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Acs, Z.
Acs, Z. J.
Ács, Zoltán
Ács, Zoltán J.
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Ács, Zoltán
Acs, Zoltán J
Ács, Zoltán J.
Aidis, Ruta
Amorós, José
Amorós, José Ernesto
Anselin, Luc
Armington, Catherine
Audrestch, David
Audretsch, David
Audretsch, David B
Audretsch, David B.
Autio, Erkko
Bardasi, Elena
Bosma, Niels
Braunerhjelm, Pontus
Brooksbank, David J.
Carlsson, Bo
Carlsson, Bo (1942-....))
Dana, Leo Paul
Desai, Sameeksha
Desai, Sameeksha Acs Zoltan and Weitzel Utz
Doh, Soogwan
Economidou, Claire
Estrin, Saul
Evans, David S
Feldman, Maryann P
FitzRoy, Felix
Fitzroy, Felix R.
Florida, Richard
Fred, A. Tarpley Jr
George Mason University / School of Public Policy
George Mason University Affiliation (see also from)
Gerlowski, Daniel A.
Gifford, Sharon
Groot, Henri L.F. de
Hart, David M.
Hessels, Jolanda
International Conference Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Macroeconomy (1996 ; Joenkoeping)
Isberg, Steven C.
Kallas, Kadri
Karlsson, Charlie
Karlsson, Charlie (1945- ))
Klapper, Leora
Klapper, Leora F
Lee, Sam Youl
Lyles, Alan
Manhattan College Affiliation (see also from)
McCann, Philip
McMullen, Jeffery
McMullen, Jeffery S.
Megyesi, Monika I.
Morck, Randall K.
Mueller, Pamela
Naudé, Wim
Naud�, Wim
Ndikumwami, Adrien
New School for Social Research
Nijkamp, Peter
O'Gorman, Colm
O’Gorman, Colm
Phillips, Ronnie J
Phillips, Ronnie J.
Plummer, Lawrence
Plummer, Lawrence A.
Preston, Lee
Robb, Alicia
Sanders, Mark
Smith, Ian
Stanton, Kenneth R.
Stenholm, Pekka
Sternberg, R.
Sternberg, Rolf
Storey, David
Stough, Roger R.
Strom, Robert J.
Sutter, Ryan
Szerb, László
Terjesen, Siri
Tracy, Spencer
University of Ottawa. Program of Research in International Management and Economy
Urbig, Diemo
Varga, Attila
Virgill, Nicola
Weitzel, Utz
Wuebker, Robert
Yates, William A
Yeung, Bernard
Yeung, Bernard (1953-....))
Zhang, Ting
Accounting for the differences between large and small-firm innovation
angel capital electronic network (ACE-Net)1, The
Are small firms important? their role and impact
Az uj vallalkozasok gazdasagra gyakorolt hatasainak vizsgalata nemzetközi összehasonlitasban
Born Local: Two Avenues to Internationalization
Capital structure, innovation, and firm size
CES-WP-99-1 tables
changing structure of the US economy lessons from the steel industry, The
Constitution for Privatized Eastern Enterprise, A
constitution for privatizing large Eastern enterprises, A
Contrasting Two Models of Wealth Redistribution.
Could the Irish Miracle be Repeated in Hungary?
Creativity and Entrepreneurship: A Regional Analysis of New Firm Formation
Creativity and industrial cities: A case study of Baltimore
Democratic Capitalism and Philanthropy in a Global Economy
Desarrollo y gestión de PyMEs : aportes para un debate necesario
determinants of new-firm survival across regional economies: The role of human capital stock and knowledge spillover, The
Determinants of Regional Variation in New Firm Formation, The
determinants of small-firm growth in U.S. manufacturing, The
determinants of variations in selfemployment rates across countries and over time, The
development and expansion of secondary markets for small business loans, The
Differences in Job Growth and Persistence in Services and Manufacturing
Does research create jobs?
Economics of small firms a European challenge, The
emergence of the knowledge economy a regional perspective, The
empirical examination of small firm growth, An
Employment effects of business dynamics: Mice, Gazelles and Elephants
Employment Growth and Entrepreneurial Activity in Cities
Endogenous Growth and Entrepreneurial Activity in Cities
Entrepreneruship-Philanthropy Nexus: Implication for internationalization, The
Entrepreneurial Advantage of World Cities - Evidence from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Data, The
Entrepreneurial knowledge, technology and the transformation of regions
Entrepreneurship, Agglomeration and Technological Change
Entrepreneurship and competitiveness dynamics in Latin America
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy in American Capitalism.
