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Mac Coy, Alfred W.
Mac Coy, Alfred William
MacCoy, Alfred W.
MacCoy, Alfred William
Mc Coy, Alfred W.
Mc Coy, Alfred William
McCoy, Alfred
McCoy, Alfred W.
McCoy, Alfred William
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Adams, Leonard Palmer
Adams, Nina S.
Block, Alan A.
Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars
Jacobson, Stephen PhD.
Jesus, Edilberto C. de
Langenberg, Michael van
Read, Cathleen B.
Scarano, Francisco A.
Scarano, Francisco Antonio
Scarano, Francisco Antonio (1952-)
Schmitt, Jacques
Yale University
anarchy of families, An : state and family in the Philippines
anarchy of families (state and family in the philippines), an
Biography of Filipinos obscure, ordinary, and heroic
CIA und das Heroin Weltpolitik und Drogenhandel, Die
Closer than brothers : manhood at the Philippine Military Academy
colonial crucible, The : empire in the making of the modern American state
Drug traffic : narcotics and organized crime in Australia
economic history of the Philippines, The : an approach
Endless empire : Spain's retreat, Europe's eclipse, America's decline
Foltern und Foltern lassen 50 Jahre Folterforschung und -praxis von CIA und US-Militär
[http://uwpress.wisc.edu/books/4453.htm colonial crucible: empire in the making of the modern american state]
[http://uwpress.wisc.edu/books/4454.htm policing america's empire: the united states, the philippines, and the rise of the surveillance state]
[http://www.drugtext.org/table/the-politics-of-heroin-in-southeast-asia/ the politics of heroin in southeast asia. cia complicity in the global drug trade]
Hundred Years of Drug Prohibition, A : a Study in the Failure of Global Governance
Laos: war and revolution.
Lives at the margin : biography of Filipinos obscure, ordinary, and heroic
manhood at the Philippine Military Academy. -
Marseille sur héroïne les beaux jours de la French Connection, 1945-1975
Mind Maze : the CIA's Pursuit of Psychological Torture
New perspectives in Southeast Asian studies
North Sumatra 1942 - 1945 : the onset of a national revolution
Philippine cartoons : political caricature of the American era, 1900-1941
Philippine social history : global trade and local transformations : ed. by Alfred W. McCoy, Ed. C. de Jesus.
Policing America's empire : the United States, the Philippines, and the rise of the surveillance state
politica dell'eroina, La ; con la collaborazione di Cathleen B. Read e Leonard P. Adams 2. ; traduzione di Vittorio Varese e Francesco Saba Sardi
politics of heroin in Southeast Asia. -, The
politics of heroin, The : CIA complicity in the global drug trade : Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, Central America, Colombia
politique de l'héroïne en Asie du Sud-Est, La
politique de l'héroïne, La : limplication de la CIA dans le trafic de drogues
Priests on trial
question of torture, A : CIA interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror
question of torture: cia interrogation, from the cold war to the war on terror, a
Southeast Asia under Japanese occupation
Torture and impunity, c2012:
torture and impunity (critical human rights)
Torture and impunity : the U.S. doctrine of coercive interrogation
Una questione di tortura : i metodi di interrogatorio della CIA dalla guerra fredda alla guerra al terrore
War and revolution
War on drugs : studies in the failure of U.S. narcotics policy
yellow revolution, The
Ylo-Ilo; factional conflict in a colonial economy, Ilo-ilo province, Philippines, 1937-1955
Ylo-ilo ; factional conflict in a colonial economy, Iloilo Province, Philippines, 1937-1955
Thesis--Yale University