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Arrowsmith, A.
Arrowsmith, Aaron
Arrowsmith, Aaron (senior)
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Allen, George (1790-1821 fl)
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d' (1697-1782)
Archibald Constable & Co
Delamarche, Charles Francois
Guthrie, William (1708-1770))
Hall, Sidney
Irish Academic Press
Jones, Edward engraver
Langlois, Hyacinthe (1777-1837)
Lewis, Samuel (1753 or 1754-1822)
Mendoza y Riós, José de (1763-1816)
Semen Jeune (18 --)
Wilson, H.
Asia: To major James Rennell ... this map is inscribed
Atlas élémentaire de géographie ancienne et moderne
Atlas to Thompson's Alcedo, or Dictionary of America & West Indies : collated with all the most recent authorities, and composed chiefly from scarce and original documents, for that work
Carta reduzida da costa de Portugal desde Cabo Silleiro athé à barra de Huelba ajustadas às observações astronómicas e trigonométricas
Chart of Pulo Penang, now Prince of Walesªs island
Chart of the coast of Egypt from Alexandria to the western branch of the Nile ; with the Bay of Abou-Kir, showing the position of the French and English fleets, at the Battle of the Nile, August 1st. 1798.
Chart of the Coast of Portugal from Cape Silleiro to Huelva Bar constructed from astronomical and trigonomical
Chart of the East India Islands. -
Chart of the Pacific Ocean : drawn from a great number of printed and ms. journals
Chart of the Persian Gulph from original materials communicated by Ritchie, Bartholomew and others
Chart of the Sandwich Islands : compiled from various documents, m.s. and printed
Chart of the West Indies and Spanish Dominions in North America
Chart of the world on Mercator's projection, exhibiting all the New Discoveries to the present Time, with the Tracks of the most distinguished Navigators since the Year 1700, carefully collected from the best Charts, Maps, Voyages, &c. Extant. and regulated from the accurate Astronomical Observations, made in three Voyages, Perform'd under The Command of Captn. James Cook, in the Years 1768, 69, 70, 71. - 72, 73, 74, 75. - 76, 77, 78, 79, & 80
Charte von Africa : nach astronomischen beobachtungen auch alten und neuen nachrichten ingleichen den charten von Sayer, Rennel, Arrowsmit u.a.m.
Charte von Ceylon
China, contains fifteen subject provinces, including the islands of Hainan, Formosa, and the tributary kingdoms of Corea, Tonkin
China, from Arrowsmith's map of Asia
Dominions of David & Solomon, with places remote
Espagne et Portugal
[Europe : a composite atlas].
Field plan of movements of the military : [Tasmania]
Géographie moderne rédigée sur un nouveau plan, ou Description historique, politique, civile et naturelle des empires, royaumes, états et leurs colonies... renfermant la concordance des principaux points de la géographie ancienne et du moyen âge avec la géographie moderne
Gross. Britanien und Ireland 1848
Judah & Israel: Illustrating the Book of Kings
Map of America
Map of England and Wales : the result of fifteen years labour
Map of Guatemala : reduced from the survey in the archives of that country, 1826.
Map of lower Egypt
Map of Persia and adjacent countries, for Sir John Malcolm's History of Persia
Map of Scotland, constructed from original materials obtained under the authority of the Parliamentary Commissioners for making roads and building bridges in the Highlands of Scotland
Map of the islands of Japan, Kurile &c. with the adjacent coast of the Chinese dominions and a sketch of the river Amoor and the Baikal Lake including the trading posts of Russia and China and their relative situations with Peking
Map of the journeyings and encampments of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan : Through the Desert of Arabia Patraea, shewing also the principal places in Egypt mentioned in the holy scriptures
Map of the roads of Portugal
Map of the world on a globular projection.
Mapa da Península Ibérica
Mapa das estradas de Portugal
military sketch of the country between Cadiz and Marbella, A
Neuer Zeitungs-Atlas von Amerika
New and elegant general atlas comprising all the new discoveries, to the present time; containing sixty-three maps
new general atlas, constructed from the latest authorities, exhibiting the boundaries and divisions, also the chains of mountains and other geographical features of all the known countries in the world, A : comprehended in fifty-three maps from orig. draw
Nieuwe en beknopte verzameling der noodigste landkaarten, ten gebruike der scholen : naar de nieuwste bepalingen en laatste ontdekkingen ontworpen, meerendeels volgens de atlassen van Lapie en Arrowsmith
Olasz Ország
Orbis terrarum veteribus noti descriptio : a comparative atlas of ancient and modern geography, from original authorities and upon a new plan, for the use of Eton School
Ostküste von Brasilien : zwischen dem 12n und 15n Grad südlicher Breite
Outlines of the physical and political divisions of South America partly from scarce and original documents published before the year 1806 but principally from manuscript maps & surveys made between the years 1771 and 1806 corrected from accurate astronomical observations to 1810
Plan of the operations of the British & Ottoman forces in Egypt : from the 8th of March to the 2d. of Septr. 1801, when the French were finally expelled from that country.
Reduced chart of the Pacific Ocean : from the one published in nine sheets
Russia in Europe : north part
Section of plan of part of the Ottawa
Section of the line of the Rideau Canal
Seven United Provinces, The
This map of the physical divisions of Germany exhibiting the post roads, canals &c, constructed from original materials
To Mark Wood Esqr. M. P. Colonel of the Army in India, Late Chief Engineer and Surveyor General, Bengal This map of India compiled from various interesting and valuable materials is inscribed in grateful Testimony of his liberal communications
To the honorable the Court of Directors of the East India Company this improved map of India
Valor ecclesiasticus temp. Henr. VIII. auctoritate regia institutus. Vol. I [-VI ].
Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika, Die
[Verzameling van meerbladige kaarten van de wereld en de werelddelen
[World map in eastern and western hemispheres].