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Jepson, J. Oddy
Oddy, J. Jepson
Oddy, John Jepson
Oddy, Joshua Jepson
Playfair, William
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Budde, Nicolaas (Amsterdam)
Corry, James
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Prettyman, E. Searle
Robinson, George (1736-1801))
Smith, Adam (1723-1790))
Spence, Ian (1944-....))
Stewart, Dugald (1753-1828))
Stockdale, John Joseph (1770-1847)
Vink, A. (Amsterdam)
Wainer, Howard
Better prospects to the merchants and manufacturers of Great Britain
British baronetage
British family antiquity
Can this continue? A question, addressed to those whom it may concern : accompanied by an engraving.
Commercial and political atlas representing, by means of stained copper-plate charts, the exports, imports, and general trade of england, at a single view
Élémens de statistique où l'on démontre... les ressources de chaque royaume, état et république de l'Europe... traduit de l'anglais de Wam Playfair, par Dis Fois Donnant,...
essay on the national debt, with copper plate charts, for comparing annuities with perpetual loans. By William Playfair, An
European commence ... 1807
European commerce shewing new and secure channels of trade with the continent of Europe
Fair and candid address to the nobility and baronets of the united kingdom accompanied with illustrations and proofs of the advantage of hereditary rank and title in a free country
fair statement of the proceedings of the Bank of England, against the Original Security Bank on Tuesday the seventh of March, 1797. Contained in two letters, ... By William Playfair., A
France as it is, not Lady Morgan's France
General view of the actual force and resources of france, in january, mdccxciii to which is added, a table, shewing the depreciation of assignats, arising from their increase in quantity
geographical, historical and political description of the empire of Germany, Holland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Prussia, Italy, Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia with a gazetteer of reference to the principal places in those countries, A
Geschichte des Jacobinismus
History of jacobinism, its crimes, cruelties and perfidies comprising an inquiry into the manner of disseminating, under the appearance of philosophy and virtue, principles which are equally subversive of order, virtue, religion, liberty and happiness
history of the French Revolution. Proposals for publishing by subscription, the history of Jacobinism; ... by Mr. Wm. Playfair, The
[https://archive.org/details/foruseofenemieso05play for the use of the enemies of england, a real statement of the finances and resources of great britain]
increase of manufactures, commerce, and finance, with the extension of civil liberty proposed in regulations for the interest of money., The
Inevitable consequences of a reform in Parliament
Inquiry into the permanent causes of the decline and fall of powerful and wealthy nations illustrated by four engraved charts
Joseph and Benjamin, a conversation Translated from a French manuscript.
Letter on our agricultural distresses, their causes and remedies accompanied with tables and copper-plate charts, shewing and comparing the prices of wheat, bread and labour, from 1565 to 1821, addressed to the lords and commons
Letter to Sir W. Pulteney, bart. M.P. &c. &c. &c. on the establishment of another public bank in London
Letter to the right honourable and honourable the lords and commons of great britain, on the advantages of apprenticeships
Letter to the Right Honourable the Earl Fitzwilliam, occasioned by his two letters to the Earl of Carlisle. By William Playfair
Letters to the Right Hon. the Earl Bathurst ... on the conundrum, now solved by Buonaparte ... also, fourteen blunders of this wonderful year, and an address to people of property at this awful crisis
Lineal arithmetic applied to shew the progress of the commerce and revenue of England during the present century
Outlines of a plan for a new and solid balance of power in Europe with a map and statistical table shewing the extent, population, forces
Peace with the Jacobins impossible By William Playfair.
Playfair's Statistical breviary
Political and mililtary rhapsody on the invasion and defence of Great Britain
Political portraits in this new aera
Quèst-ce que le papier-monnoie? lettre d'un Anglois a un François.
Statistical account of the United States of America
Statistical breviary shewing, on a principle entirely new, the resources of every state and kingdom in europe ... to which is added, a similar exhibition of the ruling powers of hindoostan
Statistical tables exhibiting a view of all the states of Europe showing, with the greatest accuracy, their population, military and marine strength, revenue and expenditures, form of government : with their seas, rivers, and mountains, climate, soil, and productions : division of each country, chief towns, situation, number of houses and inhabitants : historical occurrences, &c
stricture on the asiatic establishments of great britain, with a view to an enquiry into the true interests of the east india company
Tableaux d'arithmetique lineaire, du commerce, des finances, et de la dette nationale de l'Angleterre
thoughts on the present state of french politics, and the necessity and policy of diminishing france, for her internal peace, and to secure the tranquillity of europe
Waarschuwend verslag, reeds gedaan in de maand October 1814, aan den Engelschen staats-secretaris Lord Bathurst, en vervolgens in November deszelven jaars aan den Franschen ambassadeur, den Graaf De la Châtre, wegens het beraamd ontwerp van Buonaparte, ter ontsnapping van het eiland Elba en weder overweldiging van den Franschen troon