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Sutro, Alfred
Sutro, Alfredo
Sutro, Alfreds
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Language material
Notated music
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Charivarius, pseud. van G. Nolst Trenité
Maeterlinck, Maurice (1862-1949)
Maeterlinck, Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard (1862-1949)
Nolst Trenité, G. (1870-1946)
Nolst Trenité, Gerard (1870-1946)
Ruyssen, Henri
Sawin, Lewis
Teixeira de Mattos, Alexander (1865-1921)
Weisgall, Hugo
Wesleyan University Collection (Library of Congress)
Women's Aerial League
Aglavaine and Selysette; a drama in five acts
Ancient Egypt
armband, De
barrier, The : a new and original play in four acts
builder of bridges; a play in four acts, The
Buried temple
Carrots; a play in one act
Celebrities and simple souls
children's Life of the bee, The
choice, a play in four acts, The
costruttore di ponti, 1927:, Il
Costruttore di ponti (The builder of bridges), commedia in 4 atti, traduz. dall'inglese di G. Macchi, Il
Due virtu, commedia in quattro atti, Le
eeuwige trio, Het : dramatische schets in één bedrijf
egoist, The : a play
Fascinating Mr. Vanderveldt, a comedy in 4 acts... [London, The Garrick Theatre, april, 26th, 1906], The
fascinating Mr. Vanderveldt; a comedy in four acts, The
firescreen; a comedy in four acts, The
Five little plays
Freedom; a play in three acts
game of chess, A : a duologue
great well; a play in four acts, The
Hebben de eer u kennis te geven ... : spel in een bedrijf
In de val : spel van 't spel
John Glayde's honour; a new and original play in four acts
laughing lady;, The : a comedy in three acts
Leçon de bridge, comédie radiophonique en 1 acte
life of the bee, The
life of the white ant, The
Living together, a play in four acts
magic of the stars, The
Man in the stalls... [London, Palace theatre, October 2nd, 1911], The
mariage arrangé, comédie de Salon en un acte trad. par Loic Armor, Un
marriage has been arranged, a duologue: a comedy in one act, A
marriage ... will not take place ... a play in one act, The
Mollentrave on women; a comedy in three acts
Monna Vanna : a drama in three acts
Monsieur le directeur.
murallas de Jericó; alta comedia en cuatro actos, Las
open deur, De
open door; a duologue in one act, The
Perplexed husband a comedy in 4 acts... [London, Wyndham's Theatre, September 12th, 1911], The
perplexed husband; a comedy in four act, The
Poil de carotte.
price of money; a play in four acts, The
Sagesse et la destinée.
Saint-Amour-des-femmes, fantaisie radiophonique en 3 parties
Seven famous one-act plays : [A collection]
swarm, 1906:, The
swarm, from The life of the bee, The
Teātra kritiķis : luga vienā cēlienā
Temple enseveli.
treasure of the humble, The
triangle, comédie inédite en un acte... adaptée par Régis Gignoux et Charles Barbaud, Le
two virtues; a comedy in four acts, The
Uncle Anyhow a comedy in 3 acts... [Manchester, Gaiety Theatre, May 21st, 1917]
Vie des abeilles
Walls of Jericho a play in 4 acts... [London, The Garrick Theatre, october, 31st, 1904], The
walls of Jericho; a play in four acts, The
Will you marry me? : opera in one act, after a play by Alfred Sutro
Will you marry me? : opera in one act : piano-vocal score
Wisdom and destiny
Women in love : eight studies in sentiment