Entrepreneurship and regional development
Entrepreneurship, economic development and institutions
Entrepreneurship, Economic Growth and Public Policy
Entrepreneurship, Geography, and American Economic Growth
Entrepreneurship, geography and technological change
Entrepreneurship, globalization, and public policy
Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
Entrepreneurship in Hungary in 2006-2010 based on the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) methodology
Entrepreneurship in US manufacturing
Entrepreneurship-Philanthropy Nexus: Implication for Internationalization, The
Entrepreneurship-Philanthropy Nexus: Nonmarket Source of American Entrepreneurial Capitalism, The
Entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized enterprises, and the macroeconomy
Entrepreneurship, stages of development, and industrialization
Exploring country-level institutional arrangements on the rate and type of entrepreneurial activity
Flexibility, plant size and industrial restructuring
Flexible technology and plant size U.S. manufacturing and metalworking industries
Foundations of High Impact Entrepreneurship
Geographic Concentration of New Firm Formation and Human Capital: Evidence from the Cities, The
global entrepreneurship index (GEINDEX), The
Globalisation: Countries, Cities and Multinationals
Globalization: Countries, Cities and Multinationals
Good, the Bad, and the Talented: Entrepreneurial Talent and Other-Regarding Behavior, The
good, the bad, and the talented: Entrepreneurial talent and selfish behavior, The
Growth and Entrepreneurship: An Empirial Assessment
Growth and Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Assessment
Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research an interdisciplinary survey and Introduction
High-Tech Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the U.S.
High-Tech Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the United States
High-technology employment and R&D in cities: Heterogeneity vs specialization
High-Technology Employment Growth in Major U.S. Metropolitan Areas.
High Technology Employment, Wages And University R&D Spillovers: Evidence From Us Cities
How Is Entrepreneurship Good for Economic Growth?
impact of geographic differences in human capital on service firm formation rates, The
In Partnership with The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research
Industry births and firm size
Infrastructure of Obesity and the Obesity Epidemic: Implications for Public Policy, The
Innovation and Social Capital: A Cross-country Investigation
Innovation and technological change an international comparison
Innovation and the growth of cities
Innovation durch kleine Unternehmen
Innovation, firm size and corporate finance : An initial inquiry
Innovation in Large and Small Firms: An Empirical Analysis.
Innovation, Market Structure, and Firm Size.
Innovation of Entrepreneurial Firms.
Inside the firm and organizational capital: A review article
Institutional Influences on strategic entrepreneurial Behaviours
Intellectual Property Protection and the Formation of Entrepreneurial Growth Aspirations
Intellectual Property Rights and the Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship
Intermediated mode of internationalization: new software ventures in Ireland and India
International studies in entrepreneurship
Introduction: Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
introduction: Knowledge spill-overs, innovation and regional development
Introduction: The startup process
Introduction to Institutions, Entrepreneurship and Firm Growth: The Case of Sweden.
Introduction to special issue of Small Business Economics on female entrepreneurship in developed and developing economies
Job creation and firm size in the U.S. and West Germany
Job creation and persistence in services and manufacturing
Job Flow Dynamics in the Service Sector
Knowledge creation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth: a historical review
knowledge filter, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth, The
Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship and Foreign Direct Investment, The
Knowledge Spillovers from Creation to Exploitation: A Theoretical Model with Implications for Firms and Public Policy
Local Geographic Spillovers between University Research and High Technology Innovations
Local systems of innovation : in search of an enabling strategy
Longitudinal Establishment And Enterprise Microdata (LEEM) Documentation
Managerial economics and organization
Marchands grecs en Hongrie aux XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles
Measures of Job Flow Dynamics in the U.S. Economy
missing link: knowledge diffusion and entrepreneurship in endogenous growth, The
Missing Link: The Knowledge Filter and Entrepreneurship in Endogenous Growth, The
Model of Destructive Entrepreneurship, A
New firm startups, technology, and macroeconomic fluctuations
New Firm Survival and Human Capital
new institutional economics of the firm and lessons from Japan, The
Obesity, business, and public policy
On experiments in entrepreneurship research
Patents and innovation counts as measures of regional production of new knowledge
Patents as a measure of innovative activity
Patents, knowledge spillovers, and entrepreneurship
Penetrating the ``knowledge filter'' in regional economies
Penetrating the "Knowledge Filter" in Regional Economies
Penetrating the knowledge filter in “rust belt” economies
Penetrating the Knowledge Filter in the Rust Belt
Price behavior and the theory of the firm in competitive and corporate markets : a study of the U.S. steel industry
R&D spillovers and innovative activity
R & D Spillovers and recipient firm size
Real Effects of Academic Research: Comment.
Regional Innovation in the US over Space and Time
research notes and comments: Geographic and sectoral characteristics of academic knowledge externalities
Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Technology, and Globalization: Introduction to a Special Issue on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Global Economy.
Small Business Economics : A Global Perspective
Small business in the modern economy
Small-Firm Entry in U.S. Manufacturing.
Small-firm mobility : A first report
Small firms and entrepreneurship : an East-West perspective
Small firms and technology
Small firms, globalization, and Canadian public policy
Small firms in the 1990s
Small firms in U.S. manufacturing : A first report
State of literature on small to medium-size enterprises and entrepreneurship in low-income communities
Testing the Schumpeterian Hypothesis
Theory of Destructive Entrepreneurship, A
U.S. High Technology Clusters
Vállalkozásindítás, vállalkozói hajlandóság és a vállalkozási környezeti tényezők alakulása Magyarországon a 2000-es évek első felében
What does"entrepreneurship"data really show ? a comparison of the global entrepreneurship monitor and World Bank group datasets
What is an Entrepreneurial Opportunity?
What is the value of entrepreneurial start-ups to an economy?
Who exits and why?
Why Does the Self-Employment Rate Vary Across Countries and Over Time?
Why Philanthropy Matters How the Wealthy Give, and What It Means for Our Economic Well-Being
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--New School for Social Research, 1980