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Liebermann, Lowell
Liebermann, Lowell Seth
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Musical sound recording
Notated music
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BMG entertainment
BMG France
Galway, James (1939-)
Hough, Stephen (1961-)
Ives, Charles (1874-1954)
Ives, Charles Edward (1874-1954)
Korevaar, David (1962-)
Liebermann, Lowell (1961-)
London Mozart Players
Na, Hyun-Sun (1970-)
Van Doren, Mark (1894-1972)
White, Robert
White, Tenor
Wilde, Oscar (1854-1900)
3 dream songs
Air op. 106 for flute and organ
Album for the young
Appalachian Liebeslieder : for soprano, baritone, and piano, 4 hands
Chamber music
Complete chamber music for flute
Concerto for clarinet and orchestra, op. 110
Concerto for flute and orchestra, opus 39 (1992)
Concerto for flute, harp, and orchestra : solo parts and piano reduction
Concerto for orchestra op. 81 for full orchestra
Concerto for piano and orchestra (1983)
Concerto for trumpet and orchestra op. 64
Concerto for violin, piano, and string quartet, op. 28 (1989)
Concerto no. 2 for piano and orchestra, opus 36
Concerto op. 39 for flute and orchestra
domain of Arnheim, The : op. 33 (1990)
Dream songs
Eight pieces for bass flute or alto flute or C flute or piccolo (1997), op. 59
Fantasy on a fugue of J.S. Bach : op. 27, for woodwind quintet and piano (1989)
Four apparitions : for piano
Gargoyles, Op. 29: I. Presto
Gargoyles, Op. 29: II. Adagio semplice, ma con molto rubato
Gargoyles, Op. 29: III. Allegro moderato
Gargoyles, Op. 29: IV. Presto feroce
James Galway plays Lowell Liebermann
Kontrapunktus for 5 japanese drums and orchestra op. 52
Konzerte, Fl Orch op. 50
Konzerte, Kl Orch
Loss of breath for orchestra op. 58
new Grove Dictionary of Music end Musicians, The
Night music op. 109 for flute, clarinet in Bb and piano
Night songs, op. 22 for low voice and piano
Nocturne no. 11 : for piano : op. 112
Nocturne no. 11, op. 112 , for piano
Nocturne no. 2 for piano, op. 31 (1990)
Nocturne no. 5 for piano (Liebermann, Lowell)
Nocturne no. 5 for piano, op. 55 (1996)
Out of the cradle endlessly rocking : for voice and string quartet
Pegasus : op. 71 : for amplified narrator and orchestra (2000)
Piano concertos
Piano music
Piano sonata no. 2 : Sonata notturna
Piano sonata no. 3, op. 82
Piano works
picture of Dorian Gray, The : opera in two acts : libretto
picture of Dorian Gray, The : opera in two acts : piano-vocal score
poet to his beloved, A : for tenor, flute, and string quartet
profundis, De : for organ
Quintet for clarinet, piano and string trio Six songs on poems by Raymond Carver ; Quintet for piano and strings
Quintet for piano and strings op. 35 [i.e. 34] (1990)
Quintet for piano, clarinet, and string trio, [op. 26]
Quintets for clarinet & piano
Revelry : opus 47 (1995)
Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini : opus 72 (2001)
Sechs Gesänge nach Gedichten von Nelly Sachs
Sonata for flute and guitar
Sonata for Flute and Piano, Op. 23: I. Lento con rubato
Sonata for Flute and Piano, Op. 23: II. Presto energico
Sonata for viola and piano
Sonata no. 2 for violoncello and piano
Sonata no. 3 : (sonata semplice) : op. 90 : for cello and piano
Sonata No. 4, Op. 108 for violoncello and piano
Sonata Op. 23 : for flute and piano
Sonatas Flute and Piano, op.23.
Sonaten, Fl Git op. 25
Sonaten, Fl Kl op. 23
Songs on poems of Nelly Sachs
String quartet no. 1, opus 5
Struwwelpeterlieder op. 51 ; for soprano, viola, and piano
Symphony for large orchestra (1979-1982)
Three dream songs for voice and piano
Three poems of Stephen Crane : for baritone, string orchestra, two horns, and harp (1983)
Trio for violin, cello, and piano
Trio No. 1 for Flute, Cello and Piano, Op. 83: I. Allegro
Trio No. 1 for Flute, Cello and Piano, Op. 83: II. Moderato
Trio No. 1 for Flute, Cello and Piano, Op. 83: III. Largo
Trio No. 1 for Flute, Cello and Piano, Op. 83: IV. Presto
Trio No. 2 for Flute, Cello, and Piano, Op. 87
Trio no. 2, op. 87 : for flute, cello, and piano
Two pieces for violin and viola, op. 4 (1978)
Variations on a theme by Anton Bruckner : for piano
Variations on a theme of Schubert : for piano, op. 100
Variations on a theme of Schubert op. 100 for piano
Variations on "America" : for piano
Works for piano.
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Debut (Trio Fedele)