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Redfern, Nicholas
Redfern, Nick
レッドファーン, ニック
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Kurek, Krzysztof
Lewiński, Jerzy (1946- ))
Namiki, Shin'ichirō (1947-)
Roberts, Andy (1956-)
Steiger, Brad
Wydawnictwo Amber
並木, 伸一郎 (1947-)
"andy roberts and i have a book coming out next year on an alleged ufo crash incident in wales in 1974."
Body snatchers in the desert : the horrible truth at the heart of the Rosewell story
Celebrity secrets : government files on the rich and famous
Class or nation communists, imperialism, and two World Wars
Contactees : a history of alien-human interaction
covert agenda, 1997:, A
covert agenda, A : UFO secrecy exposed
FBI files
five-year journey in search of the unknown, a
For nobody's eyes only : missing government files and hidden archives that document the truth behind the most enduring conspiracy theories
Horrible truth at the heart of the Rosewell story
Keep out! : top secret places governments don't want you to know about : high-security facilities, underground bases, and other off-limits areas
Memoirs of a monster hunter
Monster diary : on the road in search of strange and sinister creatures
Monster files : a look inside government secrets and classified documents on bizarre creatures and extraordinary animals
most mysterious places on earth, The
NASA conspiracies, The : the truth behind the moon landings, censored photos, and the face on Mars
On the trail of the saucer spies : UFOs and government surveillance
Pentagon tokutei kimitsu fairu : Nazo no ibutsu kodai no kaku senso ushinawareta bunmei : Amerika joho kikan no gokuhi chosa.
pyramids and the Pentagon, The : the government's top secret pursuit of mystical relics, ancient astronauts, and lost civilizations
real men in black, The : evidence, famous cases, and true stories of these mysterious men and their connection to UFO phenomena
Sabaku no shitai dorobō : Rozūeru UFO tsuiraku jiken senritsu no shinsō
Science fiction secrets : from government files and the paranormal
Strange secrets, c2003:
Strange secrets : real government files on the unknown
Tajne archiwa FBI
Tajnosti celebrit : vládní složky o bohatých a slavných
There is something in the woods
There's something in the woods : a Transatlantic hunt for monsters and the mysterious
Three men seeking monsters : six weeks in pursuit of werewolves, lake monsters, giant cats, ghostly devil dogs, and ape-men
Transatlantic hunt for monsters and the mysterious
True stories of real-life monsters
True stories of space exploration conspiracies
True stories of the real men in black
UFO secrecy exposed
Ukryte archiwa : [UFO - ujawnione... ]
véritables Men in black les hommes en noir, Les
world's weirdest places, The
zombie book, The : the encyclopedia of the living dead
ペンタゴン特定機密ファイル : 謎の遺物・古代の核戦争・失われた文明 : アメリカ情報機関の極秘調査
砂漠の死体泥棒 : ロズウェルUFO墜落事件・戦慄の真相