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Louis, Roger
Louis, W. Roger
Louis, William Roger,
Louis, Wm. R.
Louis, Wm. Roger
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Blake, Robert Blake (1916- ))
ebrary, Inc
Gifford, Prosser
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
Howard, Michael (1922-)
Hyam, Ronald
Low, Alaine
Low, Alaine Margaret
Owen, Roger (1935-)
Shlaim, Avi
Stookey, Robert W. (1917-)
University of London. Institute of Commonwealth Studies
University of Oxford
Yale University. Concilium on International Studies
1967 Arab-Israeli war, The : orgins and consequences
1967 Arab-Israeli war, The : origins and consequences
Adventures with Britannia : personalities, politics and culture in Britain
Anglo-Congolese agreement of 1894 and the Cairo corridor, The
Arab-Israeli war
australia, new zealand, and the pacific islands since the first world war
Berlin Congo Conference, The
Britain and Germany in Africa Imperial rivalry and colonial rule
Britain and the Overthrow of the Mosaddeq's Government
Britain's end of empire in the Middle East
british documents on the end of empire: east of suez and the commonwealth, 1964-1971
british documents on the end of empire: the conservative government and the end of empire, 1957-1964
British empire in the Middle East, 1945-1951 Arab nationalism, the United States and pastwar imperialism, The
British Empire in the Middle East, 1945-1951, The : Arab nationalism, the United States, and postwar imperialism
British strategy in the Far East, 1919-1939
Burnt orange Britannia
Churchill : a major new assessment of his life in peace and war
Conservative government and the end of empire 1957-1964, The
Decolonization and African independence : the transfers of power, 1960-1980
E.D. Morel's history of the Congo reform movement
East of Suez and the Commonwealth 1964-1971
Economics, international relations, and the commonwealth
eighteenth century, The
end of the palestine mandate, the
Ende des deutschen Kolonialreiches, Das : Britischer Imperialismus und die deutschen Kolonien 1914-1919
Ends of British Imperialism : the scramble for empire, Suez and decolonisation : collected essays
Ends of British imperialism : the scramble for empire, Suez and decolonization : collected essays
France and Britain in Africa : imperial rivalry and colonial Rule
Gandhi and nationalism : the path to Indian independence
Germany, Belgium, Britain and Ruanda-Urundi, 1884-1919 ; a diplomatic and administrative history
germany's lost colonies, 1914-1919
Great Britain and Germany's lost colonies, 1914-1919
High policy, political and constitutional change
Historia Oxford del siglo XX
history of oxford university press, volume iii: 1896-1970, the
History of the Congo reform movement. Wm. Roger Louis,... and Jean Stengers,..
History of the twentieth century
Imperialism at Bay 1941-1945 : the United States and the Decolonization of the British Empire.
Imperialism at bay : the United States and the decolonization of the British Empire, 1941-1945
Imperialism the Robinson and Gallagher controversy, [essays]
In the name of God, go! : Leo Amery and the British Empire in the age of Churchill
India, Africa, and the Second World War
iraqi revolution of 1958: the old social classes revisited, the
Iraqi revolution of 1958, The : the old social classes revisited
leo amery and the british empire
Libyan independence, 1951 : the creation of a client State
Middle East in 1958
More adventures with Britannia : personalities, politics, and culture in Britain
Musaddiq, Iranian nationalism and oil
National security and international trusteeship in the Pacific.
nineteenth century, The
O.R.T.F. un combat., L'
origins of Empire, The : British overseas enterprise to the close of the seventeenth century
origins of the second world war: a.j.p. taylor and his critics, the
origins of the Second world war, The : A. J. P. Taylor and his critics
oxford history of the british empire, the
Oxford history of the twentieth century, 2000 (2002):, The
Penultimate adventures with Britannia personalities, politics and culture in Britain
reinterpreting history: how historical assessments change over time
Resurgent adventures with Britannia : personalities, politics and culture in Britain
revolutionary year, A : the Middle East in 1958
revolutionary year: the middle east in 1958, a
Roger Casement and the Congo
Ruanda-Urundi 1884-1919.
South West African origins of the "Sacred Trust", The
'special relationship': anglo-american relations since 1945, the
"Special relationship", The : Anglo-American relations since 1945
statecraft of British imperialism, The : essays in honour of Wm. Roger Louis
Still more adventures with Britannia : personalities, politics, and culture in Britain
Suez 1956 : the crisis and its consequences
Suez : Britain's end of empire in the Middle East
Suez Crisis and the British Dilemma at the United Nations, The
transfer of power in africa: decolonization, 1940-1960, the
Transfer of power in Africa, The : decolonization 1940-1960
twentieth century, The
Ultimate adventures with Britannia : personalities, politics and culture in Britain
United States and the African peace settlement of 1919, The : the pilgrimage of George Louis Beer
United States and the liquidation of British Empire in tropical Africa, 1941-1951, The
Yet more adventures with Britannia : personalities, politics, and culture in Britain
Supervisor: A.J.P. Taylor
Thesis (D. Phil.)--University of Oxford, 1962