations by Arthur B. Frost.
[Teacher with pupil]
They caught him : Hughey's only got a year
thumb tack. By A. B. Frost. In sixteen drawings, The
thumb tack, nos. 15 and 16, The
thumb tack, nos. 3 and 4, The
thumb tack, nos. 5 and 6, The
thumb tack, nos. 7 and 8, The
thumb tack, nos. 9 and 10, The
Told by Uncle Remus... new stories of the old plantation
[Tourists riding bicycles]
Tournament Day. The lost ball -- time's almost up
[Ugly dog]
Uncle Remus and his friends: old plantation stories, songs, and ballads
Uncle Remus, his songs and his sayings
Usagidon kinnedon : Rīmasu jiiya no shita hanashi
vertellingen van Oom Remus, De
[Waffo' dey lynch 'at Sam boy?]
wagon-load of nurse maids, A
watering trough, The
We've got him sure
What happened?
When she got close to de pot de steam hit her in de face
When the auto first came into ...
winner of the rifle match, The
[Woman with switch by table with older black man, and letter W]
Would better have been put differently : Miss Smith asked the pleasure of Captain Jenkin's company to tea
You're not goin swimmin'
young lady who keeps the bar, The
Zamotaný příběh
ウサギどん・キッネどん : リーマスじいやのした話