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Pelot Summerall, Charles
Summerall, Charles P.
Summerall, Charles Pelot
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Dépôt de la guerre (France)
France. Armée. Service géographique
France. Corps d'état-major
Project Muse
United States. Army. American Expeditionary Forces. Geologic Section
United States. Army. Army Corps, 1st. G.S. Second Section
United States. Army. Army, 2nd. Engineers, 29th
United States. Army. Army, 2nd. Engineers, 29th. G-2-C.
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. G.2.C.
United States. Army. Engineers, 29th
Administration and supply, Fifth Army Corps U.S., 28th Oct. 1918 : [Buzancy region]
Allemagne 50.000.
Battle lines of the Western Front.
Buzancy special
Campine Basin.
Carte de France à 1/600,000
Carte de France et des frontières à 1/200.000 (type 1912)
Carte de l'empire d'Allemagne.
Carte de la France
[Carte des chemins de fer français]
[Carte topographique de France à 1:20,000].
[Carte topographique de France à 1:50,000].
Carte topographique de l'état-major : carte géologique détaillée : Reims
Charles Pelot Summerall papers
Commercy quadrangle, generalized section showing sequence of geologic formations and occurrence of water
Cumières 1/10,000
Diagramatic geological section of French front from St. Mihiel to Thann
Enemy order of battle ... 1918 : [France]
Environs de Chalon-sur-Saône.
Front de Lorraine
G-2 First Army, Oct. 8, 1918, new work: [Buzancy region]
Geologic engineering map : [France].
[Geological map of Château-Thierry region].
Information from captured German maps, prisoner's statements, and recent aeroplane photographs : [Sommerance region].
Karte des Deutschen Reiches.
Location of headquarters of units in 26th, 29th & 82nd Divs. (5th Corps) : [northeastern France].
[Map of operations, September 26 to October 20, 1918, showing objectives, boundaries, and advances : region northwest of Verdun].
Map of water supply : [Charleville-Mézières region].
Map showing position of German Army geologic stations, St. Mihiel sector.
[Map showing trenches and observation posts in eastern region of Sommerance].
Map to accompany field order no. 85-1st A C. : [Buzancy region].
Map to illustrate the offensive of the St. Mihiel salient.
Map to "Springer" maps, scale 1:50,000.
[Maps from the Charles Pelot Summerall papers, primarily showing First World War battles and campaigns in France].
Meuse-Argonne offensive, map showing daily position of front line : Map Room G-3, G.H.Q., May 24, 1919.
Meuse-Argonne operations
Nancy quadrangle, generalized sections showing sequence of geologic formations ; Log of deep well at Nancy.
North west Europe
Plane table survey of Hindenburg Line, vicinity of Mon Plaisir Ferme, Nov. 11, 1918
Position of batteries & units of fire : [Stenay].
Presumed enemy order of battle, October 7, 1918 : [Sommerance region].
Prussian map.
Reims geologic map
Situation map, IV Army Corps, Dec. 20/18 : [Rhineland-Palatinate].
Spet︠s︡. karta Evropeĭskoĭ Rossīi.
St. Mihiel offensive, map showing daily position of front line : Map Room G-3, G.H.Q., May 24, 1919.
St. Mihiel operations, First American Army, Sept. 12-15
[Topographic maps of Germany and France]
Water resources : [France].
Water supply : [France].
way of duty, honor, country, The : the memoir of general Charles Pelot Summerall