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Om Prakash
Om Prakash (historien)
Omprakash Sharma
Prakash, O.
Prakash, Om
Sharma, Om Prakash
Sharma, Omprakash
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Gommans, Jos J. L.
Indian Council of Historical Research
Indo-French Seminar on "the Bay of Bengal in the Asian Maritime Trade and Cultural Network, 1500-1800" (1994 : New Delhi, India)
Johnson, Gordon (1943-...)
Kolff, D. H. A. (1938-)
Kolff, D.H.A. (1938-)
Kolff, Dirk Herbert Arnold (1938-)
Lombard, Denys (1938-1998)
Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnie
Om Prakash (see also from)
Riello, Giorgio
Roy, Tirthankar
Sugihara, Kaoru (1948- ))
The Rajasthan Oriental Research Institute (Jodhpur)
Zebrowski, Mark
Alternative trading strategies : the Dutch and the English East India Companies in Asia, 1600-1650
Asia and the pre-modern world economy
best of two worlds, The : an interview with Om Prakash.
Books for the developing countries : Asia, Africa
Bullion for goods : European and Indian merchants in the Indian Ocean trade, 1500-1800
Caste Hindu and scheduled caste children in rural India
catalogue of Sanskrit and Prakrit manuscripts in the Rajasthan Oriental Research Institute, A : Jodhpur collection
Circumambulations in South Asian history, 2003:
Circumambulations in South Asian history : essays in honour of Dirk H.A. Kolff
Coastal Burma and the Trading World of the Bay of Bengal, 1500-1680
Commerce and culture in the Bay of Bengal, 1500-1800
Conceptualisation and history in early Indian socio-economic studies
Downfall of Mughal empire
Dutch East India Company and the economy of Bengal, 1630-1720, The
Dutch East India Company documents as source material on Indian history in the seven- and eighteenth centuries, The
Dutch factories in India, 1617-1623, 1984:, The
Dutch factories in India, 1617-1623 a collection of Dutch East India company documents pertaining to India, The
Dutch factories in India, The : 1617-1623
Dutch factories in India, The : a collection of Dutch East India Company documents pertaining to India
Early Indian land grants and state economy
Emergence of East India Company
European commercial enterprise in pre-colonial India
European commercial expansion in early modern Asia
European expansian and Asian economic development since 1850. India, Indonesia and Japan
European trade and South Asian economics: some regional contrasts, 1600-1800
European trade and the economy of Bengal in the seventeenth and early eighteenth century
Financing the European trade with Asia in the early modern period: Dutch initiatives and innovations
Food and drinks in ancient India : (from earliest times to c. 1200 A.D.)
Fourth general elections : an analysis
French in India
From market-determined to coercion-based: textile manufacturing in eighteenth-century Bengal
Growth-promoting and growth-retarding factors in Indian economy
Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan
Hindu caste and scheduled caste children in rural India
History of India
How India clothed the world : the world of South Asian textiles, 1500-1850
India's trade policy initiatives to Europe 1992
Indian States and the transition to colonialism, The
Lord Clive and his administration in India
Lord Cornwallis : administrative reforms and British policy
Marathas and Ahmad Shah Abdali
Mughal empire and the Dutch East Indies Company in the seventeenth century, The
new Cambridge history of India., The
North-South perspectives : debates on colonialism and North-South relations
Opium monopoly in India and Indonesia in the eighteenth century
Political ideas in the Purāṇas
Portuguese in India
Precious metals and commerce : The Dutch East India Company in the Indian Ocean trade
production and flow of books in Africa
production of flow and books in South East Asia
trading world of India and Southeast Asia in the early modern period, The
Warren Hastings, the first governor-general of India
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