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Audobon, John James
Audubon, Jean-Jacques
Audubon, Jean Jacques Fougère
Audubon, John James
Audubon, John James (American painter and naturalist, 1785-1851)
Audubon, John James Laforest
Fougère, Jean-Jacques
Jean-Jacques Audubon
John James Audubon
John James Laforest Audubon
Odi︠u︡bon, Dzhon Dzheĭms
Odi︠u︡bon, I︠A︡kov
Rabin, Jean
オーデュボン, ジョン・J
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Audubon, Maria Rebecca (1843-)
Bachman, John
Bazin, Eugène
Coues, Elliott (1842-1899)
Dorst, Jean
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, inc
Ford, Alice
Ford, Alice (1906-)
Ford, Alice Elizabeth (1906-)
Haeseler, John ([from old catalog])
Irmscher, Christoph
martin maria
North Carolina Museum of Art
Peterson, Roger Tory (1908-1996)
Peterson, Virginia Marie
Rhodes, Richard (1937-)
Vogt, William (1902-1968))
西鄉, 容子
1826 journal of John James Audubon, The
50 Audubon birds of America : from the original double elephant folio
500 bretons à connaître
account of the habits of the birds of the United states of America, An
art of Audubon, The : the complete birds and mammals
aububon the naturalist: a history of his life and time.
Audubon and his journals, by Maria R. Audubon, with zoölogical and other notes by Elliott Coues...
audubon: beyond birds: plant portraits and conservation heritage of john james audubon
Audubon, by himself : a profile of John James Audubon, from writings
Audubon [cartes postales]
Audubon : early drawings
Audubon in the West. [Letters]. Compiled, edited and with an introduction by John Francis McDermott
Audubon, les oiseaux d'Amérique
Audubon reader : the best writings of John James Audubon
Audubon's American birds
Audubon's animals. The quadrupeds of North America. [By John James Audubon and John Bachman.] Compiled and edited by Alice Ford. [Foreword by E. Thomas Gilliard.]
Audubon's art and nature : a collection of nature writings illustrated with the art of John James Audubon.
Audubon's aviary : the original watercolors for The birds of America
Audubon's birds [30 postcards]
Audubon's birds of America : the Royal Octavo edition
Audubon's masterpieces : 150 prints from the birds of America
Audubon's wildlife : with selections from the writings of John James Audubon
Audubon the naturalist : a history of his life and time
Audubons fågelmålningar i original : för första gången reproducerade i färg från samlingarna vid The New-York historical society
bird biographies of John James Audubon, The
Bird biographies [Ornithological Biography [or the habits of the birds in the United States of America]], The
Bird life stories
Birds of America Eine Auswahl von 20 Tafeln als Faksimileausgabe im Lichtdruck a selection of 20 plates facsimile in collotype, The
birds of America, from drawings made in the United States and their territories, The
Birds of America : the complete collection of 435 illustrations from the most famous bird book of the world
Birds of America, The : eine Auswahl von 20 Taf. als Faksimileausgabe im Lichtdruck.
Birds of forest and woodland [Filmstrip]
Birds of the countryside [Filmstrip]
Birds of villages and towns [Filmstrip]
Delineations of American scenery and character
Favorite animals of America
Grand livre des oiseaux, Le
Histoires de bêtes Les oiseaux
John James Audubon, 1785-1851
John James Audubon, artist and naturalist. [Filmstrip]
John James Audubon papers
John James Audubon's journal of 1826 : the voyage to The Birds of America
John James Audubon's the birds of America : the early subscriber's set of George Lane Fox, the property of John C. Bute.
Journal du Missouri
Journal of John James Audubon made while obtaining subscriptions to his "Birds of America" 1840-1843
Journaux & récits
Letters of John James Audubon, 1826-1840
life and adventures of John James Audubon, the naturalist, The
Life and adventuresof John James Audubon,... edited, from materials supplied by his widow, by Robert Buchanan. [Drawing by himself.], The
living world of Audubon, The
livre des oiseaux, Le
Louisiana sojourns : travelers' tales and literary journeys
Multimedia Audubon's birds
Nature's classics : John James Audubon's birds and animals
oiseaux d'Amérique, Les
oiseaux d'Audubon, Les
original water-color paintings by John James Audubon for the birds of America, The
original water-colour paintings by John James Audubon for The birds of America, The : reproduced in colour for the first time from the collection at the New-York Historical Society
Ornithological biography, or an account of the habits of the birds of the United States of America ; accompanied by descriptions of the objects represented in the work entitled "The birds of America" and interspersed with delineations of American scenery and manners
Prikli︠u︡chenīi︠a︡ v amerikanskikh li︠e︡sakh, stepi︠a︡kh i na ri︠e︡kakh : razskazy
quadrupeds of North America, The
[Recueil. Cartes postales. John James Audubon]
Scènes de la nature dans les Etats-Unis et le Nord de l'Amérique, ouvrage traduit d'Audubon, par Eugène Bazin, avec préface et notes du traducteur
selection from The birds of America, by John James Audubon, A : an exhibition, 26 September-10 October 1976, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh.
synopsis of the birds of North America. By John James Audubon ..., A
The art of Audubon. CIP.
under a wild sky: john james audubon and the making of the birds of america
Viviparous quadrupeds of North America.
Vögel Amerikas
Vogels van formaat : het meesterwerk van John James Audubon.
Voyage to the birds of America
watercolors for The birds of America, The
Writings and drawings
Zoological and other notes
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Birds of America in Song