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Holdsworth, W. S.
Holdsworth, W. S. (Sir)
Holdsworth, William
Holdsworth, William S. (Sir)
Holdsworth, William Searle
Holdsworth, William Searle (Sir)
Holdsworth, William Seatle
Searle Holdsworth, William
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Geldart, William (1870-1922)
Goodhart, A.L. (1891-)
Goodhart, Arthur Lehman
Goodhart, Arthur Lehman (1891-)
Hanbury, H.G.
Hanbury, Harold Greville
Jenks, Edward (1861-1939)
Julius Rosenthal Foundation for General Law
Miles, John C.
Miles, John Charles
Oxford University Press
Potton, Edward
西山, 敏夫 (1949-)
Bürgerliche recht Englands, hrsg. von der Internationalen vereinigung für vergleichende rechtswissenschaft und volkwirtschaftslehre zu Berlin .
Charles Dickens as a legal historian.
Charles Viner's General abridgement of law and equity
Digest of English civil law, by Edward Jenks,... editor, W. M. Geldart,... R. W. Lee,... W. S. Holdsworth,... J. C. Miles,..., A
Edited by A. L. Goodhart,... and H. G. Hanbury,...
Eibeiho no rekishikatachi
Elements of English law. William Geldart. Revised by Sir William Holdsworth and H. G. Hanbury,... 4th edition
Essays in law and history, by Sir William S. Holdsworth,... Edited by A. L. Goodhart and H. G. Hanbury
General index
great charter of Charles I to the University of Oxford, The
historians of anglo-american law, the
historical introduction to the land law., An
history of continental civil procedure, A
History of English law, by Sir William Holdsworth,.., by John Burke,.., A
History of English law, by W. S. Holdsworth,... 3d edition..., A
History of English law, by W. S. Holdsworth,... [3rd edition.], A
history of English law in sixteen volumes, A
history of English law. Vol. 16, 1966:, A
Hundred years of quarter sessions, the government of Middlesex from 1660 to 1760, by E. G. Dowdell,... Introduction by Sir William Holdsworth,..., A
influence of the legal profession on the growth of the English constitution, The : being the Creighton lecture delivered on 1st December 1924
jubilee of the Selden society, The
law of succession, The : testamentary and intestate
Law reporting in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
Professor Sir Paul Vinogradoff, 1854-1925. From the Proceedings of the British academy
Professor sir Paul Vinogradoff, 1854-1926
Professor Sir Thomas Erskine Holland, 1835-1926.
reform of the land law: an historical retrospect, being a public lecture delivered to the Department of legal studies of the University of Birmingham on March 3, 1926, The
Sociétés anonymes de France et d'Angleterre, les traits essentiels de la législation et de la jurisprudence des sociétés anonymes et des "companies limited by shares", par Jean Streichenberger,... Préfaces par sir William S. Holdsworth,... et Édouard Lämbert,...
Some lessons from our legal history, 1983, c1928:
Some makers of English law the Tagore lectures 1937-38
Sources and literature of English law, by W. S. Holdsworth... With a foreword by... Atkin
Starra, their effect on early English law and administration, by F. Ashe Lincoln,... [Foreword by Sir William Holdsworth.], The
Starrs and Jewish charters preserved in the British museum
Tagore lectures
Traits essentiels de la législation et de la jurisprudence des Sociétés anonymes et des Companies limited by shares, Les
Year books of Edward II. Vol. XX-XXI. 10 Edward II., A.D. 1316-1317
Years books of Edward II. Vol. XXII. 11th year of the reign of] Edward II, A.D. 1317-1318, edited for the Selden Society by John P. Collas,... and Sir William S. Holdsworth,...