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Arthur Rothstein
Rothstein, Arthur
Rothstein, Arthur (American photographer, 1915-1985)
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Lange, Dorothea
Lee, Russell (1903-1986)
Mydans, Carl
Reed College
United States. Farm Security Administration
United States. Office of Coordinator of Information
United States. Office of Coordinator of Information. Foreign Information Service
United States. Office of War Information
United States. Resettlement Administration
Vachon, John (1914-1975)
Wolcott, Marion Post (1910-1990)
America in photographs, 1930-1980
American West in the thirties, The
big world at last reaches Gee's Bend, The
depression years, The
Documentary photography
[Mind reader and hypnotist Joseph Dunninger on the set of his television show]
Monmouth County, N.J. October, 1938. Potato harvest in east central Jersey
Montana. July 1936. People and land in drought areas
Montrose, Mesa, and Delta Counties, Colorado. October, 1939
NAACP photographs of farmers, migrant agricultural workers, and sharecroppers
Nebraska. May-August, 1936
Negro colleges and universities. March, 1942. Atlanta University and Tuskegee Institute
Nevada. Mar 1940
New Jersey pine area. Jan.-Oct., 1938. Rural sections of south central Jersey
New Mexico. April-August, 1936. Rural areas, New Mexico
New York, N.Y. April, 1939. Wholesaling fresh fruits and vegetables in New York City
New York, N.Y. December, 1941. First aid class conducted by the American Red Cross for civilian defense volunteer workers
New York, N.Y. June-December, 1936. Housing for poor and lower income groups
Oil fields in Southern Illinois. February-May, 1940. Oil boom in White and Marion Counties originally a farming section
Otsego County, N.Y. September, 1937. Otsego forest products cooperative
Panderlea Farms, A U.S. Resettlement Administration project. North Carolina. 1936-1937. "America's first farm-city"
Paratroopers' portraits. 1942-1943(?)
Parke County, Indiana. February, 1940. Eroded land, country road, abandoned farmhouse and tile factory
Pennington County, South Dakota. May, 1936
Pennsylvania Turnpike. July, 1942. Traffic: private cars, buses, trucks
Photojournalism: pictures for magazines and newspapers
Pine Ridge land use project, Dawes County, Nebraska and adjoining Chadron State Park recreational area. May, 1936
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. July, 1938. Steel mills and general scenes
Plaquemines and Tangipahoa Parishes, La., Sept., 1935. Interpretive pictures and details of living conditions of tenant farmers ...
Polk and Hernando Counties, Florida. Feb., 1937. Highway marker to Polk County, the citrus fruit center
Portland, Oregon. July 1936. Scenes in a squatters' "Hooverville"
Prelude to Ornstein's theorem
Queens, New York. June, 1942. Nursery school at the Queens Bridge housing project
Rappahannock County, Va. Jan., 1940. Snow-covered mountain farmland
Rice County, Minn. Sept. 1939. Picking, topping, loading, sorting, grading, and packing onions; vegetable stand
Rio Grande (Upper Valley) [i.e. Upper Rio Grande Valley], New Mexico. 1936-1940. Farmsteads and land in irrigated valley
Robstown, Texas. January, 1942. Farm Security Administration migratory farm labor camp
Rock Point, Maryland. September, 1936. Oyster and crab fishermen
Ross County, Ohio. Feb., 1940. Southern Ohio County after a heavy snow
Sanford, Florida. Jan., 1937. Celery fields
[Shanghai. Probably welcome rally for Chiang Kai Shek]
Sheep raising in Idaho. May, 1936 and Oct., 1939
Shenandoah National Park, Va. Oct., 1935. Families who will be resettled in other sections
Slagheap village, a U.S. Resettlement Administration project near Birhmingham, Ala. Feb., 1937. Slag used as construction material
Small towns in Arkansas. Aug., 1935. Community and commercial canning kitchens in Atkins and in Johnston and Pope counties
[Smiling young school children running out the entrance of a school building in the Kiangsu Province or Yunnan Province in China]
Smithfield, North Carolina, Oct., 1936. Exterior of cotton gin
Southeastern Colorado. October, 1939. Scenes in San Pablo
Spring flood in Virginia. March, 1936
St. Charles County, Mo. Nov., 1939. The Farm Security Administration medical health program
St. Louis, Mo. 1936-1940. The old Cathedral
Stewart County, Ga. Erosion
Sub-marginal farms and abandoned town in south central Pennsylvania. Sept. 1936-Dec. 1937.
Sugar beet crop, Montana. 1939-1941. Production of sugar beets on irrigated land
Sugar beet raising and processing in Colorado. 1938-1939
Taos, New Mexico. April, 1936. Indian village in foothills and Indian service school
Texas. 1936. Dust storm over the Panhandle and the town of Amarillo
Texas Great Plains and Panhandle. 1936-1939. Cotton culture in South Texas where mechanization has replaced sharecroppers and tenants to a large extent
Tillamook County and other lumber country, Ore. Sept-Oct 1936-1941. Hauling logs
Tulare County, Calif. 1938-1942. Tulare camp for migrant agricultural workers
U.S. Highway 80 between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. January, 1942
U.S. Resettlement Administration and Farm Security Administration clients in Vermont. 1937-1939. Farmland and buildings
U.S. Resettlement Administration land purchasing and development project in central Oregon. June-July 1936
University of Utah. Oral History Institute. The other Utahns, 1988:
Vegetable packing plants in southeastern Texas. 1939-1942. Packing plants and loading operations
Vermont county fairs. 1936-1937. Fairs and expositions at Albany, Craftsbury, Essex Junction, Morrisville, Rutland
Vernon County, Wisconsin. August, 1942. Large farm family-owned since 1860, operated on a modern basis by Edward Saugstad
[View from above of provincial troops marching along city street in the Kiangsu Province or Yunnan Province in China]
Virginia City, Montana. June-July 1939. Small town
Warren Brewster ranch, Montana. June 1939. Large ranch
Washington, D.C. 1935-1938. Special Skills Division of the U.S. Resettlement Administration
Washington, D.C. March 1942. Fish market and stores on waterfront
Washington wheat country. 1936-1941, The
Watts Bar Dam, Tennessee. June, 1942. Completing construction of Watts Bar Dam, a TVA project
West Frankfort, Illinois. January, 1939. Active and abandoned coal mines
Western Slope farms near Delta, Colo. October, 1939
Wheat country, Montana. May 1939. Henry Sheffels' 6,000 acre mechanized wheat farm and adjacent countryside
Wilson Dam, Alabama. June, 1942. Safety meeting at TVA chemical engineering plant and other activities at Wilson Dam
Winchester and Frederick County, Va. Feb., 1940. Main street
Withlacoochee land use project, Florida. Feb., 1937. Reforestation of cut-over land
Wolf Creek farms, a U.S. Resettlement Administration project, near Cairo, Ga. Aug.-Nov., 1935. Houses from which families were moved and their new homes
[Woman holding a radio up to her ear, surrounded by outdoor furnishings and items including patio table with umbrella and chairs, plates and utensils, basket, barbecue grill, lawnmower, lawnsweeper, pitchfork, spade and other gardening tools]
Zebulon, North Carolina. March, 1942. Family and farm of Feggen Jones, Negro, formerly a sharecropper, now an FSA client
Zeigler, Illinois. January, 1939. Coal mining town in Franklin County, Southern Illinois, during the Depression
Thesis (B.A.)--Reed College, 1973