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Bushnell Hart, Albert
Hart, A. B.
Hart, Alb. Bushn
Hart, Albert
Hart, Albert B.
Hart, Albert Bushnell,
Hart, Albert (of Alameda Co., Calif)
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Adams, Herbert Baxter (1850-1901)
Bolton, Herbert Eugene (1870-1953)
Bourne, Edward Gaylord (1860-1908))
Brookings, Walter Du Bois (1873-)
Channing, Edward (1856-1931)
Harding, Samuel Bannister (1866-1927)
Includes index
Matteson, David Maydole (1871-1949)
McLaughlin, Andrew C. (1861-1947)
McLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham (1861-1947)
National security league
Ringwalt, Ralph Curtis (1874-)
Salmon Portland Chase
Siebert, Wilbur Henry (1866-1961)
United States George Washington Bicentennial Commission
Wickware, Francis Graham (1883-1940)
Wilson, Woodrow (1856-1924)
(4 vols, 1898–1901)**
(4 vols, 1901–1903)**
Actual government, as applied under American conditions, by Albert Bushnell Hart,... 4th edition...
america at war
American citizen series, edited by A. B. Hart
American history atlas, adapted from the large wall maps;
american history leaflets; colonial and constitutional."ref[http://catalog.hathitrust.org/record/000598149 hathitrust.org bibliographic record for "american history leaflets; colonial and constitutional"]/ref**
American history told by contemporaries ...
American Nation. A history from original sources by associated scholars, edited by Albert Bushnell Hart,..., The
American nation, The : a history from original sources by associated scholars
American statesmen, edited by John T. [Torrey] Morse, Jr. in 32 volumes...
American year book., The
Briefs for debate on current political, economic, and social topics
Building of the republic : 1689-1783
Camps and firesides of the Revolution
causes of the war
civil code of the State of California, The : as enacted in 1872, amended at subsequent sessions, and adapted to the constitution of 1879, with references to the decisions in which the code was cited, and an appendix of general laws upon the subjects embraced in the code
Colonial children
Cyclopedia of American government
Division and reunion 1829-1889
Epoch maps illustrating american history ...
Epochs of American history
Era of colonization : 1492-1689
Essentials in American history.
Essentials in English history
Federal constitution of the Swiss confederation
Formation of the Union, 1750-1829
Foundations of American foreign policy, with a working bibliography, by Albert Bushnell Hart,..., The
founding of Jamestown. Percy's discourse of Virginia. Wingfield's Discourse of Virginia. 1607, 1619., The
Fugitive slaves, 1619-1865.
George Washington year by year, dates of important events relating to George Washington, 1183-1799
George Washington year by year. Dates of important events relating to George Washington, 1783-1799, edited by Dr. Albert Bushnell Hart...
Guide to the study and reading of American history
Handbook of the history, diplomacy, and government of the United States
Handbook of the war for public speakers
Handbook of war facts and peace problems
Honor to George Washington and reading about George Washington; pamphlets 1 to 16 complete ...
How our grandfathers lived.
Introduction to the study of federal government, by Albert Bushnell Hart,...
Laws, etc.
Manual of American history, diplomacy, and government, for class use
Methods of teaching history.
mining statutes of the United States, California and Nevada. Embracing all the statutes now in force; with all the laws relating to mines, mining and mineral lands, The
Monroe doctrine: an interpretation., The
National ideals historically traced, 1607-1907
New American history
New mediæval and modern history
New medieval and modern history
Plans of union, 1696-1780.
Practical essays on American government.
Proposals to amend the Articles of confederation, 1781-1789.
Report of the Aviation commission of the state of New York to His Excellency Alfred E. Smith, governor of the state of New York ...
Revised suggestions on the study of the history and government of the United States
romance of the Civil War, The
Salmon P. Chase
Salmon Portland Chase, by Albert Bushnell Hart
School books and international prejudices
School history of the United States
Selected addresses and public papers of Woodrow Wilson:
...Selected writings of Abraham Lincoln
series (27 vols, 1903–1907)**
series (3 small text-books)**
Slavery and abolition, 1831-1841
Social and economic forces in American history.
Source-book of American history; ed. for schools and readers
Source book of American history : edited for schools and readers, with practical introductions
Southern South., The
Spain in America : 1450-1580
Studies in American education
teacher's manual accompanying the Hart-Bolton American history maps, A
Theodore Roosevelt cyclopedia
Topical outline of the course in history of the North American colonies and their growth into a federal union (1492-1789) given at Harvard college in the academic year 1885-86...
Tributes to Washington
underground railroad from slavery to freedom, The : a comprehensive history
Veto power, its origin, development and function in the government of the United States (1789-1889), The ; edited by Albert Bushnell Hart, [2nd edition],1891
Virginia and Kentucky resolutions, with the alien, sedition, and other acts. 1798-1799., The
War in Europe, its causes and results, by Albert Bushnell Hart,..., The
Washington, the man of mind
We and our history : a biography of the American people
Webster's New international dictionary of the English language
work of students in the courses in the history of the United States. History 13, 17 and 20 (d); to be given at Harvard college in the academic year 1889-90., The
Reprint of the 1899 ed. published by Houghton, Mifflin, Boston, which was issued as v. 28 of American statesmen, under title: Salmon Portland Chase
Includes index