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Coleman, J. S.
Coleman, James
Coleman, James S.,
Coleman, James Samuel
Coleman, James Smoot
コールマン, J. S
コールマン, ジェイムズ・S
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Centro para la Investigación y la Innovación en la Enseñanza
Columbia University
Hoffer, Thomas
Husén, Torsten (1916-...)
Karweit, Nancy L.
Kerr, Clark (1911- ))
Lipset, Seymour Martin (1922-2006))
Meirinhos, José
National Center for Education Statistics
Rossi, Peter Henri
Trow, Martin A. (1926-2007))
United States. Office of Education
Westview Press
長谷川, 公一 (1954-)
adolescent society; the social life of the teenager and its impact on education, The
Adolescents and the schools
Approaches to social theory : based on the W.I. Thomas and Florian Znaniecki Memorial Conference on Social Theory
asymmetric society, The
asymmetrische Gesellschaft vom Aufwachsen mit unpersönl. Systemen, Die
Becoming adult in a changing society
Behavioral models project
Busing, a re-examination :
Coleman report on equality of educational opportunity
Community conflict.
democracia sindical, La : la política interna del Sindicato Tipográfico Internacional
Devenir adulte dans une société en mutation
Education and political development
Equal educational opportunity
Equality and achievement in education
Equality of educational opportunity [summary report].
evaluation of equality of educational opportunity, The
Foundation of social theory
Foundations of social theory, 1990:
Foundations of social theory : James S. [Samuel] Coleman.
Grundlagen der Sozialtheorie
Hanbai senryaku to ishi kettei
High school achievement : public, Catholic, and private schools compared
Individual interests and collective action : selected essays
Information systems and performance measures in schools
Inserción de los jóvenes en una sociedad en cambio
Introduction to mathematical sociology
Introduction to mathematical sociologyJames S. Coleman,...
legal aspect of staff problems in tropical and subtropical countries, The
Longitudinal data analysis
Macht und Gesellschaftsstruktur
Macrosociology; research and theory
Mathematical thinking in the measurement of behavior : small groups, utility, factor analysis : a study of the behavioral models project, Bureau of Applied Social Research, Columbia University
mathematics of collective action, The
Measures of school performance
Medical innovation; a diffusion study
Models of change and response uncertainty
Multi-level information systems in education
Norm, Herrschaft und Vertrauen : Beiträge zu James S. Colemans Grundlagen der Sozialtheorie
Parents, teachers, and children : prospects for choice in American education
Parents, their children, and schools
Policy research in the social sciences
Political cleavage within the International Typographical Union, 1955:
politics of the developing areas, The
Power and the structure of society
Public and private high schools : the impact of communities
Qualitative analysis : historical and critical essays
Qualitative and quantitative social research : papers in honor of Paul F. Lazarsfeld
Rational choice theory : advocacy and critique
Redesigning American education
Reflections on experiential learning and its uses
Research for tomorrow's schools: disciplined inquiry for education : report of the Committee on Educational Research of the National Academy of Education
Resources for social change: race in the United States
Shakai riron no kiso.
Social climates in high schools
Social sciences and public policy in the developing world
Social theory and social policy : essays in honor of James S. Coleman
Social theory for a changing society
Supplemental appendix to the survey on Equality of educational opportunity
Taido hen'yō moderu
théorie du choix rationnel, La : les "Foundations of social theory" de James S. Coleman en débat
Tornar-se adulto numa sociedade em mutação
Trends in school segregation, 1968-73
Union democracy : the internal politics of the International Typographical Union
University development in the third world : the Rockefeller Foundation experience
Wstęp do socjologii matematycznej
Wstęp do socjologii matematycznj
Youth, transition to adulthood : report of the Panel on Youth of the President's Science Advisory Committee
Thesis--Columbia University, 1955