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Rokkan, S.
Rokkan, Stein
ロッカン, シュタイン
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Flora, Peter (1944-)
Hagtvet, Bernt (1946-)
International Social Science Council
Kuhnle, Stein (1947-...)
Lipset, Seymour Martin (1922-2006)
McKeon, Richard Peter (1900- ))
Meyriat, Jean
Torsvik, Per
Urwin, Derek W.
Urwin, Derek William (1939-)
Valen, Henry
Approaches to the comparative study of the processes of development
Approaches to the study of political participation
Building states and nations
Centre-periphery structures in Europe : an ISSC workbook in comparative analysis
Cities, states, and nations : a dimensional model for the study of contrasts in development
Citizens, elections, parties, approaches to the comparative study of the processes of development, by Stein Rokkan with Angus Campbell, Per Torsvik, and Henry Valen
citizens elections parties. approaches to the comparative study of the processes of development (universitetsforlaget, oslo. 1970; reprinted in european classics of political science series, colchester. 2009)*
Cleavage structures, party systems and voter alignments : an introduction
co-edited with [[shmuel eisenstadt]] (sage, 1973)*
Comparative research across culture and nations
Comparative research across cultures and nations
Comparative survey analysis
Comparing nations : the use of quantitative data in cross-national research
Cross-national comparative survey research : theory and practice : papers and proceedings of the Round table [sic] Conference on Cross-National Comparative Survey Research (Budapest 25-29 July 1972)
Data archives for the social sciences : [proceedings of the Paris conference on data archives for the social sciences 28-30 September 1964]
Data-based teaching in the social sciences : International Federation of Data Organizations/Unesco invitational seminar, Waterloo, Ontario, November 1979 : in memory of Stein Rokkan (1921-1979)
Democracy in a world of tensions : a symposium prepared by UNESCO
Economy, territory, identity : politics of West European peripheries
Fremmedordbok, 1955.
Guide international des statistiques électorales
Historical sociology : a Rokkanian approach to Eastern European development, c2009:
Imagination and precision in the social schiences : essays in memory of Peter Nettl
Imagination and precision in the social sciences: essays in memory of Peter Nettl;
International guide to electoral statistics; guide international des statistiques électorales
library center of survey research data; a report of an inquiry and a proposal, A
Locational approaches to power and conflict
Mass politics : studies in political sociology
Mediaforskning. En oversikt og et forskningsopplegg for Norge.
Mobilization, center-periphery structures and nation-building : a volume in commemoration of Stein Rokkan
Mobilization, center-periphery structures and nation-building, c1981:
Nation-building : a review of recent comparative research and a select bibliography of analytical studies
National elections in Western Europe. Élections nationales en Europe occidentale
Party systems and voter alignments : cross-national perspectives
politics of territorial identity, The : studies in European regionalism
Politikk mellom økonomi og kultur : Stein Rokkan som politisk sosiolog og forskningsinspirator
Politisk forskning i Norge: tilbakeblikk og utsyn; foredrag ved årsmøtet i Chr. Michelsens institutt 15. mars 1973.
Proceedings of the International Seminar on comparative social research : V. The main conference: 24 Sept. - 19 Oct. 1951 : papers and proposals toward a joint crossnational research design
Quantitative ecological analysis in the social sciences
quarter century of international social science, A : papers and reports on developments, 1952-1977
Regional contrasts in Norwegian politics
Social ecology
Sociological praxis : current roles and settings
Staat, Nation und Demokratie in Europa : die Theorie Stein Rokkans aus seinen gesammelten Werken rekonstruiert und eingeleitet
Stat, nasjon, klasse : essays i politisk sosiologi
State formation, nation-building, and mass politics in Europe : the theory of Stein Rokkan : based on his collected works
Structures de clivages, systèmes de partis et alignement des électeurs : une introduction
Trends and possibilities in comparative social science : report on an international conference
Vergleichende Sozialwissenschaft die Entwicklung d. inter-kulturellen, inter-gesellschaftl. u. inter-nationalen Forschung; Hauptströmungen d. sozialwiss. Forschung
Vergleichende Sozialwissenschaft : die Entwicklung der inter-kulturellen, inter-gesellschaftlichen und inter-nationalen Forschung : Hauptströmungen der sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschung
Wahlverhalten, Vorurteile, Kriminalität